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Private Alabama Quail Hunting – Davis Quail


Private Alabama Quail Hunting – Davis Quail

Private Alabama Quail Hunting - Davis QuailWelcome to the finest private Alabama Quail hunting available! At Davis Quail Hunts our goal is to provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime private Alabama quail hunting experience! Truth is, we get as much satisfaction treating our guests to an unforgettable quail hunt as they do shooting over our class bird dogs trained and handled by Field Trial Hall of Fame and lifetime quail hunter, Colvin Davis. Our meticulously groomed grounds offer a diverse array of quail habitat to keep you focused and entertained.  Our guests enjoy the finest private Alabama Quail hunt.

The hunts are highly personalized and organized in small groups to ensure plenty of exciting, safe shooting opportunities. There’s an abundance of birds thanks to our year around quail habitat management combined with pre-release bird program.  The property is managed to ensure the survival of birds from season to season.  Clients of Davis Quail regularly comment, “The quail hunting here reminds me of the wild quail hunting when I was a child”.  The birds fly hard and fast, your shooting abilities will be tested.

And if you think the quail hunting here is special, just wait until you relax in our lovely warm secluded lodge with accommodations for six overnight guests. The day isn’t over till you’ve experienced a tantalizingly delicious home-cooked southern meal! Only then can you kick back and watch the sun set to the sweet sound of bobwhite quail calling.

All parties have exclusive use of the property and the lodge with your group of four shooters.  Your daily schedule is determined by the desires of your group.  Hunt early, hunt late, hunt all day…your choice!  You set the schedule.  Your afternoon hunt may last until dark or until you get tired of pulling the trigger.  You can customize the length of your stay to meet your desires.

There are NO EXTRA BIRD FEES at Davis Quail hunting lodge

“I’ve been to the Davis Hunting Lodge 3 times.  I’m sold.  The Birds, the Dogs, the Hosts , the attention to Safety, the great food, the competitive costs, the total experience made it for Cindy and me.  Compare the value…I did”  Bill, Past president of the Dallas Safari Club

“I’ve been quail hunting for years with my own dogs and this was the best experience ever. Outstanding dogs, excellent hunting, great food and the best hospitality”         Craig  –  AL



Top 10

Species: Quail, Pheasant
Capacity: Six bird hunters; 8 overnight guests
Location: Near Greenville, AL
Season: Quail: October 1 - March 31
Method: Shotgun
Lodging: Very nice rustic lodge
Food: Southern home cooking
Trip Length: Your choice
Transport: Custom wagon
Guided: Quail 2 or 3 x1 Guided


Quail Hunting:
Groups of two or three will be the shooters over a champion dog.  The transportation to the game is by tractor pulled wagon or a custom “limo” open jeep.  Once the dog is on point, two or three hunters will walk up to the dog and set up as the shooters.

Add Pheasant to any quail hunt!

About Colvin and Mazie Davis:

 Elected to the Field Trial Hall of Fame in 2006, Colvin has trained and handled bird dogs for nearly 50 years.  He and his dogs have won over 40 major Open All-Age Championship titles, many runner-up laurels, hundreds of placements with dozens of dogs.  He has been quail hunting all his life.  Mazie has 35 years of quail and turkey hunting experience.  The expansive and diverse Davis Quail Hunts grounds have been used to develop many a field trial champion including 1991 National Field Trial Champion, Quicksliver Pink!

Class Bird Dogs Make the Difference:

 No where will the bird dogs and retrievers give you a bigger thrill than at this lodge.  You’ll be hunting over some of the finest bird dogs in the country.  Superbly trained and handled by your host, Field Trial Hall of Famer, Colvin Davis and his wife Mazie Davis.  Watching these exciting dogs canvas the country then pin point covies is what quail hunting is all about.  All their dogs are steady to wing and shot.  They’ll hold their exciting pointing posture as the birds flush giving you the peace of mind to focus on your shooting.  The retrievers will do the work of flushing the birds and finding your shot birds.

