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Are you covered medically when you travel abroad? Trip insurance

Today, I was shocked and that doesn’t happen very often!  A long time dear client of ours who works for a very large well established fantastic company is going on an international trip planned through our company.  As per our usual conversations and emails as we walk our clients through the preparation for such a trip, we started visiting about trip insurance.  Since I knew he worked for such a great company, I said, “you can just purchase the basic trip insurance plan because I am sure that your company health insurance plan covers you when you are out of the country.”  He said, “I am meeting with that department today, I will verify that our insurance covers us when traveling abroad.”  This was the shock I received…he emailed me back that his company health insurance policy does not cover them when they are overseas!

How many of us THINK that we have insurance coverage when we are traveling outside the country when in reality we do not have coverage at all?  Please STOP and call your health insurance carrier right now to find out.  If you do not have coverage when you are traveling outside the country, you need to buy trip insurance that has adequate medical coverage included for every single time you travel!

Please protect yourself and those you travel with by purchasing reputable trip insurance!

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