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South Africa Hunting Safari – Northern Cape


This rare South Africa hunting safari gem stretches over 200,000 acres in the Northern Cape Province, making it the largest privately owned hunting concession in the country.  The land is extremely diverse ranging from wide open spaces to gentle hills to thick brush and even small rocky mountainous areas.  One of the most diverse properties we have ever visited in Africa.  Few South Africa hunting safari properties enjoy the service and exceptional diversity of this amazing land.

south africa hunting safari
south africa hunting safari

The reserve forms part of the Kalahari Desert (meaning “large thirst” in Tswana) which is a huge red sand basin that reaches from the Orange River up to Angola in the north, in the west to Namibia and in the east to Botswana.  The sand masses were created by the erosion of soft stone formations making this most of the most unique and picturesque places in Africa.

As you will see from the photos, this is a luxury property overlooking a productive water hole where sable, nyala and other plains game animals regularly visit.  Your staff is attentive, the chef prepared meals are delicious and the professional hunters are experienced and energetic.

Four of the Big Five (lion, leopard, cape buffalo and rhino (black and white) roam this landscape as well as numerous other plains game such as kudu, springbuck, red hartebeest, blesbuck, wildebeest, zebra, oryx, eland etc. one can also find sable, roan and nyala and numerous other species.  This is the land of any hunters dreams!

This is a malaria free area.  Travel is simple as you will fly into Johannesburg and then either fly commercially into Upington or we can arrange a charter flight directly from Johannesburg to the property.

The world’s most discriminating hunters frequent this amazing hunting safari land.  You and/or your group will be hosted exclusively without other groups on safari at the same time.


Top 10

Species: Plaingame, Cape Buffalo, Sable, Roan, Lion, Rhino
Capacity: 12
Location: Northern Cape of South Africa
Season: February through November
Method: Rifle
Lodging: Luxury Accommodations
Food: Chef prepared meals
Trip Length: 7-21 Days
Transport: Guide Vehicles
Guided: Professional Hunters 1x1 or 2x1


Hunting season:  February through November.

Your classic spot and stalk safari will be conducted in an ethical manner with mature animals as the goal of every hunt.  Most amazingly, you and/or your group will enjoy this massive 212,000 acre property exclusively!  No other guests or hunters will be on the property or at the lodge during your stay unless you request differently.

This immense property is one of the most diverse landscapes as well as diverse in population of game that you will find in the entire continent of Africa!  A safari hunters dream hunt with plentiful game such as Gemsbuck (Oryx), Kudu, Zebra, Impala, Wildebeest, Sable, Roan, Springbuck, to name just a few species available.  Also a rarity is to hunt on a land with four of the big five including Rhino, Leopard, Cape Buffalo and Lions roaming.  In fact, this is one of the only properties where wild lions roam freely and are importable into the United States according to USFW.

Hunters typically depart from the lodge as it begins to break first light in the morning and in most cases will return to the lodge for lunch before heading back out in the afternoon.  This is one of the largest plains game concessions in Africa making it a truly wild hunt.

Your experienced professional hunters will cater to your schedule and desires.  It is not uncommon to see hundreds of game each and every day on safari.

Children on safari need not worry!  These professional hunters are accustomed to patiently teaching children of all ages safety, proper shooting techniques, stalking techniques and ethical standards of hunting.  There is no better place in the world to learn to hunt or hone in your hunting skills than in Africa!

Excellent rifles are available for use in case you choose to forego traveling with guns.  Youth models in various calibers are available as well.

Make a Difference

This safari lodge is actively involved in providing exceptional support for community council projects such as local schools, old age homes and general infrastructure such as boreholes.  As for wildlife conservation, they are on the cutting edge of wildlife research and enhancement, skills development for local workers in the community as well as an extreme investment in anti-poaching initiatives.  We are proud of the services and monetary commitment this outfitter gives back to the community.