Hunter Safety Course:

A Hunter Safety Course is required for those born on or after August 1, 1977

Enjoy this clients explanation of his hunt at Davis Quail:

“This venue has something for everyone: Great Birds, Southern Hospitality at its best, Nice comfortable lodge, Great Southern cooking, etc

Unlimited birds is almost unheard of in today’s bird hunting venues.  Not at the Davis Quail Hunts.

The way they hunt: a person, usually Mazie heads out on horseback with the pointers -> A guide/driver follows, usually Colvin, loads the hunters into the wagon and pulls the  hunters (with flushing dogs, kenneled rested pointing dogs, gun rack, cooler for water and snacks) in a custom wagon/trailer ->  When the dogs go on point with Mazie, the trailer pulls up, hunters get into position and get loaded up and Colvin sends in the flushing dog.  Bang Bang Bang -> while the birds are being retrieved, Mazie heads out again, she finds another covey from horseback and the process starts over again.

So it is one covey after another –  3-6 coveys an hour are common..   You are welcome to walk if you want the exercise – sort of like playing golf and taking the golf cart or walking the course.

A break for a home cooked lunch and you are ready for the afternoon hunt.

Habitat is the key to any hunting operation.  The Davis Lodge spends as much time grooming the habitat to be Quail friendly (food plots, plentiful water, exceptional cover for hiding from predators, trails for the jeep) as they do grooming the best hunting dogs in the South.  Colvin is a dog trainer of over 40 years and a “Field Trial Hall of Fame” recipient.   Like the Football Hall of Fame – he is the Best of the Best and his dogs reflect that.

An exciting experience to watch and participate in.

Very safe, very controlled and a Bunch of Fun.   This style of hunting is great for veteran quail hunters, or inexperienced kids, wives, or families just learning. Cindy learned to Quail hunt here.”


A fantastic cast and blast combo opportunity is to combine Davis Quail with one of the countries premiere private bass fishing lakes only thirty minutes away.

Call us for more details on this great combo.


After the hunt, you are invited to relax in the newly built private lodge with accommodations for up to eight overnight guests.

The lodge sits on a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside.  It offers a roomy relaxation area or you can enjoy the expansive porch.  The lodge was designed with hunting guests in mind.  The four comfortable rooms each have a private bath.

If you must bring your computer, they offer WiFi.  With as few as four hunters you can have this lodge exclusively!

The day isn’t over ’til you’ve experienced a tantalizingly delicious home-cooked southern meal!  Only then can you kick back and watch the sun set to the sweet sound of bobwhite quail calling.


Enjoy relaxing at the lodge, shooting skeet, fishing in the pond, or just walking around the property!


Pricing for 2019 – 2020 season

Quail Hunt w/ Lodging: $1095 per hunter

  • Warm up clay pigeons
  • Four hunter minimum with six hunter maximum (With 4 Hunters your group will have the lodge exclusively!)
  • Overnight accommodations (Double Occupancy)
  • Three delicious home cooked meals
  • Option to take home clean, frozen quail in your Davis Quail Hunts cooler
  • Snacks and drinks on the dog wagon
  • Unlimited bird harvest!
  • No extra bird fees!

Full Day Quail Hunt: $870 per hunter

  • Warm up clay pigeons
  • Four hunter minimum with six hunter maximum (With 4 Hunters your group will have the lodge exclusively!) Groups of 3 can be accommodated October through December – call for details
  • Option to take home clean, frozen quail in your Davis Quail Hunts cooler
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks on the wagon
  • Afternoon and morning hunt
  • Unlimited bird harvest!
  • No extra bird fees!

Half Day Quail Hunt:  $475 per hunter

  • Four hunter minimum with six hunter maximum (With 4 Hunters your group will have the lodge exclusively!) Groups of 3 can be accommodated October through December – call for details
  • Warm up clay pigeons
  • Option to take home clean, frozen quail in your Davis Quail Hunts cooler
  • Plenty of eats and drinks on the dog wagon
  • If you would like a meal before or after your hunt:  Home cooked hot lunch $20 and delicious home cooked Dinner with Hors d’oeuvres $40
  • Morning hunts will begin have fresh brewed coffee and homemade biscuits with sausage or country ham waiting for them upon arrival
  • Unlimited bird harvest!
  • No extra bird fees!

