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Brazil Peacock Bass Fishing


Brazil Peacock Bass Fishing

Peacock bass fishing…Experience the explosion in the water as a huge peacock bass gets angry at the sound of your top water lure and determines that he is going to attack it to stop its intrusive noise. The Amazon is truly one of the very best river systems in the world for turning out peacock bass in excess of 20 pounds.

Since 1992, this outfitter continues to pioneer the Brazilian Amazon to maintain its reputation as the top adventure program for World Record Peacock Bass fishing in service levels, comfort, safety, and fishing productivity.Brazil Peacock Bass Fishing

THE ABILITY TO BYPASS LOW WATER is the key to exceptional peacock bass fishing. So, in 1998 they set out to build deluxe shallow drafting fly-in floating cabins.

Sport fishing yachts, commercial fishing boats and even survival fishing must stop where low water prevents passage and beyond these barriers is where the great fishing starts!  Exclusive private fisheries on Indian reservations and government preserves make for exceptional fishing.

The highly mobile fly-in floating cabins are 4-6 hours upriver (even in a super fast bass boat) from these fringe locations. Drawing only 4 inches of water, the fly-in floating cabins navigate past shallow water natural barriers in comfort and style. Exclusive private fisheries on Indian reservations and government preserves make for exceptional fishing.

Wake up every morning next to remote virgin lagoons in the savagely beautiful Amazon Rainforest.

This outfitter uses three state-of-the art turbo prop Cessna Caravan floatplanes to whisk small 8 guest parties directly to the daily moving floating cabins.

To turn your angling fantasies into that fishing trip of a life time, join this Amazon Outfitterwho optimizes logistics and comfort for World Record Peacock Bass fishing.

All trips with this outfitter are in exclusive areas including access to Indian reservations and government preserves (Tapera, Xeruini, Marmelos and Shufari). If you are bait casting or spinning, each day you can expect to catch 20+ fish with several up to 17 pounds and a great chance at one over 17 pounds.  A fly fisherman will see the greatest difference going to this exclusive area since they may catch over 35+ fishand have a better opportunity at 17+ pound fish!


Top 10

Species: Peacock bass, piranha, dogfish, jacunda
Capacity: 8 - 12 People
Location: Amazon River System private fisheries
Season: November – March (prime is December-February)
Method: Fly fishing or spinning rods (top water lures and flies)
Lodging: Floating cabins with attached bathrooms
Food: Cook. Very good for extremely remote destination
Trip Length: 4 and 6 1/2 fishing days plus night in Minaus
Transport: Float Plane and Boats
Guided: 2x1 Guided


Using top water lures (wood choppers) is an exciting way to fish in the Amazon! However, the water level determines the type of lures you will use on any given day. If the waters are high, under water casting lures will be the best choice to catch the most fish. Fly fishing is another possibility. If you choose to fly fish, your skill will help determine your success.

While most people fish the Amazon for peacock bass, there are other exciting fish to catch such as piranha, dogfish and jacunda.

Water levels are very important to the level of success on this river system. If water levels are high, fishing becomes more difficult and the size of fish as a whole decreases. When the water levels are low, the opportunity for greater numbers and greater size fish increases. Typically the best water levels occur from December through February! Even these months can be a gamble. You just never know. All we can do is plan your trip around what is typically the low water period and hope that it happens as planned.

There are no guarantees that the waters will cooperate! However, this is the most mobile outfitter in the Amazon and if the water is low anywhere, they have the ability to move to that area! On a typical week the caravan of boats will move 3-4 times.  Exclusive private fisheries on Indian reservations and government preserves make for exceptional fishing.


You will be met by the outfitter at the Manaus airport and they will arrange a float plane to the boats.

Itinerary for 6 1/2 days of fishing trip:

Day 1 – Your flight should arrive at Miami airport no later than 6:30 p.m. (You will want to get a seat at the front of the plane in order to get through immigration faster.  It could take up to two hours to get through)

  • Depart Miami at 8:30 p.m.
  • Arrive in Manaus at approximately 11:30 p.m.
  • After you have cleared customs, our city guides, Maggie and Brahama, will take you to overnight at the Hotel Tropical, which is 15 minutes away.

