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Argentina Big Game & Wingshooting


Argentina Big Game & Wingshooting

Argentina, with its different climates and geographies offers many wonderful options for the bird hunting enthusiast, anglers and big game hunters.  This outfitter operates in the most important hunting areas in Argentina.  Argentina big game hunting is known for its’ Red Stag hunting!  Sportsmen can hunt for over fifteen big game species in the Province of La Pampa, the heart of the big game hunting region of Argentina, where most of the species were introduced more than one hundred years ago and where they are now roaming around free range.

Excellent Duck, Dove, Perdiz and Pigeon hunting is conveniently located just a couple of hours from Buenos Aires in the Entre Rios Province to make for a fantastic combination trip. For the bird enthusiast, this is the perfect storm of destinations!  Prime Golden Dorado fishing is also in this area.Argentina Big Game & Wingshooting

Unparalleled natural beauty and world class Argentina big game trophies make this lodge one of the top big game ranches in South America.  For big game hunting, they hunt in La Pampa and other regions throughout Argentina and in the Patagonia mountains.  They offer spectacular big game hunting for free range and preserve Red Stag and numerous other exotics.

Red Stag, Black Buck, Axis, Fallow Deer, Russian Boar, Water Buffalo and many more exotics roam this outfitters ranches.

Few destinations around the world offer such diverse game and all can be hunted in one trip.  It’s simply amazing.  Sightseeing in Buenos Aires is another great benefit since it is so close to the lodges.

Argentinians are known for their warm hospitality and eagerness to please!  Patrick, the owner of these lodges, is no exception!  His staff is exceptional and they happily adjust your hunting schedule to meet your desired species.  For instance, when you are wingshooting and you might prefer Perdiz hunting over Duck hunting, they will see to it that your itinerary leans more heavily to Perdiz.  This is rare among Argentina lodges!



Top 10

Species: Red Stag, Blackbuck, Axis, Dove, Duck, Pigeon
Capacity: 2-50 depending on lodge
Location: Near Buenos Aires
Season: Year around (prime is March thru May for Stag)
Method: Rifle
Lodging: From nice lodges to luxurious lodges
Food: Chef prepared
Trip Length: 4 days and up
Transport: Guides vehicles and boats
Guided: 1 x 1 or 2 x 1 Professionally guided


Argentina offers a great variety of big game species, native and exotic.  Argentina is best known for its red stag hunting.  The hunting areas are located in the La Pampa region.   Your hunting area will be selected based on the game that you seek.  This outfitter has access to well over 45,000 free range acres and over 10,000 preserve acres.  The guides and staff speak English.

The Roar:  If you are after Red Stag, we will want to put you into a date during the roar.  The roar is mid-March through April.

The environment is flat and bushy and the hunt itself is very challenging since the game uses the natural concealment of the thick forest for their protection.  Spot & stalk hunts as well as hunting from elevated box blinds are possible. For those who like the mountains, they can also offer red stag hunting in concessions of Patagonia Mountains where most hunts are done by horseback riding.  Ask us for details on this hunt.

Free Range Hunting:

With over 15 years of experience and fantastic free range properties, your dream of hunting free range Red Stag, Blackbuck, Water Buffalo, European Boars, Fallow, Mouflon, Feral Sheep and Puma can come true.

Located in the southern La Pampa, where stags were first introduced more than 100 years ago, this lodge is in a unique spot.  High protein grasses along with natural springs loaded with minerals create the magic mix that produces the best free rang Red Stag trophies in the country.  More than 10,000 acres of gentle rolling hills, woods and lagoons provide the perfect backdrop for the hunt of a lifetime.

The lodge is located near Bahia Blanca and that is the airport you will fly into from Buenos Aires.

Preserve Hunting:

Superior trophy quality has always been their goal.  During the last 6 years, they have taken over 35 top ten trophies for the SCI record book including:  #1 and #2 for Fallow deer, #2 for Red Stag, #1 Multi-Horn, #1 and #2 Feral Goats to name a few.

