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Nicaragua Sporting Resort


Nicaragua Sporting Resort

This luxury Nicaragua sporting resort and retreat sits on a 1,300-acre nature reserve in Nicaragua’s Pacific countryside that offers opportunities to stimulate your mind, your body and your soul. This lovely Central American oasis was created by Nicaraguan native, philanthropist and adventure enthusiasts whose commitment to nature is exhibited through the resort’s core principles of respect and stewardship of the environment.

Nicaragua is the rage among seasoned travelers and this resort ranks among the “must see” around the globe.  On our visit, we were blown away by the exceptional service, lovely setting, horseback riding, fantastic meals and bar, shooting and a day on Lake Nicaragua that will forever be in-delved in our memory.  For those that love adventure in new exotic locals, you will not be disappointed.  Add to all of this that the owner of this property is one of the great philanthropists of Nicaragua and the globe.  We witnessed first hand his authentic love of country and the people of his country.Nicaragua Sporting Resort

Nicaraguan paradise home to an animal sanctuary with more than 158 species of plants, including more than 14,000 trees that were planted throughout the reserve. Wildlife and fauna is sustained by the reservoirs developed by a team of local experts and ecologists. The sobering aura of the grounds serves as a backdrop for a variety of recreational activities and nature appreciation.  Then in an interesting twist, the finest shooting facility in Central American has been born on this property built by experts in the shooting fields.  Try your hand at sporting clays, skeet shooting, unique rifle courses all with experience instructors trained in safety and introducing new shooters to the sport as well as those with years of experience.

You will relax with the seamless confluence of sustainable nature-based design with Feng Shui inspiration, rich Nicaraguan culture and warm hospitality, nurturing exploration, adventure, well being and peace. Experiences include horseback riding, mountaintop yoga, tennis, skeet shooting, pistol shooting, rifle shooting, bass fishing, organic gardening and cooking classes.



Target Courses

Creating functional recreational spaces that have a comfortable and inviting atmosphere are crucial to providing an unparalleled guest experience. The natural surroundings of each station were the inspiration for its design. Each station  has been designed with a dual-purpose in mind: to offer challenging, field settings while providing a restful, pleasant atmosphere to counter the stresses and pressures that life presents.

  • Shotgun
  • Rifle
  • Pistol


Designed by renowned sport shooter John Higgins, target clay courses features 5 distinct disciplines (FITASC, Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, Trap and Skeet) 81 clay target machines and 57 shooting positions, which you can shoot with your choice of 28, 20 and 12 calibers. Every single station has a stunningly unique combination of natural beauty and breath-taking views in order for the shooter to constantly be inspired while testing their talent. Adaptable to any skill level, the combination of stations and machines puts this target course on a world competitive level.


Having one of a kind running boar, we invite you to try this exciting, challenging sport in a beautiful scenery. The running boar has a life-size target running on a monorail system that can be shot from the left or right, and from a distance up to 120 meters.

When looking for stand still targets, take a peaceful ride to the furthest corner of the property and arrive at our 150-meter high-powered rifle range. Test your skill and endurance with any one of our high-powered rifles including an m-4 semi-automatic in a tree surrounded setting


Challenge your accuracy, timing and execution in this thoughtfully designed pistol course by Central American champion Emilio Chamorro. Choose from 1 of 5 different pistol ranges that have been created using the natural formation of a mountainside. Each range builds off the prior in order to cater to any skill level.



Four private villas that rest just atop miles of forest canopy. With spectacular views of the Mombacho Volcano, the villas are designed to a fully immersive experience in nature. Chalets are located between villas as common-space areas for friends and family to gather.


La Residencia is a unique combination of a dream home within a luxurious hotel setting, offering unparalleled attention to detail and privacy. This 24,000 sq ft residential compound is perfectly suited for 1-2 families or a group traveling together. It features four serene suites, each with breathtaking views of the surrounding forest. For the ultimate private experience, rent out the entire Residencia which includes: a personal head chef, two pools, two private dining areas and kitchens, a state of the art media room and poker table, various bar areas, and an array of service staff, exclusively available for you.


On Sight Activities:


Personal ATVs will be your main method of transportation by which you may feel free to explore the entire property. We recommend our special off-road trail which takes you from our teak plantation through the forest to the beautiful Ochomogo River.


