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Planning Chart for Outdoor Adventures

Don’t get Left Behind planning your next outdoor adventure!

In late August and early September we had about 20 great clients call for this Christmas and this fall hunting and fishing trips! Unfortunately we could only place a few of these groups because the lodges we work with enjoy such excellent reputations that they fill early. Our portfolio of lodges around the globe has seen an unprecedented rebound from the recession. Why, you may ask? It is the people! Many pioneered their industries, many are on the cutting edge with their lodges, many are in the most prime locations, all are people of integrity and their reputations insured a rapid return to full lodge calendars.

So, this presents the question; how do you avoid being LEFT BEHIND booking dates for the best lodges in the hunting and fishing world? PLAN AHEAD IN A LAST MINUTE WORLD!

Of course cancellations do happen and the odd openings occur late but if you want prime dates or you have a narrow window to work with such as Christmas or spring break, this chart is for you.

Keep this chart on hand and you will avoid being left behind on prime dates at prime lodges.

Planning chart for Outdoor Adventures

North America Big Game Plan Ahead
Elk free range: 2 years
Elk Preserve: 8 months to 1 year
Whitetail free range: 6 to 18 months
Whitetail Preserve: 4 months to 1 year
Mule Deer free range: 12-18 months
Turkey: 4-6 months
Osceola Turkey: 6-12 months
Mountain Lion: 4-12 months
Black Bear: 4-6 months
Brown Bear – Fall Hunt: 12-16 months
Brown Bear – Spring Hunt: 8-12 months
Moose: 12-18 months even up to 3 years for some!
Caribou: 8-12 months
Exotic preserve: 2-8 month

South America Big Game Plan Ahead
Red Stag Free range: 12 months
Red Stag Preserve: 8 months

Africa Big Game Plan Ahead
Dangerous Game Animals: 12-36 months
Plains Game: 6-18 months
Sable and more rare animals: 12-18 months

European Big Game: 10 – 18 months
New Zealand Big Game: 12-18 months
Australia Big Game: 12-18 months

North America Bird Hunting Plan Ahead
Quail: Up to 9 months
British Driven hunt in the States: 8-12 months
Upland: 4-8 months
Ducks: 8-12 months
Grouse: 5-8 months

European Bird Hunts: 8-18 months
Argentina Bird Hunts: 6-12 months

Fishing Trips Plan Ahead
U.S. Out West: 6-14 months
U.S. Central: 2-6 months
East: 2-6 months
Alaska: Up to 2 years or more!!
Canada: 8-16 months
South America: 12-18 months
New Zealand: 8-12 months

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