Not Included:

  • Gratuities: suggest 10% of your hunt costs for entire team. Totally up to you
  • Hunting license
  • Transportation to/from lodge and home
  • Non-hunting guests: $225 per night which includes 3 meals
  • Non-hunting guests 12 & under: $125 per night which includes 3 meals
  • Shells (Available at the lodge 12, 20, 28 and .410)
  • If you would like to add another home cooked hot meal to your trip, add $25 for lunch and $45 for dinner with Hors d’oeuvres
  • Liquor, wine or beer (BYOB)




Where do I fly into?

You will fly into Montgomery, Alabama which is about a 45 minute drive from the lodge or Birmingham, Alabama which is about a Two hour drive.  You will want to rent a car in Montgomery or Birmingham to drive to the lodge.

Private  Planes:

Greenville has a 5,500 foot asphalt strip owned by the city.  The airport name is Mac Crenshaw Memorial Airport (KPRN).  To contact the aiport manager call (334)382-8166.

Are shells available at the lodge?

Yes, shells are available for sale at the lodge at market price.

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Finally, travel insurance is time-sensitive and must be purchased within a certain number of days of your deposit to cover preexisting conditions, lodge closings and other various issues.  It is still available later but the benefits may be more limited.

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We completed another successful trip to Davis Quail hunts over the weekend.  Great hunt with around 130 birds with 4 hunters.  Mazie and Colvin were great again with really good food and entertainment for all.” Malloy – MS

This place is great and everyone was talking about this is best place out of all the other places they have hunted.  And the Dogs are unreal.

Thanks for setting us up once again.  Will look forward to next year.

“Best bird experience I have ever had”       Robert –  AL

“Opened a new chapter in my sporting life”      Pete  –  AL

“Most fun I have ever had quail hunting. Thanks for your hospitality”       Allen  –  AL

“I’ve been quail hunting for years with my own dogs and this was the best experience ever. Outstanding dogs, excellent hunting, great food and the best hospitality”         Craig  –  AL

“Thank you for providing the best quail hunt I’ve ever had. Great hospitality, food, dogs and people. Can’t wait to come back”     Eddy  –  TX

“What a trip! The lodge, the food, the hospitality, the birds and the dogs… Davis Quail Hunt will come highly recommended”    Matt  –  LA

“… Continue to make great memories at the greatest place in Alabama and with the finest hosts for quail hunting in the state.. Quite likely the south!”

“The warm hospitality is duplicated with our every trip. That alone speaks volumes! Personally the intimacy of this type of hunt is a true drawing card. We are so privileged to enjoy what has been the “love of your life”

“We had the usual exceptional and wonderful time”      Tim  –  LA

“This was a real treat and a testament to the gracious hospitality of the American South… The food, folks, birds and dogs are of the highest order.”   Daniel  –  FL

“Your hospitality is incredible.” “Not missing a single bird in 60 shots was great too” Ryan    –   VA

“What a blessing to be able to share this opportunity here! You have a beautiful place and it was a treat to see such amazing dogs in action. Y’all are a pleasure to spend time with. Looking forward to another opportunity to return.”     Jeff & Carolina  –  TX

“Thank you so much for another wonderful hunt. As always blessed again to be in your presence. Great memories.”     Jim  –  AL

“Thank you for your hospitality. We are thankful to share this time with you all. The kids enjoyed the hunt, the horses and the dogs”      Long Family  –  LA

“We had a great family trip!   ”The Bowden Family  –  AL

“The hunting was excellent – plenty of birds. The dogs were a sight to behold – absolutely a work of art. The food was abundant and wonderful. But the best of all was the fellowship – Colvin and Mazie your hospitality was warm and inviting.”       Larry  –  KY