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Alaska Adventure Vacation – Sitka


Alaska Adventure Vacation – Sitka

If you want variety and the experience of a remote Alaska adventure vacation at its best, this is the lodge for you! Enjoy the veteran staff, pulling up crab pots, kayaking, hiking, whale watching, fishing and lots of fresh seafood. This remote lodge is nestled in Warm Springs Bay on the east side of Baranof Island, 20 air miles east of Sitka. Alaska Adventure Vacation SitkaA short, spectacular float plane ride from Juneau delivers you directly to the floating lodge side dock. Five and a half day adventures are available.

Simply put, this is one of our all time favorite lodges.  We love the people, the lodge, the experience, the food, the adventure and we cannot wait to return.  Our family loves this place!

AGE APPROPRIATE: 6 yrs and older.


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Activities: Numerous activities, spa, island exploring, whale watching, hiking, kayaking, fishing
Capacity: 14
Location: short float plane trip from Juneau
Season: May through September
Lodging: Very nice cabins
Food: Chef home cooked
Trip Length: 5 nights and 5 1/2 days
Guided: yes


Sunday:  Arrive in Juneau, Alaska and overnight at a hotel of your choosing (we have a list of suggestions)

Monday: Depart by float plane from Juneau to the lodge dock and begin enjoying your activities!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  Fish and enjoy the numerous activities

Saturday:  Enjoy morning activities and depart for home after lunch


Comfortable and spacious guest cabins and lodge surrounded by lush green ancient forests.Spacious rooms elegantly furnished with pine paneling, armoires, and baseboard heaters with guest-controlled thermostats so you can regulate the temperature of your cabin. Each features complete, private bathroom facilities with hot showers, wash basins with hot and cold running water, and flush toilets. On-site housekeeping staff provides towel and linen service.

24 hour electricity (60 Hz AC) from their own hydroelectric plant. The turbine is powered by nearby Sadie Creek, one of many nearby crystal clear streams that tumble down the lush green ancient forest surrounding the lodge.


No matter which of the many exciting activities you select, your appetite will be sharpened by the aroma of fresh bread, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and sumptuous appetizers prepared daily by the chef!

Meals are served family style, from a colorful, varied menu inspired by the local halibut, salmon, crab, shrimp and clams. The lodge vegetable and herb garden supplements the bountiful catch from the days’ excursions. And let’s not forget to explore the delightful surprises to be found in their very own wine cellar, as they have a selection to complement fish stories of all shapes and sizes.


Enjoy the mermaid therapeutic spa located near the natural hot springs pools.  This is a full service spa in a a remote setting like nowhere else in the world!


  • Soak in one of the hot tubs. Choose the redwood tub, situated in a grove of ancient trees, overlooking a fresh, clear mountain stream that surges past. Or, select the tub on the deck and view the magnificent panorama around the lodge – Warm Springs Bay, snow covered mountain peaks, soaring Bald Eagles – adventurous soakers will want to embark on the short hike to the natural hot springs nearby. A series of natural pools overlooking a magnificent waterfall await you.
  • Fresh water stream fishing
  • Salt water fishing in the inlets for halibut
  • Hike to breathtaking mountain lakes
  • Up close and personal whale watching
  • Climbing waterfalls
  • Beach combing
  • Kayaking
  • Pulling up shrimp and crab pods for dinner meals
  • Photograph abundant bald eagles
  • Enjoy the hot springs
  • Relax on the deck and enjoy the beauty of this remote destination
  • Enjoy a day at the spa near the natural hot springs pools.  Full service spa


2020 Price:
5 night / 5 ½ days fishing –  $6,150 per person

SPECIAL: Kings early season & Silvers late season
$5,650 per person

2021 Price:
5 night / 5 ½ days fishing –  $6,350 per person

SPECIAL: Kings early season & Silvers late season
$5,850 per person

2022 Price:
5 night / 5 ½ days fishing –  $6,550 per person

SPECIAL: Kings early season & Silvers late season
$6,050 per person


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Sample Travel Schedule:

5 Night schedule: travel will be Sunday to Sunday. You will fly to Juneau on Sunday and spend the night there. On Monday morning you will catch an early morning float plane to the lodge and pick your adventure for the afternoon. The following Saturday you will have a half day of activities at the lodge, eat lunch and then depart by boat arriving back in Juneau around 4:30 PM. You will spend Saturday night in Juneau and fly home on Sunday.

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