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Texas Private Whitetail Lodge – Junction


Texas Private Whitetail Lodge – Junction

This beautiful 5,000 acre family owned Hill Country ranch near Junction, TX has several options for your next Texas whitetail hunt and exotics hunt. They offer a choice of large preserve Whitetail & exotics hunts or you may also enjoy free-range Whitetail, free-range exotics (such as Axis, Catalina Sheep, Blackbuck & Aoudad among others) and great turkey hunting with the option to stay in two very different but very nice lodges. We would venture to say that for free range hunting in Texas, this will be the nicest lodging you will find.  On top of great lodges, you will have a warm and professional staff as the icing on the cake for this hunt.  High fence exotics are also available in a great variety of species.

If you are looking for a great family destination where the children will be able to enjoy some fishing, kayaking, night vision hog hunting as well as great hunting high fence and free range.  Young guides that love teaching kids how to hunt and fish are a huge bonus at this lodge.

A Texas whitetail hunt is synonymous with the best of the best in the hunting industry.  For the avid hunter, Texas whitetail hunting should be counted among the most coveted of hunting destinations.

Texas Private Whitetail Lodge - Junction

Finally! A flat-fee deer hunt and exotics with no limitations!! No size limits, no upcharge, no extra trophy fees, no age restrictions…shoot the buck you like for one great price!

Only four to eight hunters at a time will hunt this property.


Top 10

Species: Elk, Whitetail, Rio Turkey, Axis, Sika, Aoudad
Capacity: 4-8 Hunters
Location: Near Junction, TX
Season: varies
Method: Bow or rifle
Lodging: Great ranch style lodges
Food: Great home cooking
Trip Length: varies
Transport: Guide vehicles
Guided: both guided and semi guided


Preserve Deer and Exotics:

Finally! A flat-fee high-fenced deer hunt with no limitations!! No size limits, no upcharge, no extra trophy fees, no age restrictions…shoot the buck you like for one great price! If that’s not good enough, you could choose to shoot Red Stag, Axis, Auodad, Fallow and Blackbuck!

Your guide will take you to your deer stand and drop you off allowing you to shoot the buck you desire…period! There are numerous comfortable box blind, tripods and pop-ups for your convenience. From there it’s all up to you. Whitetail range from 120-200+ B&C .

Bow hunters love this place because they have had 100% shot opportunity on this ranch. They use tripods and pop-up blinds set up near feeders and trails. Most shots are 20-30 yards with the opportunity for longer shots.

Free-Range Deer & Exotics:

The ranch has an abundance of game due to the limited hunting pressure. Not only are there Whitetail but there are also free-range Axis, Sika and Aoudad! Very unique! Hunters can shoot one of the exotics as a substitute for their buck if they wish. You can also shoot your buck and an exotic for an additional $2,500 trophy fee per exotic. Average Whitetails will be in the 130’s-140’s B&C and they have taken 160’s but that’s unusual.

Bow hunters; the ranch will have tripods and pop-up blinds near feeders or trails. They try to set it up for 20-25 yard shots but longer shots are obviously possible. They will put out cameras a couple of weeks before your hunt to find out where the best activity is for your hunt. Bow hunters have had 100% OPPORTUNITY FOR SHOTS in the past.

This is a semi-guided hunt. Hunters will be dropped off at their blinds by their guide and picked up after the hunt. You hunt alone so it’s your choice on what you shoot.

Special Family Property Hunt:

There are 4,000 free-range acres around the original lodge that is a “no hunting” area for anyone including the family. They offer 1 hunt each year in this area for a lucky group of 4-6 for rifle or bow. The best time for this hunt is mid-November thru the first week of December. Thanksgiving week (Mon-Sun) is not available. Earlier November dates work well if the above date range does not work for you.

All of the information in the free-range section above applies for this family property hunt.

Turkey Hunts:

The Hill Country region of Texas has a large population of Rio’s! Our outfitter has access to several ranches so that there is minimal hunting pressure on each property so you get a great experience. This hunt includes 6 hunts (3 mornings, 3 evening) with the opportunity for 2 mature birds.

Our outfitter can accommodate hunters from beginners to experts. Seasoned veterans can be dropped off to handle the hunt on their own or a newer turkey hunter can have a guide to do your calling and show you how it’s done. It’s your choice. You can choose to “Cut-n-Run” or to sit still and be patient in a pop-up over a watering hole or anything in between. It’s up to you.


You can pick between the Spring & Bluff lodges for your stay based on availability:

Spring: The original remodeled family lodge sits on a bluff providing a beautiful view overlooking the Llano River and ranch below. This 5,000 square foot ranch house was built in the 1940s. The remodel added all the comforts of home like central air & heat, DSS Satellite TV in 2 different rooms, granite kitchen & bathroom counter tops and glass shower doors to compliment the original house. There are 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, a large comfortable living room and an enclosed porch with a beautiful view over the river. Deer, exotic mounts, and old ranch décor make the atmosphere spectacular.

Bluff: This brand new lodge has a beautiful view over the river as well. Glass windows run the length of the lodge overlooking the river and ranch. There is a large comfortable sitting area with a look out the windows or watch the 3 large flat screen TV’s. The kitchen and dining area enjoy the same great view. Step into the adjoining game room with 2 more TV’s, a pool table and shuffle board table. There are 8 private bedrooms with private baths.


Activities include:

  • This lodge is an hour from Fredericksburg which is a quaint town to visit and shop.
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Night vision hog hunting
  • and more as the guides are young and full of fun ideas for the family



2020 Rates

$3,500 and up flat fee pricing!

Call for pricing


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