Explore 1,800 acres of diverse land by roaming through the 40km of trails and get lost in the countless wandering paths beneath lush canopies of forest. Gallop through the precious teak plantation or run wild alongside the indigenous animals in the nature reserve. You will enjoy various microclimates and miles of the Ochomogo river, all within the safety of our property.


Enjoy hour-long, 8-shaped circuit for mountain biking offers a unique birdwatching and nature contact experience perfectly suited for groups. Immerse yourself in nature while exercising and having fun!


Nicaragua’s spectacular skies adorn the firepit where guests may connect with friends, family, and fellow guests. Enjoy a beautiful night under the starts while engaging in poetry reading or listening to the fascinating Nicaraguan leyendas.


Yogis have a special place at this lovely resort. We offer two daily COMPLIMENTARY yoga classes at set times in the morning and afternoon. Expert yoga teachers are also available upon request. Our classes include Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Energizing Flow Yoga, Therapeutic & Joint Release Yoga, Intro to Meditation, Metta Meditation and Yoga Nidra Meditation.


With over 73 bird species, this is the ideal location for birdwatching. The property encompasses a diverse environment of microhabitats and niches, plus several manmade reservoirs. Local wildlife experts and trackers will enlighten you on the various exotic and rare tropical birds that reside within the property.


Enjoy an in-depth look at the 12,916 square-foot garden, guided by one of our chefs or Rangers. You will discover the variety of cucumbers, beets, peppers, carrots, ginger, eggplants, tomatoes, an array of spices, and citrus tree plantations. Want to know more about farming? Ask any member of the staff and learn about how these items are organically grown.


Tennis lovers can play in any of our two tennis courts, both equipped with a professional flooring system called plexicushion. The plexicushion substrate is a special blend of latex, rubber and plastic particles that form a resilient layer that absorbs body shock and reduces muscle fatigue. We offer lessons for players of all ages and skill levels to hone their game. A tennis instructor is available upon request with an additional charge.


Hike our trails winding through various habitats and microclimates. Ask your Ranger to guide you in getting up close and personal with the abundant indigenous wildlife. Freely explore  creeks and lagoons, and don’t forget your camera!


Mentally and physically challenging, our Ropes Course consists of 10 team building activities. Experience this great group activity for personal development, leadership skills, team building, and family bonding.


Embracing all energy points of the property, the Spa will offer select native-based treatments that will be available in Casa Club and designated meadows within the reserve. Guests will enjoy views of the sprawling, unspoiled setting and hear nature’s meditative soundtrack while experiencing restorative treatments created to nourish and restore. A full spa concept developed by Renata De Abreu will debut in 2017.


They strive to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by providing countless opportunities for fun and stimulating physical activities throughout the property. The Fitness Center encompasses the ropes course, two tennis courts, and a state of the art gym with panoramic views.


Give yourself over to the power of creative expression, and bring back home a keepsake of your visit. These painting classes will be a great way to discover your inner artist and spend a fun time with your kids.


Take home a taste of the resort by learning the fundamentals of native Nicaraguan cuisine. Taught the resort’s very own chefs, featuring ingredients found on our property and in neighboring communities, these recipes will range from mixing up local cocktails to crafting an entire meal.


Folklore is an art form intrinsic to Nicaraguan culture. Discover the vibrant music and dance offerings associated with this tradition and surrender to the rhythm. We will do the rest!


Taste Nicaragua’s internationally renowned rum and cigars. A rum expert leads Flor de Caña tastings in all the exclusive presentations of the Centenary collection, including 12-, 18- and 25-year-aged rums. As a perfect complement, upon request and with and additional charge, a sommelier from the city of Estelí, the most important cigar-making area, showcases our top Nicaraguan handmade cigar varieties, including Padron, Oliva, Joya de Nicaragua, and Plasencia.

Off Sight Activities:  Tap into your adventurous side on land and on water and hit the road with a fantastic tour guide, who will show you a side of Nicaragua you’ve never seen before.

Pottery Classes and Studio Visits in San Juan de Oriente
Tour of Granada and Isletas
Visit to Mombacho and Masaya Volcanoes
Visit to Coffee Hacienda at Mombacho Volcano
Volcano Sandboarding in Leon
Tour of Managua with a Boat Tour of Lake Nicaragua
Day Trip to Ometepe Island
Day Trip to Laguna de Apoyo
Golfing at Guacalito Golf Course
Tour of Rum Distillery in Chinandega
Sport Fishing



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