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Zimbabwe Cape Buffalo Hunt


Zimbabwe Cape Buffalo hunt

Zimbabwe offers the truly wild Africa that everyone dreams about and reads about in the old tales.  Dangerous game hunting such as Cape Buffalo hunting, Leopard hunting, Lion hunting and Elephant hunting on hundreds of thousands of free range wild acres will be your hunting grounds while on safari.  You hunting areas include Kazuma which is about two hours from Victoria Falls and hundreds of thousands of acres and a well known conservancy which is about 70,000 prime acres.  All wild areas!  These are among the finest hunting areas in Zimbabwe and southern Africa.

Zimbabwe Cape Buffalo Hunt
Zimbabwe Cape Buffalo Hunt

A high volume of repeat clientele is testimonial to this outfitters effort to ensure that every hunt is a memorable and successful adventure.  With access to some of the finest hunting blocks in Zimbabwe, they are able to achieve consistent success on quality trophies.

This team of well-trained and highly experienced, professional hunters will ensure your safety and satisfaction for the duration of your visit in their hunting areas.

Custom fitted 4 wheeled drive vehicles enable the hunters to explore the vast and remote areas of the Zimbabwe bush.  All hunting is done in a very traditional manner, using the best professional hunters and trackers. Custom fitted 4 wheeled drive vehicles provide hunters the opportunity to explore the vast and remote areas of the Zimbabwe bush. You will enjoy the real Africa. Encounters with elephant and buffalo cause your adrenaline to flow, and you will hear the call of a distant roar of a lion.  This is the real Africa.

The safari company owns a fleet of 3 aircraft, providing you with reliable and relatively cost effective transfer options to, between and from hunting areas.  We can also arrange daily excursions to attractive tourist destinations such as Victoria Falls and various national parks.

It is the emotions of the safari and the attachment to the land that will bring you back year after year.  This is wild Africa and your hosts are among the finest and friendliest in the safari industry!  But this is not a luxury safari, this is stepping back in time to the way hunting used to be in the mid 20th century.

All itineraries are customized for your personal desires and interests.  A natural add-on to this hunting safari is Victoria Falls and the numerous amazing activities in that area.  Photo safaris in Chobe Park, Hwange Par, and the Okavango Delta make for the perfect add-ons as well.

VIP hosting and video services available for this exceptional experience,

When we design your African safari you can expect the following:  We will listen as you share your vision of what your African Safari Experience should look like.  We then begin designing your safari with lodge and destination selection, activities selection, flights, meet & greet services, travel insurance, clothing & equipment list, countdown to Africa (this assist you with detail preparation leading up to trip time), detailed pricing with all included/not included items, and more.

As a full service African Safari specialists, we have visited over 80+ safari lodges in Africa over the last 30 years.  We selected only a handful of those for you that have met our strenuous criteria.  Combination big game hunting, bird hunting, photo safari, Cape Town and Victoria Falls safaris are our specialty.


Top 10

Species: Cape Buffalo, leopard, plainsgame
Capacity: 3 hunters plus observers
Location: Large concessions all over Zimbabwe
Season: March through November
Method: Rifle
Lodging: Very basic thatched chalets and cabins
Food: Home cooked meals
Trip Length: 7 day minimum
Transport: PH safari vehicles
Guided: 1x1 or 2x1 with Professional hunter


Conservation is foremost in this outfitters mind and your hunt will be conducted in an ethical manner.  Proper spot and stalk methods will be employed for all game except cat hunting baits where baits will be utilized.

Your expectations of this hunt should include an amazing experience in the bush of Africa!  As for trophy size, you will be hunting many of the finest properties in Africa.  You will hunt mature animals and if you are patient, the measurements may be there as well.  No guarantees of a certain sized animals will be given but what you can count on is that every effort will be made to meet your hopes and dreams.

To manage your expectations, we suggest that in the areas hunted, you will find great representative mature Cape buffalo with a high opportunity rate.


This safari company operates on strict quotas and the fact that an animal is offered on the price list does not necessarily guarantee its availability on every hunt.  To avoid disappointment it is imperative that perspective hunters advise of their exact trophy requirements at the time of booking the safari!


We can add exceptional fishing to this itinerary with a PH that is passionate about hunting as well as fishing!


Your lodging will be dependent upon the property or properties that you hunt. When we work to design your hunt, we build your hunt based on the animals you seek to hunt. Once we know your wish list, we will select the best properties and give you a good assessment of the lodging.

There are various types of accommodations available and each is unique in its own way. None are luxurious but all are comfortable, offer very good food and have ensuite bathrooms. Typical accommodations will include thatched chalets and cabins.  Please see photos in the photo gallery.

Enjoy fireside sundowners after a hard day’s hunt, followed by a good home cooked meal.

Daily laundry is done, so no need to pack vast quantities of clothes, leave enough room for your hunting accessories!


Activities before and after your hunting safari are numerous!  Visit Chobe Game Park, Hwange Park, Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls and more…

Horseback Riding
Visit to Livingstone Island for tea, lunch or breakfast
Elephant back safaris
Bungee jumping
White water rafting
Sunset Cruises on the Zambezi
Day trip to Chobe Game Park
Shopping at local markets
Helicopter tours – Click on the link to see a flight in April 2014
Lion walks
Steam trains
Canoe Safari
Visit the falls and more

Video your trip:
Videographer services are available for this trip for an additional fee. Please let us know if you are interested in this service.


Call for updated pricing

Video your trip:
Videographer services are available for this trip for an additional fee. Please let us know if you are interested in this service.


Who are references for this outfitter?

Besides, Kevin and Corinna Slaughter, the owners of Antlers & Anglers Worldwide, this outfitters reference list reads like a who’s who of the hunting industry.  Call for references and we will provide you with an impressive list.

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Finally, travel insurance is time-sensitive and must be purchased within a certain number of days of your deposit to cover preexisting conditions, lodge closings and other various issues.  It is still available later but the benefits may be more limited.

Both companies offer evacuation insurance in addition to their travel insurance but Ripcord has more thorough coverage in this area.

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