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About Us

Antlers & Anglers Worldwide was established in 2003 by wingshooting, fishing, big game hunting and photo safari specialists Corinna and Kevin Slaughter.   Our mission is to flawlessly plan big game, wingshooting, photo safari and fishing adventures for you to the most well run outdoor lodges in the world for the game sought.

Because we personally visit every destination before we send you, we have the unique ability to present you with truthful representations of each destination.  Our business is built on satisfied repeat clients, we do not benefit from overselling any destination, in fact, we work diligently to undersell and over deliver.  We understand that we are one bad trip away from losing your lifelong business.

Our Team:

Kevin Slaughter is an avid outdoors man of 46 years with 14 years experience as a trip planning specialist.  As a native of Dallas, Texas, Kevin grew up hunting and fishing with his father who instilled a deep appreciation of the outdoors and conservation.  For decades, Kevin’s adventures have taken him all over the globe from Africa to New Zealand, South America, North America, Central America and more.  His trophy room is filled with exciting memories and stories he loves to share.

Kevin has a unique ability to quickly discern well run hunting and fishing operations.  When you visit with Kevin for the first time, you will understand why he enjoys such a strong relationship with our clients and outfitters. He is extremely personable and quickly builds a trust relationship with everyone he encounters.  He is continuously scouring the globe checking out new locations before they are added to the Antlers and Anglers Worldwide inventory of excellent locations.

When Kevin is not assisting you with great adventures, he spends one on one time mentoring young men and boys.  He loves his family, golf, basketball, his dogs (Bunny and Rabbit – named by our daughter of course), and watching deer in his back yard.

Kevin earned the rank of Eagle Scout at age 15.  He is a past board member of the Alabama chapter of SCI and elder at his church.  Kevin graduated from SMU in Dallas.  He started Antlers & Anglers Worldwide in 2003. He is a devoted father and husband.

Corinna Slaughter, an avid world traveler and outdoors woman for 45 years.  She has enjoyed a unique life of traveling in both the world of hunting and fishing adventures as well as traditional world travel.  At 12 Corinna had her first taste of European travel spending the summer traveling with her mother and three older brothers.  Summers after that were always in Europe as well as living in Paris and attending a French School.  By 21 she had literally traveled around the world in Asia, Africa, South Pacific, the Orient, China, and Europe .  You have to remember, in those days, there was no internet for trip planning!  Her travel was planned the old fashioned way with landline telephones and letters.

All the while, it was her father and three brothers that kept her a tomboy and filled her life with adventure in the outdoors.  At age 26, a new adventure dimension to her travel was added with international wingshooting, fishing and big game hunting.  With Corinna’s diverse experiences, she enjoys luxury travel and fine dining as much as she enjoys experiencing tent life in Alaska or Africa.  She is always anxious to experience the next great adventure.

Her specialties include Africa, Europe and New Zealand.  She is passionate about conservation and exposing budding hunters and anglers to the beauties of the outdoors.  Her experience is invaluable when planning an outdoor hunting or fishing trip that women or families will enjoy.  She personally checks out destinations around the globe

Rob Saunders, heads the IT department at Antlers & Anglers.  Combining his passion for the outdoors with his technical genius has been a great combination for the AAW family.

Suzanne Walz, manages the office and makes sure that all the details are in order!  What would we do without Suzanne to make sure our clients are being well cared for in a timely manner.

Virginia Sloan, check out team and quality control.  Virginia has a keen eye for details as part of our check out team.  She loves fly fishing, hiking and the outdoors.  No detail is missed when Virginia is checking out lodges for our menu.

As you can see, we keep it all in house at AAW!  The whole family is involved in ensuring that you have the best possible experience in the outdoors.  A team approach.  We plan together, travel together and critique together.  You are always talking to a member of the family and our business thrives on word of mouth and repeat clients.

How are we different?

  • NO FEES!  Our prices mirror the outfitters prices.  When they have a special price, we pass that along to you.  We are commonly asked, how do you make money? Our visited and verified outfitters consider us their marketing arm since most are small owner/operated lodges without a large marketing budget.
  • We personally visit and verify every destination.  In the internet age, we have all figured out that a beautiful website can be deceiving.  That is why we personally visit destinations.
  • 75 years combined experience.  We recognize the best of the best!
  • We take care of all the details including airline assistance, gun forms, trip insurance, meet and greet, vaccine assistance, clothing & equipment list, included and not included items, emergency contact information, easy and constant communications and more
  • You will receive first hand accurate and honest portrayals of each potential adventure before you make a decision.
  • You will know the best dates for the various trips.
  • You benefit from our volume with outfitters.  You are their first priority.
  • Most of our lodges are small owner operated lodges – When owners are involved the standards remain high from year to year.
  • We only work with OUTFITTERS WITH THE HIGHEST INTEGRITY IN THE INDUSTRY.  The people make all the difference between a mediocre vs amazing trip
  • We care about you and your success in the outdoors.  See the difference when you visit with us on the phone or by email
  • We save you time and your staff time in planning trips you may be unfamiliar with.
  • We value your trust in us, and we understand that we are only one bad trip away from losing you as a lifetime client.  You are our priority and our goal is to be your first call for all of your outdoor adventures for the rest of your life!

