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Dispatches from the Field

A Comprehensive Guide to Defending Hunting

Hunting is critical for conservation and sustainability as well as uplifting communities. As you will see from the proven information below, we do not need to shy away from talking about this passion for fear of misunderstanding or resistance. Many, if not most, people around the world do not understand the positive impact of hunting.… Read more »

Fly Fishing for Beginners

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to fly fishing. Jay, a guide at our Alaska Adventure Fishing Lodge, has been a guide for over a decade and is a master at explaining the craft in an easy, simple-to-follow way. This video is an excellent resource for anyone looking for a quick brush-up on their… Read more »

When should I book my next wingshooting trip?

Problem:  Too often we have to share the sad news: The dates you want are booked or even the entire season is already booked. Dates at the best lodges book a year or more in advance sometimes and some even only open up when past guests give up their annual dates. We want to help… Read more »

Where Can You Travel?

The international world of hunting, wingshooting, and fishing is expanding again as more countries open their borders. But the continued changes beg the question: what are the current Covid-19 requirements in different countries? We’ve made it easy on you and listed out the current requirements for every country we represent. You can see the list… Read more »

What Your Alaska Fishing Guide Wished You Knew

Alaska is the state to find adventure! Fishing here, whether it be fresh or saltwater fishing, is one of our favorite experiences. Alaska makes for an awesome corporate, group, or family trip. It is rich in unbelievable fishing as well as too many activities to count. Antlers & Anglers Worldwide’s team enjoys firsthand knowledge through… Read more »

Covid Update

2020 has been a trying time for everyone, including those who work and participate in the hunting, fishing, wingshooting and photo safari industries – specifically those abroad. But not everything has been negative. The pandemic had a positive: people went into the outdoors. Whether you were walking your dog down the street (so. many. walks.),… Read more »

Make a Difference…HOW?

“Make a difference” in local communities all over the world through hunting and fishing with your family. You can make a difference by supporting hunting and fishing outfitters all over the globe that are intentionally and with integrity giving back to those vulnerable in their communities.  This may be a surprise to some that the… Read more »

The Best Outdoor Adventures for Your Family During School Breaks

Time in the outdoors enjoying shared experiences help families grow closer together and remain close for years to come. A great time to plan these experiences is during school breaks, so below we are sharing our top recommendations for your family’s adventure during different school holidays. These will be fantastic memory making experiences for your… Read more »

Children…when should they go with you?

Children…when should they travel outdoors with you? The conversation begins like this, “I have three children, their ages are 5, 8, and 11. The 11 year old is old enough for us to take on our hunting and/or fishing trips but the 5 year old is too young. We are just going to have to… Read more »

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