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About Us

Antlers & Anglers Worldwide was established in 2004 by wingshooting, fishing, big game hunting and photo safari enthusiasts Corinna and Kevin Slaughter.

Our mission is to flawlessly plan big game, wingshooting, fishing and African photo safaris for you to the most well-managed lodges in the world that we have visited, verified and vetted.

Because our team personally visits every destination before we send you, we have the unique ability to present you with truthful representations of each destination.  Our business is built on satisfied repeat clients.  We do not benefit from overselling any destination, in fact, we work diligently to undersell and over deliver.

The Antlers & Anglers Worldwide office is located in Homewood, Alabama at 2920 18th Street South, Suite 200, Homewood, AL 35209.

Our Team:

Kevin Slaughter is an avid outdoors man of 50+ years with 18 years of experience as a trip planning specialist.  As a native of Dallas, Texas, Kevin grew up hunting and fishing with his father who instilled a deep appreciation for the outdoors and conservation.  He has a particular passion for bow hunting.  That being said, if he had one last trip to take, what would it be? An Argentina dove hunt with buddies because he just can’t get enough shooting and he loves the camaraderie in the dove field.

Kevin has a unique ability to quickly discern honest well-run hunting and fishing operations.  He personally experiences lodges and draws on his trusted industry friends before adding new locations to the Antlers and Anglers Worldwide inventory of excellent lodges.

When you visit with Kevin for the first time, you will understand why he enjoys such a strong long-standing relationship with our clients and outfitters. He is extremely personable and quickly builds a trust relationship with everyone he encounters.

If you ask Kevin what the favorite part of his “job” is, he will tell you it is when a client returns home from a trip and takes the time to tell him all about it!  He wants to hear every detail.

When Kevin is not assisting you with great adventures, he spends time mentoring young men and boys.  He loves his family, golf, shooting his bow, basketball, his dog (Rabbit), and watching deer in his back yard.

Kevin earned the rank of Eagle Scout at age 15.  He is a past board member of the Alabama chapter of SCI and elder at his church.  Kevin graduated from SMU in Dallas.

Corinna Slaughter, an avid world traveler and outdoors woman for 45+ years.  She has enjoyed a unique life of traveling in both the world of hunting and fishing adventures as well as traditional luxury travel.  She lived in Paris for a time and attended a French high school.  By 21 she had literally traveled around the world in Asia, Africa, South Pacific, the Orient, China, and Europe.

With Corinna’s diverse experiences, she enjoys luxury travel and fine dining as much as she enjoys experiencing tent life in Alaska or Africa.  She is always anxious to experience the next great adventure.

Her specialties include Africa, Europe and New Zealand.  She is passionate about conservation and exposing budding hunters and anglers to the beauties of the outdoors.  Her experience is invaluable when planning an outdoor hunting or fishing trip that women or families will enjoy.  She personally checks out destinations around the globe which includes visiting over 90 lodges in Africa alone!

Josie Slaughter, yes, you guessed it…the daughter of Corinna and Kevin. She is in charge of marketing.  Her entire life has been spent hunting and fishing all over the world.  By 24 she had been to Africa 8 times!  Josie is the author of a book, public speaker and tour leader for groups.

Josie graduated with an honors degree and B.S. in integrated marketing communications from the University of Mississippi.

Rob Saunders, heads the IT department at Antlers & Anglers.  Combining his passion for the outdoors with his technical genius has been a great combination for the AAW family.

Suzanne Walz, manages the office and makes sure that all the details are in order!  What would we do without Suzanne to make sure our clients are being well cared for in a timely manner.

How are we different?

  • We personally visit and verify every destination.  In the internet age, we have all figured out that a beautiful website can be deceiving.  That is why we personally visit destinations.
  • 95 years combined experience.  We recognize the best of the best!
  • We take care of all the details including airline assistance, gun forms, trip insurance, meet and greet, vaccine assistance, clothing & equipment list, included and not included items, emergency contact information, easy and constant communications and more
  • You will receive first hand accurate and honest portrayals of each potential adventure before you make a decision.
  • You will know the best dates for the various trips.
  • You benefit from our volume with outfitters.  You are their first priority.
  • Most of our lodges are small owner operated lodges – When owners are involved the standards remain high from year to year.
  • We only work with OUTFITTERS WITH THE HIGHEST INTEGRITY IN THE INDUSTRY.  The people make all the difference between a mediocre vs amazing trip
  • We care about you and your success in the outdoors.  See the difference when you visit with us on the phone or by email
  • We save you time and your staff time in planning trips you may be unfamiliar with.
  • We value your trust in us, and we understand that we are only one bad trip away from losing you as a lifetime client.  You are our priority and our goal is to be your first call for all of your outdoor adventures for the rest of your life!

Why would you spend numerous hours investigating your next hunting or fishing trip, when we have already done that for you?

With every carefully planned trip you can expect the following:

  1. Trip selection – filtered through the eyes of those that have experienced the destinations personally.
  2. Trip preparation – Assistance with coordination of flights, trip insurance, travel logistics, and all the other details involved in planning a vacation full of new experiences.
  3. Pre-Trip Planner – This gives you all the information you need to have to make an informed decision about an adventure. You will find all the details of what is included and not included in the cost, as well as other pertinent information, such as the type of accommodations and food.
  4. Clothing and Equipment List – Not more and not less than you need to pack to ensure a successful and comfortable adventure.
  5. Final Countdown – All the last minute details such as emergency phone numbers, internet availability, cell phone service and who will meet you at the airport.
  6. Final observations before your trip – We want to visit with you prior to your trip to make sure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed before your adventure begins.
  7. While you are on your trip – We will be in constant contact with the outfitter while you are on your expedition.  We will contact you on the trip to make sure your adventure is exceeding your expectations.  If there are any issues, we want to immediately take action to remedy them!
  8. When you return – We can’t wait to hear about your trip!  This is the best part of what we do!

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Discerning travelers, if you do not see exactly the destination that you seek on our website do not lose heart. We are constantly visiting new destinations to give you the most cutting edge experiences. Email us or give us a call to discuss your next outdoor adventure.

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