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New Zealand Hunting North Island


New Zealand Hunting North Island

Enjoy fantastic New Zealand hunting for Red Stag and/or fishing with unlimited adventure activities!  New Zealand is known for excellent Red  Stag hunting and this property is no exception. You may also enjoy New Zealand hunting for Sika and Rusa Deer.  Only two hunting parties are allowed on the property at one time.  Bow hunters are welcome!  The property is lush and beautiful in a rain forest setting.New Zealand Hunting North Island

Hunting is all about quality of trophies taken in the field. With 2,500 acres of picturesque carefully managed eco and wilderness park, native bush and clearings, a spot and stalk type of hunting applies. a New Zealand wildlife safari with six species of deer, pigs and a healthy population of free range pheasants to harvest each year.

For the observer: Explore waterfalls, enjoy wine tastings, spa, play golf on the nearby Jack Nicklaus golf course, ride horses, take advantage of New Zealand’s many extreme activities.  A sanctuary and retreat of breathtaking terrain in 2,500 acres of secluded native forest and game reserve, seven trout streams, four lakes, over 70 kilometers of hiking trails.

This beautiful property is located in the heart of the trout fishing capital of the world and famed therapeutic thermal region, Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand.

Combination North and South Island hunts are available as well as added touring on both islands.



Top 10

Species: Red stag, sika, rusa, brown trout
Capacity: 8 but only two hunting parties on the property at a time
Location: New Zealand North
Season: Red Stag – March through early July and Fishing - October through end of April - Prime
Method: Archery of rifle or fly fishing
Lodging: Cottage
Food: Home cooked
Trip Length: 5-10 days
Transport: Four wheel drive vehicles and helicopters
Guided: 1x1 or 2x1 Guided


At this North Island 2500 acre lush preserve, you will find some of the best red stag hunting in New Zealand! Hunting is by spot and stalk on a lush gently rolling terrain.

Various levels of physical abilities can be catered to. In this same area where you hunt the Red Stags, you will be able to hunt Sika, Fallow, Samba, pigs, and Rusa deer. Whether you are an archery hunter or a rifle hunter, you will harvest a trophy of a lifetime.  You will be accompanied by a professional guide throughout your time hunting.

If you would like to hunt for Himalayan Tahr and Chamois, this lodge offers exceptional north and south Island packages which include Tahr, Chamois and Red Stag.


Month Temp High F Temp Low F
January 85 40
February 80 40
March 75 35
April 70 32
May 70 29
June 60 25
July 55 25
August 60 30


All late February, March, April, May, June, July, August:
  • Red stags (Roar – or rut – is March to April)
  • Fallow
  • Elk
  • Sika
Year-round: May – November: May – July: May – August:
  • Tahr
  • Chamois
  • Goats/Rams
  • Buffalo
  • Wild Boar
  • Turkeys (No bag limit)
  • Rusa
  • Samba
  • Waterfowl
  • Pheasants


Local fishing on the waters at the lodge is available and equipment is supplied.  Should you wish to explore the various amazing waters in remote areas, helicopters and guides are available.

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The pheasant cottage shown in the photo gallery will be your exclusive home for your hunting adventure.  You will also have access to the main lodge where a spa is located.

The lodge offers space for up to 8 guests.  You can unwind and relax in the privacy of the pheasant cottages open plan living room fireplace, kitchen and dining area or entertain and socialize on the deck while enjoying a barbeque.  The ideal family style lodge.


This trip is full of surprises and opportunities. A fantastic Jack Nicklaus golf course is only 45 minutes away from the North Island Lodge. If you seek thrills, New Zealand is the home of bungee-jumping, the zorb and numerous other adventure activities. You’ll find gorgeous waterfalls, spa treatments, jet boat rides, horseback riding, fishing, bird hunting, Possum hunting at night, ATV rides, hiking, breathtaking helicopter rides, volcanoes, fabulous food and more! It would take months to experience all the activities available.



Pricing good through January 2016

Red Stag Special pricing:

Red Stag 360-375 $10,850
Red Stag 320-359 $7,850
Red Stag 300-319 $5,850

5 Nights/6 Days inclusive of meet/greet at the Rotorua International Airport, trophy fees, accommodations, food, beverages except for top shelf, field preparation, small game hunting, fishing gear and exclusive use of guide until you have bagged your trophy!

Observers $150 per night which includes meals and house wines.




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This is dream hunt, it will spoil you
Danny, CA

Absolutely the Best

Fantastic Hunt, beautiful Lodge and staff, will return
Doug, MI,

I have hired guides all over the world and Joe is simply the best. The attention and love he showed to my son will forever put me in his debt. He made him feel confident and at ease which set him up for a one shot kill when the time came. His genuine joy to be in the field with us is what makes him so special.
Jim, CA

An experience that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life
Chris, Hong Kong

Beautiful country, great animals, surreal experience.
Derry, Texas

Experience of a lifetime combining the sport of hunting with all the luxury of a top-line resort.
Jimmy, Virginia

— if you are after etched memories that will last a lifetime.
Mark, Georgia
… your one-stop New Zealand destination for hunting, fishing, sightseeing and shopping!
Mike, Arizona

— a hidden jewel in New Zealand.
Rob, California

A total hunting experience with memories that will last a lifetime….
Larry, Texas