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Dispatches from the Field

Planning Your Home-Run Corporate Trip

Imagine this with me: it’s Monday morning. You’re walking into the office after arriving home from a corporate hunt you planned for your company’s clients. As you enter the door, a resounding round of applause and loud cheers begin from everyone in the office – all for you! Your boss walks up to you with… Read more »

When should I book my big game hunt?

Problem: You have finally found the time to plan your big game hunt. It’s the trip you have been dreaming about. Chomping at the bit to go on. You are ready to get out of the office and back into the great outdoors. But you are too late. The hunt you want to go on… Read more »

Tanzania Photographic Safari Recap 2023

Corinna just returned from a two-week check-out tour of Tanzania where she visited 9 different photographic safari lodges! Here is a short recap of her trip highlighting her wildlife, culture, and lodging experiences. The wildlife in Tanzania was breathtaking! Some of my highlights were seeing: Lions climbing and resting in the trees. It was amazing… Read more »

Easy, Fresh Halibut Recipe

Who doesn’t love freshly caught fish for dinner? It is a Slaughter family favorite, which is why we enjoy finding recipes that help us turn our Halibut, Salmon, and Cod from our trips to Alaska into delicious recipes we all enjoy. I won’t lie, I am not the chef of the family. So, Corinna or… Read more »

Choosing Your New Zealand Hunting Outfitter

Choosing your New Zealand hunting outfitter: Choosing a New Zealand hunt sounds easy! New Zealanders speak English, they have a lovely accent, their websites are beautiful and their country is gorgeous and safe. How hard could it be to find the best outfitter? It is trickier than you might think. Investigate a bit before you… Read more »

Ebola, Are you at risk on Safari?

Ebola, Are you at risk on Safari?  Click on the link to the left for some interesting facts written by the Safarico. Take a look at this link for some clear facts on traveling in the portions of Southern Africa.  This info-graphic will give you some idea of the true size of Africa!  Kevin and… Read more »

Now a whole, family hunting in Namibia

The winter of 2013 was fading into spring when, almost ritualistically, Helen, my wife of 28 years, and I began to think about possible destinations for our next family summer escape. The recurrent question of staying in the US or traveling to a European destination became the bulk of the conversation that evening.   The truth… Read more »

Safari photo tips

Safari photo tips for amateur photographers: If buying a new camera, Nikon and Canon are good choices Spend time learning your new camera BEFORE your trip!! You will want 30X or greater optical zoom (Digital zooms are fuzzy) Take at least 3 batteries and charger(s) Take quantity of 2 or more memory cards at least… Read more »

Why Hunt in Namibia

Guest post by Marina Lamprecht TOP 10 REASONS TO LOOK AT NAMIBIA AS YOUR NEXT OR FIRST HUNTING DESTINATION. The country of Namibia is a celebration of all that is wonderful about the magnificent continent of Africa! Let me share the top ten reasons to consider my country as the ideal destination for your next… Read more »

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