Day 2 – Caravan (8) turbo prop and Grand Caravan (10) turbo prop float/wheel plane with auto pilot and GPS departs approximately 6:30 a.m. to one of the six fly in floating cabins.  If weather conditions are normal, you should arrive at our floating cabins in about 1-2 hours in time to fish for the rest of the day.

Day 3-8

  • Six and a half days of fishing
  • Breakfast is served at 7 a.m., and you and your guide will be ready by 7:30 a.m.
  • We suggest you return to camp for lunch and a “siesta” since you could be as few as 5-15 minutes from the cabins.

Day 9

  • Time allowing, you will be able to fish for a few hours in the morning.
  • Departure via float plane back to Manaus.  Be prepared for the plane to be late to pick you up.  You must be flexible.
  • Overnight at the Tropical Hotel

Day 10

  • Transfer to Manaus International airport for flights leaving for Miami at approximately 11:00 a.m.


New Fly-in floating cabins that draft only 4 inches of water and are used to optimize mobility in order to get you to the fish! These cabins have attached bathrooms. A separate dining cabin is attached to the floating bedrooms. You must remember that you are in the middle of nowhere! The food is very good for a remote destination.

The typical menu includes:

The typical menu includes:

Breakfast – coffee, local fresh fruit juice (new type each day), fried eggs (warm if you are on time), bread, coffee cake, different melons & apples.

Lunch – make your own sandwiches to take out with you

Appetizer – nuts, popcorn, cheese or similar

Dinner – Every night you’ll have beans & rice, fried peacock, fruit ice cream & soup.  With that you may have chicken, beef or spaghetti.

Drinks – Coke, Diet Coke, bottled water, wine, beer, liquor

Dessert – homemade cookies and brownies available all the time


2019 – 2020  Pricing per person:  Call for updated pricing and details of each offering

Remote Premium Rocado Fishery
6 Full Fishing Days/ 8 Nights:
$6,990 per angler: 4 anglers in camp single occupancy
$5,990 per angler: 8 anglers in camp double occupancy

6 Full Fishing Days/ 8 Nights: Double occupancy
$5,590 per angler: 8 anglers in camp
$4,990 per angler: 12 anglers in camp

6 Full Fishing Day/ 8 Nights: Single occupancy
$5,990 per angler: 6 anglers in camp

4 Full Fishing Days/ 6 Nights: Double Occupancy
$4,550 per angler: 8 anglers in camp

4 Full Fishing Days/ 6 Nights: Single occupancy
$4,990 per angler: 6 anglers in camp



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It was a pleasure to share the camp with a group of great guys. the stories were absolutely as tall as they could get, the camp itself was great, cabins extremely clean, the service was tops, food was probably the best I have seen at any camp

… this was one of the best trips I have taken part in. The people in our group all got along well even thought there was a mix of gear and fly guys. It was a treat for me to meet Joan and Steve, and hear about all their travels past and future. They are really nice people., and we had a good time with them.
Everything seemed to run very smooth going in…..Our camp host, whom we called Bison was exceptional. He was more attentive than anyone I have ever seen. He would see us off in the morning, greet us coming back, sit with us after fishing, and at every dinner he literally stood over us with the server and wouldn’t let us get up for anything. He would constantly ask if everything OK? , and attend immediately to your request. The food was good, and plentiful, with many entrees at breakfasts and dinners to choose from.

I just returned today from fishing in Brazil… Not sure that I even have the words to explain the incredible experience that we had this week. Everything was fantastic from the fishing to the food. The outfit as a whole went above and beyond was more than I ever expected. Adam did a fantastic job running the camp and made us all feel very comfortable. I will definitely be back soon. Thanks for a great journey!!

This trip was an inedit experience, different to anything else that I have ever experienced, fishing, in such a nice place, with wonderful people and an optimal infrastructure made these days a magical and unforgettable trip. Great!

This outfitter did a magnificent job of getting us there and putting us in a position to catch fish. Our camp host was a genuine delight, a great organizer, host, fishing adviser, emergency field surgeon. Guides were professional and capable. Food and accommodations on the river were first-class.