We Care About Africa

“Africa is our home and our heritage. We acknowledge the fact that it is our duty as safari operators to uplift, support and preserve not only the area in which we operate, but also to act as custodians and ambassadors on behalf of the hunting community worldwide. We believe that through well-regulated and sustainable hunting practices we can contribute to Africa’s socio-economic development and growth, and in turn create a more favorable environment for investors, traders and travelers to visit and generate revenue. Therefore, we join hands with other operators, hunting associations and pro-hunting organizations to cultivate a constructive worldwide industry that ultimately influences Africa, its people and its wildlife positively.”

Our first and foremost responsibility is towards our natural resources. We base our business on the principle of “conservation through sustainable utilization”. We ensure that all our hunts are conducted on legal, fair and ethical standards and that each safari contributes to the area’s overall sustainable management programme. Our Tsholotsho South concession in Zimbabwe works closely with the CAMPFIRE (Communal Areas Management Program for Indigenous Resources) program that encourages rural communities on communal lands to conserve local wildlife populations.

Furthermore, we conserve our wildlife through:

  • working cooperatively on all levels with National Parks boards, conservation bodies, wildlife researchers and environmental departments on conservation issues;
  • training, managing and supplying anti-poaching units with the latest equipment to protect our endangered and other indigenous species;
  • providing aircrafts and/or helicopters to assist with anti-poaching aerial surveys;
  • developing and executing fire management programs;
  • game counting and setting of sustainable hunting quotas in cooperation with governing bodies; and
  • implementing additional hunting protocols above and beyond the legal scope in order to ensure the long term sustainability and longevity of the areas concerned


Each and every itinerary is customized for you and your group.  We suggest a 7 day safari as a minimum.


Few other hunting safari lodges in Africa match this luxury lodging and exceptional staff!  It is the standard by which many other safari lodges are judged.  The 5-star private lodge boasts with four en-suite suites overlooking the beautiful landscape and productive watering hole. The most discriminating clientele visit this amazing safari property.

Enjoy Air conditioning, internet, TV, pool and all guest amenities.

There is a private asphalt airstrip on the property for charter flights long enough for a 737 jet.


Traditional three course meals prepared by the fantastic chef are served in the dining/lounge area that leads onto a walkway to the decked swimming pool. Special desert sundowners in the dunes are a great specialty offered by the friendly staff. The chef prepared meals are delicious and appropriate for the setting!  You will not want for fantastic food and they will cater to your individual dietary requests.


Activities for observers:

  • A proper photo safari vehicle and guide is always available
  • Visit the local winery which is about an hours’ drive (Not a high end winery)
  • Spend a day in Kimberley which is the diamond capital of the world where you will see the De Beers diamond museum and the Kimberley Big Hole. About 2 1/2 hours’ drive – a driver will escort you.  http://www.thebighole.co.za/
  • Day trip to Tswalu, a private game reserve close by. They do game drives and have a really top notch spa and restaurant.  This has to be booked as a day visit and has to be arranged way in advance. They do not normally take day bookings but make an exception for our clientele. https://www.tswalu.com/experiences/spa
  • Animal rehab center for wildlife close to Kimberley
  • Day trip to Augrabies National park to see the Augrabies water falls. https://www.sanparks.org/parks/augrabies/tourism/availability.php?resort=27
  • Enjoy a helicopter tour of the property
  • The helicopter pilot will gladly take you on adventures in the nearby areas or a larger helicopter may be brought in for larger groups.
  • A private Phenom jet is available at the nearby private air strip for those that would like to take a day and travel to Kruger, Sun City, Pilanesburg or anywhere else in the area.
  • Lounge by the pool
  • View the productive water hole situated just outside the front of the lodge
  • High end boutique on property
  • Golf – There is a Gary Player golf course about two hours away


2020 Rates:

$650 per night 1×1 professionally guided


How do I get there?

Most clients fly to Johannesburg and then to Upington via commercial flights.  However, we can arrange private charter flights as they have an asphalt landing trip on property that can accommodate up to a 737 airplane.

What is the best time to hunt?

Because of temperatures, we suggest safaris are best between April and October.

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