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Argentina Red Stag Hunt Cordoba


Argentina Red Stag Hunt Cordoba

A great surprise in the Cordoba province where you will find one of the most exciting Argentina Red Stag hunt opportunities.  Personal service, small boutique lodge set on 20,000 privately owned acres in the Cordoba area best known by most for volume dove hunting until now!   Besides an Argentina Red Stag hunt you might also add on an exciting Water Buffalo and Blackbuck are found in this area!

This hunting Lodge, like so many Antlers & Anglers lodges, is managed by its owners. This family is a lover of the outdoors and very passionate about hunting and fishing. They have built this beautiful lodge to share their passion with people from all around the world. The family hopes that every guest that visits this unique setting will fall in love with the magic of this place in the same way they are.Argentina Red Stag Hunt Cordoba

Located in the Calamuchita Valley in the Province of Cordoba, Argentina. This valley belongs to the Sierras de Córdoba and is known for its “Tour of the Great Lakes”. The terrain is characterized by forests, craggy terrain with narrow side valleys (ravines), rugged hills and the highest peaks in the area.  Very interesting terrain and best hunted by horseback!  95% of the hunts on this property are on horseback.

It has a temperate climate year round, with frequent snowfalls in the winter (the austral winter so snowfall is mainly in July). The terrain is hilly and mountainous and the South Valley area is of volcanic origin. There are several active faults in the west central part of the valley.

This is a fantastic experience to combine with dove hunting in the area as well as some fishing in the creeks and rivers that run through the property.  Antlers & Anglers will customize the perfect combination itinerary for you or your group.  This lodge my be booked exclusively for three hunters!



Hunting on HORSEBACK in Calamuchita’s Valley surrounded by enormous hills, deep ravines and hidden valleys makes for a great fair chase hunting adventure. The horses provide unbeatable access to this beautiful land and the view from the saddle is amazing. Horses not your style? You may also choose to hunt from a 4X4 truck.

Our professional guides know this massive ranch by heart. The use of binoculars is essential and we recommend a quality pair of 10 x 40 optics. The preferred method of hunting is spot and stalk.

Red Stag:  Season March – July  (Fall and Winter in Argentina)
The hunting season starts in March with the roaring of the majestic Red Stag. This is an experience you cannot miss and it will last until middle April. However, post roar hunting is still excellent, exciting and challenging..

Whether you are hunting a representative Red Stag or a 400 SCI stag, you will experience a fair chase exciting adventure hunt.

Fallow: Season March – August
Fair chase hunts once again conducted on horseback.  The season for this hunt is Argentina’s Fall/Winter.

Blackbuck and Water Buffalo:  Season Year around
The beautiful Blackbuck Antelope and the techy Water Buffalo can hunted year round and may be combined with other species like the Mouflon or Multi-horn Ram.

Water Buffalo are also very plentiful, making this a very exciting up close and personal hunt. They can be hunted year round.

Black Buck is always a client favorite along with Mouflon Sheep and Multi-Horn Sheep.

At any time of the year you are hunting, you may see puma, foxes, jackrabbits and vizcacha wandering the ranch.

Other Species:

Also available on this property are Mouflon, Multi-Horn, Texas Dall and wild Boar.

Bow Hunters: Due to the size and type of terrain bow hunters are urged to be patient and allow for an adequate number of hunting days to ensure a successful hunt.

We can customize a combination adventure with a Dove hunt or even mixed bag hunting for Dove, Duck, Perdiz, Pigeon and more.  For more than 25 years, seasoned international wing shooters have recognized Córdoba, Argentina as the WORLD’S LEADING DESTINATION FOR HIGH-VOLUME DOVE SHOOTING. There are an estimated 50 million doves in the northern area of Cordoba, providing high quality hunts for thousands of visitors over the years.


Fishing:  season starts on late October, the beginning of spring and ends in late February which ushers in the end of the summer.
The lodge owners and guides love to fly fish and adhere to a strict catch and release policy. Guides gently handle and return the fish unharmed to their natural habitat.

Fishing here is an adventure you should not miss. The cold water of the rivers create the perfect environment for RAINBOW AND BROOK TROUT.  You will fish the LOS MACHOS AND LAS CAÑAS RIVERS which run through the ranch property. The Lodge is located in front of the fishing area and has one of the most scenic panoramic views ever.

Each day our anglers will experience a new adventure. Your hiking skills will be put to use reaching the rivers and the trout are eager to sip your dry fly or take your streamer. The acrobatic jumps are a joy to witness and you’ll walk with anticipation to the next pool. The fishing and our warm hospitality will be hard to forget. THE FISHING ACCESS IS QUICK and easy. Guests can also enjoy the wide variety of habitat that they will only find in this area.


Your itinerary will be customized for your group.  A typical Red Stag hunt includes 5 nights and 4 days of hunting.  Should you wish to add more species or add on some bird hunting, we will build your itinerary to suit your desires.


Enjoy this world-class lodge that is located in the heart of the ranches’ huge hunting area. It offers guests all the comforts to include spacious, warm rooms, a quiet reading room, and a game room. The large living room with large cozy fireplace is a favorite place to recount stories of your days hunt with your group.

The Lodge offers four private bedrooms with comfortable beds (both twin and king size), private bath with Jacuzzi tub, and daily maid service. These deluxe rooms are an ideal place to relax and enjoy the nature of the Sierras de Cordoba.

Each room has a different and stunning panoramic view of the landscape.

Breakfast is served ala carte and typically includes coffee, tea, juice, fruit, yogurt, cereals, freshly baked pastries, toast, ham, cheese, bacon and eggs.

Lunch and dinner are 3 course meals. The chef will prepare international entrée’s with an Argentinian flair using only the finest and freshest local products. The specialty of the house is wild game and famed Argentinian beef.

The bar has a wide selection of beverages to include premium liquors. The wine cellar is filled with the best red and white Argentine wines to include the finest regional Malbec’s.


This lodge is located in such a remote area that activities are limited to the ranch property.  Enjoy hiking, fishing, horseback riding, touring the ranch on 4×4 vehicles or just take in the amazing view from the oversized scenic deck.


2019 Pricing:

Red Stag packages begin at $4,900 pp for 5 nights/4 hunting days and a stag up to 320 SCI.

Call for updated pricing and details


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