Why would you spend numerous hours investigating your next hunting or fishing trip, when we have already done that for you?

Corporate trips are a specialty of Antlers & Anglers.  We will make you a hero in the eyes of your customers and employees.  We will happily supply you with references from current corporate clients.



“I cant begin to thank you for putting together such a great trip…Most of all, what I really appreciated was how organized the whole trip was and all the information that you provided in advance. I really felt prepared and knowing what to expect at each step of the trip was really helpful.”  Spencer, TX

“I first heard of Kevin Slaughter from a good friend whose judgment I trust 100%. He suggested that I might want to meet Kevin and consider the many hunting and fishing excursions Antlers and Anglers has to offer throughout the world – (Yes, the world!) I met Kevin for lunch in Montgomery and was immediately impressed by his honesty and integrity. In other words, I knew I could trust him to tell me the truth and not just try to sell me a trip. The fact that he is a fine Christian man solidified everything for me.

I wanted to do something nice for my mother and after much consideration and discussion with Kevin, I opted for his pheasant & chucker hunt in Oregon. My mother is not a hunter, but the breathtaking scenery of the location was something I thought she would enjoy. Not to mention, I would get to pheasant and chucker hunt for the first time in my life. (*I’m not sure I even knew what a “chucker” was?)

Kevin and his wife, Corinna, were meticulous in prepping me for our trip. They answered every question I had promptly and again – honestly! They even “reminded” me that the Oregon lodge staff preferred that all guests remove their dusty boots before entering their 5-star facility.

To say that the trip exceeded ALL our expectations would be a great understatement.

From the lodge owner and his wife, to the master chef and lodge personnel, my mother and I were treated to some of the finest 1st-class customer service I have ever encountered. What more can I say?  Oh yea, I killed my first pheasant and chucker (and many more).

We left for home with hundreds of pictures, memories that will last for a lifetime, and many “new friends” that I promised to take turkey hunting in Alabama. Help!

Kevin was in touch from the moment of our departure to our arrival back home, making sure that every aspect of the trip lived up to our expectations. They did!

To those of us who are fortunate enough to hunt and fish throughout this great country, not to mention Alaska and Africa, the Most Important Part of the journey is the security of knowing that our destination will be what we expect. Stated simply, we won’t get burned!  Kevin and Corinna were and are my “security.” So much so, that I have already booked a trip to Kansas in 2015 with Antlers and Anglers for a “first time” whitetail bow hunt.

I can’t wait!!!”

Mike, Esq.

Montgomery, Alabama


“I decided to take several of my close friends and family on a one week fishing trip to Alaska. The party consisted of (16) people counting myself. After much research, we decided to go with Antlers and Anglers Worldwide headed up by Kevin Slaughter. We talked, Emailed and faxed for 3 weeks and Kevin was able to make this wonderful trip happen.

This was a super hard trip to put together.

Alaska had an unusual late, cold wet spring but we got everything in…. Even though Kevin was in Africa on another trip, we stayed in contact by world satellite phones to make sure everything went as well as it could under very difficult weather conditions

I am not one to brag or say lots of good things, but this is an exception. Kevin Slaughter is a class act with a capital “C”. Kevin never sends you anywhere that he or one of his staff has not visited, hunted or fished before you.”



“Thank you so much for all your effort in putting together our bear hunting trip. Words cannot express how great of a time I had. It was everything I hoped it would be. Thanks again”



“Thank you for making the “dove” hunt happen. We really enjoyed it the past three years. Thanks also for the shooting contest because George now has his own gun! He looks forward to using it for many, many hunts and years. Thank you for your support and inspiration.”



“We really enjoyed the trip this past weekend. The lodge, meals, staff and other amenities were great. Hope we can go again sometime. Everyone is our group had a great time.”



“It was a pleasure doing business with you. I felt you were very attentive to our requests and you put on a good hunt/destination.”



“Thank you for your assistance in our highly successful trip… We appreciate the conscientious effort in which you planned the trip and attended to the details and the advice that you gave us during this process. Once again thanks for your attention to detail. Thanks for helping us have the successful experience …”



“I’m writing to say, what a trip! First the ability you had to take a potentially bad situation (Flooding at our destination) and turn it in to a real winner for me and my son was huge. I’m certain that without your skills we would not have had a trip at all.

We appreciate your willingness to see that we enjoyed every aspect and you were right when you said we would not be disappointed.”


“Kevin, using your company, Antlers and Anglers Worldwide, made the whole trip to Texas a blast for my son, Stephen and me. All I had to do was pack my bags and show up! This made the trip a total pleasure for us and a lifetime memory.”


“Many thanks for your efforts and the attention to details. The trip was a success accomplishing what I desired…. The memories will last forever”



“I think I speak for everyone when I say this trip was top notch. You did an outstanding job in putting this trip together. Gene is already discussing the possibility of another trip…”


“I just wanted to stop a moment and thank you again for all you put into our recent trip to Argentina. Please use me as a reference with future clients. It will give me an opportunity to relive the fun we had and the quality of every aspect of the hunt.”



“It was a pleasure doing business with you. I felt you were very attentive to our requests and you put us on a good hunt/destination.”