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Italy Wingshooting Beretta Experience


Italy Wingshooting Beretta Experience! A collaboration between two of the finest in Italy!  The most exclusive small game hunting experience in the country in collaboration with Beretta, suitable for group of hunters and their friends wishing to enjoy the essence of small game hunting (pheasant, grey partridge and hares).

Imagine traditional hunting over pointing dogs and the closest representation of what hunting was in Italy during the last 500 years.   Where the challenge of wild animals counted more than their number, where guns where not mere instruments but artworks to be admired, where the estate, castle, food and wine were all focused on offering hunters an intimate getaway to be shared with their families, friends and hunting companions, this is that unique opportunity.

A sample of what this exclusive itinerary might look like:  Very Limited availability!

Experience the glories of Italian history, art and tradition traveling from the Empire Era in Rome to the Renaissance in Florence; enjoy the culinary traditions hidden in Trattorias and vineyards off the beaten tracks.

Day 1 – 3: Start your tour in the Capital of the ancient world; tour the Vatican city, the Sistine Chapel and the poignant Michelangelo’s Pietà and discover the crude but grand culture of the emperors in the Colosseum and Fori. Gain an insight feeling of the city walking with your guide through the narrow alleys of Pantheon and Piazza Navona, headed towards a typical trattoria, the Campo de Fiori market or the best Pizza al Taglio in Rome.

Day 4 – 5: Enjoy two hunting days with pointing dogs on pheasants, grey partridges and hares  and combine them with visits of the medieval town of Gubbio and the surrounding countryside.  These days will organized in collaboration with Beretta, they will bring guns that hunters use and come with the master gunsmith and master engraver of the luxury guns. After the morning hunt we have lunch all together in the castle and Beretta shows, during the aperitif, their top guns, the engraving (a couple might even want watches engraved!!)… Again a short afternoon hunt before heading back to the castle (where you might enjoy buying a Beretta gun). The hole experience is incredible and guests love it!

Day 6 – 8: Enjoy an extraordinary visit and wine tasting in the castle of the Sovereign Order of Malta, closed to every other tourist. Once in Florence, explore the Renaissance treasures in the Uffizi and Michelangelo’s David, enter the boutiques where most of the Italian Fashion Brands were founded and taste the best meat course in Italy: the Bistecca alla Fiorentina with its unavoidable Chianti glass.

The tourism is not an issue at all, we will set up the most sophisticated and exclusive activities (what about a private visit of the Sistine Chapel? A dinner in the private aristocratic palace in Rome? A fashion show in Ferragamo main boutique in Florence? A wine visit and tasting in some of the best Italian vineyards?)

Due to his family’s reputation in Italy and his historic family name, access is not an issue given time to make needed arrangements.



2020 Rate:

7.900€ + VAT + Hunting License (200€/ hunter) for a group up to 4 hunters

8.900€ + VAT + Hunting License (200€/ hunter) for a group 5 – 6 hunters

10.300€ + VAT + Hunting License (200€/ hunter) for a group up to 7 – 8 hunters