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Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge – Ketchikan


Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge – Ketchikan

This Alaska salmon fishing lodge has a storied history. In 1912, pioneers founded a wild Alaska salmon cannery near Ketchikan on 52 acres of wilderness by a seaside waterfall on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island, a location known for generations in native legends for some of the best Alaska saltwater fishing spots ever. That cannery went on to break world records for the sheer volume of seafood it caught and exported all over the globe. More than 100 years later the renovated historic cannery is now home to all-inclusive fishing resort and has hosted more than 50,000 guests, making it one of the most popular fishing lodge in Alaska.

Three words define what makes this a top Alaska saltwater fishing spot for wild Alaska king salmon, silver salmon, halibut and more:  LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

The annual return of halibut and salmon to this location on Prince of Wales island adjacent to Alaska’s Inside Passage gives this report its legendary reputation for premier Alaskan sport fishing.Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge Ketchikan

This lodge attracts anglers of all levels, from novice to avid, celebrities and professional athletes.  Guests from all over the world return here year after year to enjoy personalized service and one to one guide to staff ratio. You may customize the length of stay at this lodge from two nights to as many as you would like.  A perfect corporate opportunity!

Like our other top Alaska fishing lodges, this Alaska sport fishing lodge enjoys a high re-booking rate each year which means dates are sometimes difficult to come by.  That being said, the occasional opening and cancellation does occur.  Please call early to plan any trips to Alaska as they do fill early…sometimes even a year or two in advance!



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Species: Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Red Snapper
Capacity: 100
Location: A float plane trip from Ketchikan
Season: June trough August
Method: Bait Casters
Lodging: Cabins with main lodge area
Food: Chef
Trip Length: 2 nights and up
Transport: Cabin Cruisers
Guided: Yes


Along the West Coast of Prince of Wales Island where the resort is located, extreme tides and surging ocean currents create a habitat for millions of bait fish that attract annual returns of trophy-sized Salmon, Halibut, Red Snapper and Ling Cod.

These natural phenomena, which first attracted commercial fishermen, offer premier fishing grounds in Alaska for some of the best saltwater Salmon and Halibut Sport fishing in the world.

In fact, the resort was originally a Cannery and was once the most productive Salmon fishing canneries in all of Alaska.

Anglers of all skill levels from first time fishermen to expert anglers are catered to.

All fishing is from boats with excellent equipment provided by the lodge.  No more than four anglers per boat.

Fishing Equipment:
Each guest is outfitted with the very best equipment.  You’ll enjoy custom designed Almar Aluminum Cabin Cruisers, Furuno Marine Electronics and perhaps best of all, Alaskan certified and professionally licensed Guides are happy to provide you with one to one service.

Open to all guests only, the resort has a $100,000 Salmon tournament!

Taking fish home:
You may take all the Salmon and Halibut home that you catch!



In most cases guests will spend a night in Ketchikan, AK on the way up to the lodge. The following day you will check in around 11:30 for your float plane flight to the lodge. Flights depart around 12:30 for the 45 minute flight to the lodge. You will check-in at the lodge and hit the water for fishing until 5:30. Other days fishing is over at 4:30 PM. On departure day you will fish till 9:30 or so and then return to the lodge. Lunch is 11:00 to 12:00. Flights back to Ketchikan will start shortly thereafter.

For example, a 3 day/ 2 night schedule would be arriving at the lodge after lunch day 1 for PM fish, overnight, full day fish, overnight, AM fish & depart back to Ketchikan.


After an exciting day of wild Alaska sport fishing, relax in your comfortable accommodations including renovated Historic Boardwalk Cabins, Oceanfront Lodge Rooms, Executive House Suites, and Family Sized Townhouse Condos.

All accommodations come with daily housekeeping, a private bathroom and in-room amenities including a coffee maker and mini-fridge. Every room is within a short stroll (or courtesy golf cart ride) of the docks and cabin cruisers, panoramic guest dining room and popular saloon.

Large groups and corporate events also have access to a selection of meeting rooms and specialized business services


2020 Pricing begins at $3,680

Call for more details


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