Located in the La Pampa area near the city of Santa Rosa accessible by commercial flights from Buenos Aires.  Flights depart only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays early afternoon from B.A.   Charter flights are also available in a Piper Navajo 5 passenger twin engine aircraft.

Combination bird, big game and even a little fishing!

Ducks, dove, perdize and even pigeon are found only a couple of hours from prime big game hunting.  Your trip will be customized for your taste!


Fishing:  Available as an add-on for any trip!  Golden Dorado fishing


Each itinerary is customized for you!  If you simply want to hunt big game animals, that is fantastic!  If you want to combine bird hunting or fishing with big game hunting we will put together the perfect itinerary.

You may even decide to spend a few days touring Buenos Aires or the beautiful country of Argentina.  We can arrange this as well.


Unlimited lodging options are available according to the preferences and budget of your group. Luxurious hunting lodges, cozy country houses, traditional “estancias” and even a 180 year old palace are some of the choices available for clients.


The meals at each are plentiful and delicious.  Once at the table they usually offer a starter like traditional empanadas, salads, brochettes, different kind of pies, vithel tonne or soups if the cold weather demands them. Main courses could be famous Argentinean beef in different ways: steaks, asado or many different elaborate dishes with beef.   Clients enjoy sides such as baked potatoes, rice, steamed vegetables, salads, mashed potatoes and pumpkin among other options. Pasta, chicken and fish would be also available if hunters like them.

One of the highlights is the Argentinean barbecue in the field which includes different cuts of beef, sausages, chicken and so on. Game meat is usually prepared by the staff like wild boar, axis deer, doves and ducks breasts, perdiz in pickles and much more. Ice cream, homemade flan, cakes, pies and natural fruit are some of the desserts as well as coffee or tea of different flavors.

Breakfast usually includes natural fresh fruit juices, coffee, tea, bacon and eggs, cereals, yogurt, cake, toasts with butter and marmalade.


Wonderful touring around Buenos Aires and around the country is available!  We will be happy to customize an itinerary on your behalf to include touring.

Here are some ideas:

  • Visit Iguazu Falls
  • City tours in Buenos Aires
  • Tango show
  • Glacier tours
  • Wine country
  • Andes Mountains
  • Horseback riding excursions
  • Canopy Zip lines
  • Rafting
  • Trekking and rappelling
  • Helitours
  •  and more



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Thank you for such a wonderful time. My son and I had tremendous hunts each and every day. The wait staff was excellent! Carlos and Patrick are such good hosts and saw to our every need. Thank you all again.

The Smiths – Minnesota

Thank you Patrick and all of the staff for a wonderful time! Our husbands hunted while us two wives stayed at the house each day. The staff ensured we had everything we needed while the hunters were gone. We enjoyed sitting and enjoying the beautiful area & walked the property. The staff was very kind and we enjoyed talking (or trying) with Sylvia. Patrick went out of his way to take us girls to the Palacia de Jose museum / house and taught us much about the history of the area. We thoroughly enjoyed our time & blessed with the kindness and attention from everyone!  Matt will add the hunting was marvelous and successful!

The Landwebs – Missouri

I wanted to thank you and your team for a fantastic experience ….

My hunting partner and I did not know exactly what to expect on this trip. What we received was warm hospitality from everyone. Lichi and Gringe were super guides who left us wanting for nothing, not to mention they are fun to be around. The lodge offered a taste of the old days and of Argentina while providing the restful reminders of home. So for the two boys from Arkansas that grew up hunting, it is hard to express how amazing the dove, the duck and the Perdiz hunting was during our stay.

It was truly a world class wingshooting experience while mixing in and sharing your Argentine hospitality.

I look forward to a return trip!

Vollmer – Arkansas

Fantastic!!! I enjoyed not only the hunts but the extra attention that the staff paid to each detail. The food was excellent and enjoyed the local traditional dishes. We loved the freedom and options we had to hunt 3 different species with the Perdiz being the best. Patrick’s knowledge of local history and the conversations were great.

P.S. Lichi & Gringe made the hunts. Great guys with knowledge and humor