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Planning Your Home-Run Corporate Trip

South Africa Wingshooting

Imagine this with me: it’s Monday morning. You’re walking into the office after arriving home from a corporate hunt you planned for your company’s clients. As you enter the door, a resounding round of applause and loud cheers begin from everyone in the office – all for you! Your boss walks up to you with a massive smile on his face and says in front of everyone, “That was the best corporate trip we have ever had! Our clients have been emailing and calling me non-stop about how incredible the experience was. They are all ready to spend a million dollars with us. Man, you just absolutely hit this out of the park!”

So, I may have taken a few liberties there (I am not sure a million dollars is what they would spend), but you get the point. How would you feel if you walked into the office, having just planned a home-run corporate trip, and your boss came up to you to congratulate you on the incredible relationship building experience with your clients? I know that would make me feel like Superman in the office! Even better, what if you could succeed like this while only doing a sliver of the planning work? That’d be a pretty sweet deal.

At Antlers & Anglers, this is exactly what we want to help you accomplish. We want you to become the ultimate corporate trip planner while not having to lift a finger!

Quickly, let’s cover what “lifting a finger” entails when planning a corporate trip:

  • Trying to research and find the best destinations amongst hundreds around the world and wondering what the true experience will be when you arrive at the one you booked.
  • Constantly checking your email or phone while waiting to hear back from lodges, and keeping your fingers crossed that their open dates match yours.
  • Making sure that you will stay your budget by doing all of the math and trying to figure out all the hidden costs.

    Alaska Salmon Fishing

  • Staying in constant communication with the lodge to make sure everything and everyone is ready for your arrival.
  • Researching what to pack for your trip by looking at the weather and googling “what to pack when going (insert place)”.

That’s quite a lot of stressful work. Hours and hours of your time that could be better spent working on other projects, presentations, product development, brainstorming, client relationships, sales, etc.

Antlers & Anglers Worldwide can take all of this off your hands.

We have traversed the world to find the best hunting, fishing, and wingshooting lodges for corporate entertainment. We have visited every destination we work with to ensure they will live up to the expectations they set, so we can tell you exactly what to expect, and we can prepare you for your trip with packing lists, weather updates, etc. This allows you to sit back and relax while we prepare you for your great adventure!

What does it look like to plan a corporate trip with AAW?

  1. You give us a call or shoot us an email/text telling us what you are looking for.
  2. Based on this information, we pair you with the destination which will best meet your needs, expectations, budget and availability. We send you a pre-trip

    South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

    planner with all the details and included/not included items.

  3. You approve the destination and our overall plan for the trip.
  4. We book it for you and make sure the lodge understands all your needs, rooming assignments and expectations.
  5. We start preparing you for your trip by providing you with all packing lists, final countdown information with emergency lodge contact info, directions and more!
  6. We stay in contact with you before, during, and after your incredible trip.

And there you go; an amazing corporate trip is planned with a fraction of the work on you.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop weighing down your productivity with trip details and give us a call today!


Here are some of our favorite corporate destinations:

Texas Trophy Hunting – Brownwood

South Dakota Pheasant Hunt – Pierre

Argentina Dove Hunting Lodge

Wyoming Upland Hunting, Fishing, Horseback & Spa

Georgia Quail Plantation – Albany

Alaska Fly-out Fishing Lodge

Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge – Ketchikan

Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge Luxury

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