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Italy Big Game Hunting & Touring


Italy Big Game Hunting & Touring

On our recent visit to Italy big game hunting trip, we were amazed at the abundance of game we saw on every beautiful property we visited!  Italy big game hunting is the next great adventure.  The private access that this elite outfitter enjoys on the finest hunting estates owned by the ancient noble families is without equal in Italy.


Every Italy hunting trip and touring itinerary is a tailored program, specifically designed to address your personal wishes and desires.  Hike in the alps on properties passed down by the King of Italy to this family, hunt on the most elite private estates, dine in quaint towns overlooking breathtaking scenery, taste the most delicious wine at private wineries with the wine chef as your guide and host for lunch and more.  This is just the tip of the iceberg when we design your Italian experience.

Without a doubt, this is the perfect combination trip for families and couples who wish to enjoy quaint towns and villages, off the beaten path touring all combined with some of the best big game hunting in Europe.   Combine any trip with private touring in Rome, Venice, Florence, Torino, the Italian Alps and more for a perfect well rounded vacation sure to please everyone in your group.  Your lodging options are endless from the finest 5 star hotels to private villas, castles and mountain hideaways.  Each itinerary is completely customized for your group.

Italy Big Game Hunting & Touring
Italy Big Game Hunting & Touring

The choice of the hunting area, accommodation and guide, the chance to obtain record trophies, to combine various animals or to discover different regions are all aspects we carefully study in order to create the experience our guests are looking for. We will put the same effort in taking care of non hunters organizing for them cooking classes, wine tastings, history and art visits, shopping and every other interest they will have while you are enjoying your passion.

While hunting in Italy with us, you will access some of the most exclusive privately owned hunting areas, taking advantage of the combination of century’s old game management, low hunting pressure and fully dedicated services. We hunt in Italy 14 different areas in six different regions, offering quality trophies on 7 of the main European big game animals.  Your choice of hunting Roe Deer, record Chamois,

European safaris are the next frontier of travel and we are the leading provider of such adventures.  Just think of it, Italy, England, Croatia and Spain all in one exciting extended experience all the while the hunters and observers enjoy our complete attention.  You may decide that you want to mix big game, fishing and wingshooting all in one adventure…

Every Italian hunting program always grants hunters and companions an exclusive hunting experience and the chance to visit these cities as well as these landscapes, where one can enjoy the boutiques of luxury fashion brands or world renowned vineyards and breath the real essence of “Made in Italy”.



Hunting in Italy can best be described as an amazing off the beaten path adventure to enhance any touring trip to Italy!  Your adventure will be customized to fit the itinerary that you wish to enjoy.  For instance, you may express that you want to spend whole days hiking in the Italian Alps for Chamois with picnics in the mountains, only returning to your private chalet in the evening after a full day of hunting.  Or, you may prefer to hunt early in the mornings, returning for breakfast and a fun day of seeing the sights in the quaint hunting areas then returning for the late afternoon hunt.  Anything is possible in Italy!

Every physical ability will be catered to by this elite outfitter and his luxurious properties.

Every itinerary is customized for your preferences!  Some of the family may prefer to hunt while the rest of the family tours…DONE!

Hunting Areas:

While hunting in Italy with us, you will access some of the most exclusive privately owned hunting areas, taking advantage of the combination of century’s old game management, low hunting pressure and fully dedicated services. We hunt in Italy 14 different areas in six different regions, offering quality trophies on 7 of the main European big game animals. All hunting is conducted on private hunting areas that are not shared with any other outfitters!  These properties are the most magnificent hunting properties in Italy available only because of the family connections and integrity of the outfitter.

As an example, we are proud to have the chance to hunt a 10.000 acres estate, privately owned by one of the most important roman families and hunted by them only; thanks to good personal relations, we are allowed to bring in a small number of guests every year. The low hunting pressure and centuries of game management made of this area one of the best, if not the best, in Central Italy with trophies well above the average and the opportunity to spot and stalk roe deer, wild boar and fallow deer. The landscape is hilly, with small forests, open fields and an ancient castle in the middle. The area is 10 minutes away from Gubbio city center.


Alpine hunts take place in 4 different hunting areas. Each area is privately owned and has very specific characteristics allowing us to select the most suitable to each hunter.

Valle d’Aosta estate, 10.000 acres bordering with Gran Paradiso National Park, is hunted by the same family since the early ‘900 and host a chamois population constantly over 450 animals. The hunt will take place in steep mountains with an altitude in between 5.500 and 9.000 feet.

Piedmont areas are characterized by lower mountains (3.000—7.000 feet) granting easier access and less physically demanding hunts. Apart from chamois, these areas host great numbers of red stag as well as some roe deer, mouflon and other animals.

These areas offer an amazing trophy quality:


Your choice of hunting Roe Deer, record Chamois, European Red Deer, Mouflon, Fallow, and Wild boar.

Hunting season
The hunting season in Italy varies depending on the animal and region. In central Italy hunting season starts in mid-June for roe deer and continues, with different periods depending on the animal, until March. In the Alps, the hunting season starts in early September and closes in mid December.

Driven hunts for pheasants and wild boars are between October and January. In specific hunting estates, animals such as wild boars and pheasants can be hunted year round.


Animal Season Rut
Roe June – September June 15 – July 15
Chamois September – Mid December November
European Red Deer September – December September 15 – October 15
Italian Grand Slam

(Mouflon, Fallow, Chamois, Red Deer, Roe)

September only
Mouflon Year Round
Wild Boar November – January


Every itinerary is customized for the desires of your group.


As we customize your itinerary, we will take into account your lodging desires.  On offer are 5 star hotels, quaint hotels in ancient cities, private mountain lodges and more.  As we walk you through the trip planning we will select the perfect accommodations that meet your discerning tastes.


Numerous activities are available throughout your itinerary:

  • See the major sights in Rome, Florence, Venice, Torino, Sicily
  • See the “off the beaten path” sights in all the big cities
  • Tour the small quaint ancient towns that appeal to the locals
  • Wine tastings
  • Private wine tastings and private wine chef tours and lunch
  • Horseback riding
  • Hiking in the Italian Alps
  • Personal guides
  • Fishing
  • Extreme hiking
  • Overnights in tents available
  • Visit Castles and the hunting lodges of the king
  • and more!  Just ask and we will make it happen


2018 Rates:

As each itinerary is customized for you, we will gladly prepare a quote for you and/or your group.

As examples, Roe deer hunts begin at 3,200 Euros for 3 nights/4 days

Chamois hunts begin at 4,800 Euros for 3 nights/4 days

Red Stag hunts begin at 5,800 Euros for 3 nights/4 days


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