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Client Entertainment Trips…They will never forget!

Antlers & Anglers Worldwide client entertainment trips…they will never forget Problem:  You want to increase sales and retention of clients.  Solution:   Client entertainment trips in the outdoors.  Spend time in the outdoors with your clients and sales team.  Our visited and verified hunting & fishing trips will increase client retention and increase sales!  Ask our… [read more]

Give the gift of TIME this holiday

If you have never read the The Five Love Languages book by Gary Chapman, it is a must read for anyone who wants to build relationships.  TIME is one of the five love languages and TIME is increasingly rarer in this busy day and age.  Most children will list TIME as their number one love… [read more]

International travel…are you covered medically? Trip insurance?

Today, I was shocked and that doesn’t happen very often!  A long time dear client of ours who works for a very large well established fantastic company is going on an international trip planned through our company.  As per our usual conversations and emails as we walk our clients through the preparation for such a… [read more]

How early do I need to plan outdoor adventures?

Don’t get Left Behind planning your next outdoor adventure! In late August and early September we had about 20 great clients call for this Christmas and this fall hunting and fishing trips! Unfortunately we could only place a few of these groups because the lodges we work with enjoy such excellent reputations that they fill… [read more]

Spend Money On Experiences, Not Things!

A great client of Antlers & Anglers sent us this recent article…thought you might like to read it!  Of course, we would take it to another level of believing that spending time specifically in the outdoors creates even greater longer lasting HAPPY memories with family and friends. “The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your… [read more]

How to choose your New Zealand hunt?

Choosing your New Zealand hunting outfitter: Choosing a New Zealand hunt sounds easy! New Zealanders speak English, they have a lovely accent, their websites are beautiful and their country is gorgeous and safe. How hard could it be to find the best outfitter? It is trickier than you might think. Investigate a bit before you… [read more]

Ebola, Are you at risk on Safari?

Ebola, Are you at risk on Safari?  Click on the link to the left for some interesting facts written by the Safarico. Take a look at this link for some clear facts on traveling in the portions of Southern Africa.  This info-graphic will give you some idea of the true size of Africa!  Kevin and… [read more]

Photo tips for your safari

Photo tips for your safari for an amateur photographers: If buying a new camera, Nikon and Canon are good choices Spend time learning your new camera BEFORE your trip!! You will want 30X or greater optical zoom (Digital zooms are fuzzy) Take at least 3 batteries and charger(s) Take quantity of 2 or more memory… [read more]

Where, when, how to plan your free range hunt

Where, when, how 2014 A potential client called the other day to ask if we would help him with his outdoor travel for 2014.  Of course, we were thrilled to be able to help him and we spent quite a bit of time setting up a pretty thorough information file of his likes and dislikes. … [read more]

Do I travel with my rifle for my hunt?

Do I travel with my rifle? Do I travel with my rifle, do I take my own gun for my hunt?  This poses a great question and one that is often asked in this day and age of ever changing airline regulations.   In the past, most outfitters kept a spare gun around in case the… [read more]