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South Africa Limpopo Hunting SafariSouth Africa Limpopo Hunting SafariSouth Africa Limpopo Hunting SafariSouth Africa Limpopo Hunting SafariSouth Africa Limpopo Hunting Safari

South Africa Limpopo Hunting Safari

The Important Highlights


Cape Buffalo, Eland, Gemsbuck, Kudu


Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Lodge Type

Rustic but Nice Lodge

Lodge Capacity


Quick Facts
South Africa Limpopo Hunting Safari

Price Range$3,000 and up

LocationNorthwest Limpopo on the Botswana Border

Equipment OptionsArchery and Rifle

Equipment ProvidedYes

Trip Length7 nights and up

Cell ServiceYes

Internet ServiceYes

Other Activities AvailableYes

How long has outfitter been in business?2003

Nearest AirportPrivate landing strip or JNB

Airport Drive Time4 hours or charter 20 minutes

Airport Transfer Available

Overview of South Africa Limpopo Hunting Safari

FOUND!  We have been in search of perfect South Africa Limpopo hunting safari lodge for two decades.  Your hunting experience at this South Africa Limpopo hunting safari will be authentic spot and stalk hunting on exceptional hunting land with excellent trophy quality. We have personally visited this area numerous times, we have never found a safari lodge with large privately owned properties and now we have FOUND IT!  Many lodges in this area own very small properties and clients spend a lot of time on the tar road traveling from small property to small property which is not anyone’s vision of their safari in Africa.  This lodge owns 15,000 acres in one block plus another 6,000 acres in another block.  The terrain is a mix of dense bush with lovely open areas as well.

These areas are well known for very large Kudu.  Expectations here are for a 53+ inch kudu with several massive 60inch kudu taken each season.

A significant portion of profits from your safari with this outfitter will go towards educating and assisting pastors in various parts of Africa.  Meat from your hunt will be donated to the local orphanage and retirement home!  Much needed!

About the family:  Settled in the heart of the South African bushveld lies an incredible safari destination that’s ready for you to enjoy: Discovered by my grandfather in the early 1900’s in his quest for better grazing, our family put down roots here with an original 3,000 acres. Since that time our family ranch has expanded to approximately 20,000 acres.  They do a limited number of groups each year to ensure that each guest receives the most individual attention possible. Since they are a family owned safari company, they insist their guests are treated as family also. You have their personal invitation to enjoy a priceless safari experience, away from the crowd!

This is a malaria free area!


This is the hunting destination that we have been looking for for two decades!  They are well known for exceptional Kudu with 60 inch Kudu on the land if you happen to be the lucky lottery winner!  Mid 50’s Kudu are very obtainable.  The buffalo and sable are also at an extremely high standard.

You will be hunting on private land in large blocks of land.  This safari outfitter owns 21,000 acres privately (15,000 acre block and 6,000 acre block) which hunts more like 30,000 acres because of the dense brush with scattered openings.  You will hunt all on foot once you spot tracks or spot the animal you seek from the safari vehicle.  This is a proper spot and stalk hunting lodge.

For those that wish to hunt with a bow or archery equipment the land is well suited for such a hunt.  They have exceptional pit blinds and elevated blinds over water  holes.  If you wish to try your hand at some spot and stalk bow hunting they can easily accommodate this type of hunt and the topography works well.

The land is a fantastic mix of camelthorn trees, dense brush areas to give the animals a safe haven, perfect open areas, Limpopo River areas for exceptional Bush buck hunting and plenty of water in the area.

South Africa is a plains game mecca, with several species of dangerous game available as well.  When you hunt here you will have a minimum of 42 species of game available. Hunting is primarily done with vehicle transport to the hunting area and sometimes in assistance for locating tracks or game. After that,  your hunt will be conducted hunting on foot. We are able to accommodate a number of physical disabilities and can tailor your safari to accommodate your unique circumstances. We recommend a minimum of eight days for a basic plains game safari or combination plains game, Cape Buffalo safari. Additional days are recommended depending on the list of game desired and to allow for rare weather fronts that can make hunting difficult for a day or two. We prefer to conduct safaris from April through September with the prime winter months being June, July and August.

This safari outfitter specializes in family groups, hosting several per year. It is a unique experience for grandparents to hunt with grandchildren, husbands with wives and parents with children. We go out of our way to make this an unforgettable experience for families.

Rifle hunters can expect to take two animals per day generally and bow hunters typically one per day. However, some days are far more productive.


March and April
50-80 °F – Limpopo (North)
May and June
40-70 °F – Limpopo (North)
July and August
35-70 °F – Limpopo (North)
September and October
50-80 °F – Limpopo (North)


You will enjoy a classic thatched safari camp with a lovely pool, common area, bar and fire pit.  There is an onsite distillery and taxidermy.  The camp has solar generator backups as well as normal electricity for 24 hour service.  The camp is close to the town Lephalale, previously known as Ellisras. This town has all the services needed including doctors and a very good hospital.

The main lodge and chalets are built in the “old style” of reed and thatch, 5 chalets and 3 seperate rooms in the main lodge. We can accommodate a maximum of 16 guests. Our camp is family friendly with a big lounge, pool table, outside lapa & shooting range. Depending on the season, meals are either taken out in the open or under the stars or in the comfortable centrally located bar and dining area.

The meals are home cooked and offered in abundance with Peter as you cook and entertainer extraordinaire.

Length of Stay / Itinerary

Most guest stay a minimum of 7 nights but we suggest 10 nights is best because of the abundance of game and the authentic hunting atmosphere. This is not a mill operation but a proper hunting lodge and safari outfitter!

Travel Details & Location

Option 1:  Fly into Johannesburg (JNB) and the lodge will collect you either on arrival or the next morning depending on your flight arrival time.  With all of our guests, we have you greeted as you walk of the international flight and we have you escorted through passport control, collect your luggage and into the arrivals hall to meet the safari staff or across the street to your hotel for the evening.  The next morning your safari staff will transfer you by road to the hunting area which is about a 4 hour drive.

Option 2:  Private charter…Fly into Johannesburg (JNB) and fly by private charter to within 20 minutes of the hunting area.  With all of our guests, we have you greeted as you walk of the international flight and we have you escorted through passport control, collect your luggage and to your private charter or across the street to your hotel for the evening.  If you spend the night then we will have your greeted the next morning for your private charter to the hunting area.  Prices for charter will depend on the number of guests and plane size but for up to 3 people is should be around $2500 per direction total luggage dependent.

Other Activities


  • Visit the taxidermist on property
  • Visit the distillery on property
  • Pool
  • Within an hours drive there is a lovely day spa and quaint shopping area
  • Within 20 minutes there is a spa with a masseuse and a quaint coffee shop along with some lovely areas for lunch
  • If you choose to be driven back to Johannesburg after the safari you can enjoy an amazing elephant interaction in Hoedspruit
  • Visit the local orphanage and retirement home where some of the meat from your hunt will be donated
  • Bush dinners and lunches

Internet & Communications

Good wifi and cell service in the area.  Not exceptionally fast but works as needed.

Community Service

This outfitter gives back to the community at a level above all others.

  • Meat from your hunt will be donated to the local children’s home (orphanage) with about 60-100 orphaned children.  You can go visit the orphanage as well.
  • Meat from your hunt will be donated to the local retirement home as it is much needed!
  • A significant portion of the profits from your hunt go directly (100% donation) to missionaries that pastor pastors in Southern Africa and Mexico.
  • Your outfitter is others focused and is mission minded.

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