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Kansas Deer Hunt – Southeast


Kansas Deer Hunt – Southeast

With over 100 different stand locations, this Kansas deer hunt outfitter will guide you to an exciting free range hunt on over 15,000 acres of private lands in southeast Kansas. This is one of the top producing states for Kansas trophy whitetail in the country. Prime agricultural land for corn, soy beans, milo and alfalfa make up about 50-60% of the hunting properties. These prime food sources have created a fantastic population of Eastern turkeys.  The remaining land is primarily hardwood travel corridors and bedding areas.Kansas Deer Hunt - Southeast

Limited hunting pressure is key at this lodges success.  In fact, they are so dedicated to low pressure hunting that they do not book hunts for the entire season, only selected dates and limited number of guests.  It is not uncommon for a guest to be the first to sit in a blind location even late in the season.

This Kansas whitetail hunt can accommodate muzzleloader, rifle and archery hunters.

They have a strict 130 B&C minimum for all harvested bucks. In order to enjoy this Kansas whitetail hunt, all hunters must have a hunter safety card if they are born after January 1, 1957.  Cards from other states are accepted.


Top 10

Species: Whitetail free range and Eastern Turkey
Capacity: 8 hunters
Location: Southeast Kansas; 15,000 acres; Hardwoods and agricultural
Season: Whitetail : Late September through mid December Turkey : Mid April through mid May
Method: Archery, Muzzleloader or Rifle
Lodging: New 2,000 sq. foot lodge – very basic
Food: Home style cooking
Trip Length: Whitetail : 5-6 Days Turkey : 3 day
Transport: Guides Vehicles
Guided: Turkey is guided 2x1 semi guided Whitetail is semi-guided


Whitetail Hunts:

Muzzle loader hunts are the first hunts of the year. These are 2×1 guided hunts where your guide will take you to your stand and drop you off. You will be hunting over or near food sources primarily or trails in the woods. You could be on the ground or up in a tree.

Weather is a big factor for this hunt. If it’s cool, the deer should really be moving. If it’s hot, it could be a tough hunt with the deer only moving at first and last light.  They accommodate muzzleloader, rifle and archery hunts.

Bow hunts are 2×1 semi-guided, meaning a guide will drop you off at a stand and pick you up but he will not sit with you. Bow hunters will hunt from ladder stands, lock-ons or ground blinds. The October hunt is pre-rut where the deer are more patterned so you have a better chance at taking a nice buck. The November hunts are during the rut so all bets are off but the big ones are on the run! No patterned bucks this time of year! They are fanatics about stand placement and set up!

The two week rifle season is in December which is usually the secondary rut. During this short season, the worse the weather the better the hunting. Hunts will be over food sources from tower blinds primarily. Long shots of 300-400 yards are possible. You could hunt from tripods, ladder stands, lock-ons or ground blinds as well depending on the circumstances. Hunts are 2×1 guided meaning you will have a guide sit with you on one of the two sits each day to help you glass. They do not allow any stalk hunting. Kansas allows baiting. The outfitter baits according to location and hunters desires.

Big bucks roam Kansas and this area of Kansas! Our clients have seen them and can testify to that fact. However, seeing them and harvesting them are two different things altogether. Since this is a free-range operation, there is a possibility that you could go home empty handed. We believe this outfitter is the most committed to setting up the “perfect stand” that we have ever witnessed. They will do everything in their power to give you a successful hunt!

Non-residents may apply for their deer tag online from April 1-29. Kansas is a straight lottery draw for non-resident tags beginning with the 2008 season. The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks guaranteed the state legislature there would be tags for everyone. Based on this information our outfitter feels you should get a tag. If not, you may have a 100% refund or rebook for the next year.  This hunt is primarily in unit 11.

Eastern Turkey Hunts:  Season:  Mid April through Mid May

This Outfitter offers guided hunts for Eastern turkey in Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri. They give you the opportunity to harvest two trophy birds with a shotgun or bow. For the 2011 season each hunter averaged 1.5 birds which included shotgun and bow hunters. They have a lot of birds! You can hunt mornings and afternoons. The package includes 6 hunts.

Make a Difference

You will be happy to know that any of your meat from the hunt that you do not wish to take home with you is donated to the local church and the church distributes the meat to families in need!  Can you imagine what a difference this makes in the life of a family that is wondering where their next meal will come from?


Southeast lodge deer hunters will enjoy the new 2,000 square foot lodging facility nestled in the woods of Southeast Kansas. While the lodge is not luxurious, it is functional, comfortable, and clean, accommodating 8 hunters. Meals will be good home cooking. It is located 2 hours south of Kansas City, near Pittsburg, Kansas.


2020 ELITE Muzzleloader Hunt – Hunt up to 24 days: $12,000
2020 ELITE Archery Hunt – Hunt up to 30 days: $10,000
2020 ELITE Rifle Hunt – Hunt to 12 full days: $12,000

2020 Rates:

Youth 3 Day Hunt: $4,000 (Early September)
Muzzleloader: $4,000 for late September
Bow Hunt:        $4,500 for November (Rut Hunts)
Rifle Hunt:       $5,500 for December (Secondary Rut)

2018 Turkey Rates: $1,500

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How do I get to the lodge?

If you fly, you will fly into Kansas City, MO (MCI) and rent a car to get to the lodge which is about 2 1/2 hours drive.

Do I have to have a hunters safety card?

All hunters must have a hunter safety card if they are born after January 1, 1957.  Cards from other states are accepted.

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