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Zambia Dangerous Game Hunting SafariZambia Dangerous Game Hunting SafariZambia Dangerous Game Hunting SafariZambia Dangerous Game Hunting SafariZambia Dangerous Game Hunting SafariZambia Dangerous Game Hunting SafariZambia Dangerous Game Hunting SafariZambia Dangerous Game Hunting Safari

Zambia Dangerous Game Hunting Safari

The Important Highlights


Cape Buffalo, Defassa Waterbuck, Grysbuck, Hippo, Kudu, Leopard, lichtenstein Hartebeest, Oribi, Roan, Sable, Sitatunga


Summer, Fall, June, July, August, September, October, November

Lodge Type

Clean & Comfortable

Lodge Capacity

4 Hunters plus observers

Quick Facts
Zambia Dangerous Game Hunting Safari

Price Range$16,000 and up

LocationZambia near Kafue National Park

Equipment OptionsArchery or Rifle

Equipment ProvidedNo

Trip Length10-24 hunting days

Cell ServiceNo

Internet ServiceYes

Other Activities AvailableNo

How long has outfitter been in business?1990

Nearest AirportLusaka

Airport Drive TimeCharter flight to property

Airport Transfer AvailableYes

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Overview of Zambia Dangerous Game Hunting Safari

For the discerning hunter looking for a Zambia dangerous game hunting safari, look no further.  This is a true remote bush experience located near the Kafue National Park in Zambia.   You will be hunting just shy of 800,000 on GMA land.  Primary species here would be dangerous game animals as well as some of the largest sable in the world.  The leopard hunting is without compare.  Our hunters here enjoy a nearly perfect track record.  Buffalo hunting and the occasional management elephant are also hunted here.  Crocodile and hippo are found nearby as well as sitatunga as dedicated hunts or in addition to leopard and buffalo hunting.

What distinguishes this Zambia dangerous game hunting safari outfitter is brutal honesty, integrity and longevity.  Possibly even above that is that his staff is like his family.  Family Expeditions has never visited a lodge or a series of lodges with a happier, more fulfilled staff.  We were impressed and you can see from some of the photos below what we experienced on our check out trip.

“Hunting to us is so much more than just the kill, it is the memories made from preparation, hard work, long days, and short nights to the stories around the campfires. It is the pursuit of wild animals that have adapted to avoid predators with senses much higher than our own, and we constantly try to outsmart such animals with many attempts ending in failure.  It is in our blood, passed down for generations. It is an instinctual drive deep in our souls that ignites a passion that few truly understand.

We as hunters have an appreciation and respect for these wild animals and the environments we explore, that most individuals cannot fathom. Hunters work in remote areas away from their families for long periods of time, something most people are not willing to do. This work contributes to far more than just the hunting of animals. The funds generated by hunting is what preserves a large amount of Africa’s wildlife areas and protects the animals that call it home. Hunting generates money for anti-poaching efforts, creates jobs in hard-to-reach places, and it provides food for the local communities from the animals taken.

From hunting we experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It is a way of life for many of us, a passion that far exceeds a hobby or some holiday activity. An obsession for some, and contrary to popular belief…hunting is conservation.” John, the owner of this safari company

Community Service

For the past three years we have focused on improving the habitat and uplifting the communities.  With over 800,000 acres of GMA most of which was underutilized, efforts have been made to change this.  To date seven boreholes have been drilled and equipped with solar pumps top provide a year round d water supply for the game. In addition four wells have been drilled and fully equipped in the villages.  We still need to do four more.

Furthermore all the meat from animals harvested by hunters is supplied and distributed amongst the villages.  Projects are also planned to build three schools and a clinic but after the two covid years funds are depleted.  God willing 2022 will be better and we can continue reinvesting funds into the community and area.

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