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Texas Free Range Whitetail Hunt – Cotulla


Texas Free Range Whitetail Hunt – Cotulla

This is it!  Pure South Texas free range whitetail hunt on high rack vehicles, cowboy hunting at its best!  Over 22,000 Texas FREE RANGE deer hunt ACRES in the heart of the Golden Triangle of South Texas.  The Texas record books are full of Boone & Crockett bucks from this area.

There is no hunting over feeders on this property, you are hunting from high rack and rattling during the rut.  Hunts are one fixed price, no by the inch pricing!  You are hunting big buck country and if he is mature, you can hunt him! Hunts include one mature whitetail buck, doe, hog, and unlimited coyotes!  If you are looking for old school authentic no fluff hunting in the most prime area of Texas, look no further.Texas Free Range Whitetail Hunt - Cotulla

While the accommodations are classic Texas style, the food is good homecooking and the lodge is perfect for no fuss hunters that are all about the hunting experience.  If you grew up in Texas, you and hunted on this property as the owner of Antlers & Anglers did, you would know that this is a rare find.

A Texas free range deer hunt with the potential to shoot the “big ones” is rare and becoming more rare each year that passes.




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Species: Whitetail Deer, Quail, Dove
Capacity: Whitetail: 8 Hunters/ Dove: 30 Hunters/ Quail: 20 Hunters
Location: Near Cotulla, Texas
Season: Whitetail: Early November until the middle of January/ Quail: November or Mid January - February/ Dove: Late Sept. and October
Method: Rifle or shotgun for birds
Lodging: Rustic clean and comfortable ranch house
Food: Home cooking
Trip Length: Whitetail: Five nights/four days Birds: Three nights/two days
Transport: High rack vehicles or guide vehicles
Guided: Whitetail 1x1 guided Bird hunts guided


Whitetail Hunting:

This is an exciting, aggressive hunt with the thrill of the unknown! You don’t sit in a blind over a feeder.  You will hunt from high racks, safari style in the back of a pickup. You will put out corn on the road and set up in the high rack to watch and glass the road and the surrounding area.  At times you may drive the roads in an attempt to catch a big one on the move.  Based on conditions, there could be times when you and your guide hit the ground on foot, it’s up to you. All of these options will allow you to cover a lot more ground and see more deer. You never know what might step out at any second!

There are a lot of deer on this ranch. Trophy hunters have a realistic chance at a 150-160’s gross B&C buck! They normally take a couple of 170’s each year and the best was in the low 190’s! Management deer are less than 140 B&C. Remember, listen to your guide. You rarely see a buck twice in the same hunt with this style of hunting. If you like him on day 1…shoot!

Most of the guide team grew up in the region and possess a keen knowledge of the animals’ behaviors and habits.  They recommend rifle calibers of .270 or greater.

Quail Hunts:

This is it!  A REAL South Texas wild bird quail hunt!  No released birds here! Over 38,000 acres of prime quail land combined with limited pressure makes for a great experience.  As for the lodging, with so many options of where to hunt you also have several lodging options. All of the options will be rustic ranch houses typical of south Texas.  The house staff keeps them clean and comfortable.

This is a wild bird hunt! No released birds here! It’s common to flush 12-15 nice sized coveys in a day. These ranches are open country, easy walking with no cattle grazing to distract you from your hunt. You will hunt over well-trained pointers. This hunt is normally a lot of walking but you can take a break and ride in the truck following along behind the dogs as needed. Each group of 3 hunters will have their own truck, guide and dogs.

Another option is Texas road hunting. Ride around the ranch in the back of the truck baiting the roads. Continue circling looking for coveys feeding on the roads. Jump out and shoot chasing down singles as you wish. This is an exciting change from the norm!

This lodge only does 2-3 hunts in November and a couple in January to minimize hunting pressure so each group can have a quality hunt. They scout the various ranches prior to your arrival to determine the best hunt option for your group. They want you to have a great hunt and will do everything possible to make it happen.

There is a minimum 3 night/ 2 day hunt with the options to add more days.

Dove Hunts:

With over 20,000 acres of prime dove habitat this is some of, if not the best, dove hunting in the states! Traditionally it only gets better than this by going south to Mexico or to dove “Mecca”, ARGENTINA!  Lodging, there are 4 lodge options for dove hunters to have the flexibility to put you on the birds. That being said there is one lodge that seems to sit in the best place and that’s the same lodge they use for deer hunts.

The birds love this part of Texas because of the great food sources. Your morning and afternoon hunts will normally be on or around fields of milo or goat weed. Dove love them! And yes, there are evenings when the birds are hitting water holes or “tanks” as they say in Texas and that is a “blast”! There will be 2-4 guides in the field depending on group size to bring around drinks and check on you.


Whitetail Hunts and Dove Hunts:  The rustic two story ranch house is classic south Texas. The house staff keeps it clean and comfortable. The first floor has a comfortable sitting area with satellite TV, 1 bedroom with private bath (3 bunk beds and a queen) and the kitchen/dining area. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms plus a large loft. One bedroom has 2 bunk beds, another has 1 bunk bed and a queen and the third has 1 bunk bed and a double bed. The upstairs shares 2 full bathrooms.  Complete linen and towels are provided for you.  There is a washer & dryer if needed.

There is a nice, remodeled trailer with 2 more private rooms, shared bath, just outside the house if needed.

The Cantina is a large open air, covered bar area outside next to the fire pit. It’s a neat place to hang out and tell the stories of the day.


There is plenty of good south Texas cooking. Meals are served buffet style so you can have all you want. You will enjoy a big breakfast spread before your morning hunt; lunch is chili, stew, burgers, etc and the hearty dinners range from steak and brisket to enchiladas.


2020 Rates:  Call for updated pricing


$7,500 flat fee for trophy hunt per hunter

$3,000 flat fee for management hunt per hunter


Three nights/ two days

$1,700 pp

Dove:  Three day/two nights

$800 pp

Call for more details



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