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New Zealand Red Stag Hunt – Queenstown

New Zealand Red Stag Hunt – Queenstown

As one of New Zealand’s long established guided hunting outfitters, this high mountain station offers a premium guided hunting experience only accessible by helicopter.  This New Zealand red stag hunt is for the discerning outdoor traveler.

New Zealand remote hunting in the Southern Alps are host to an expansive game population. With a temperate climate and in the absence of any natural predators, hunting provides excitement and trophy opportunities whilst also providing an important and essential conservation benefit.

A hand picked team of professional and highly experienced guides possess comprehensive local knowledge allowing guests to safely access remote areas of wilderness. Non-hunting companions are welcome to enjoy a wide range of exciting or relaxing activities on offer.New Zealand Red Stag Hunt - Queenstown

The South Island of New Zealand hosts a rich and diverse wildlife population of both alpine and lowland game species.

The highly sought after big game animals found in the South Island are Red Stag, Elk, Himalayan Tahr, Alpine Chamois, Fallow Buck, South Pacific Goat and Aarapawa Ram.

Game birds can be an exciting addition to a hunting trip in New Zealand.  Waterfowl include duck (Mallard, Grey and Paradise Shelduck), Canada Goose and Black Swan.  Upland game birds include California Quail, Pheasant and Merriam’s Turkey.  Many of these game birds have very liberal bag limits.

With a comparatively mild winter, superb terrain and a lush feed source, game animals flourish in New Zealand, consistently producing some of the best hunting experiences in the world.

This amazing outfitter also specializes in backcountry fly-fishing experiences targeting primarily rainbow and brown trout with both species often sharing the same stretch of water. Chinook salmon provide an exciting challenge during their short season.

Enjoy privately owned 50,000 acre parcel of wilderness providing guests with exclusive access to prime fishing rivers in the Southern Alps. In addition to this, they hold independent concessions to fish on conservation lands covering some four million acres including National Parks and world heritage areas.

Oxygen and nutrient rich glacier fed alpine streams and rivers produce fish that are in strong condition ensuring that setting the hook is only half the challenge. Gin-clear water allows early spotting of fish. This clarity however means that whilst anglers can see the fish, the fish can also see the angler. Spot and stalk is the method of choice and by far the most exciting. Anglers often use dry fly, streamer and nymph techniques on the same stretch of water.

South Island river fishing opens at the beginning of October and runs through to the end of April. This season is characterized by distinct periods which present quite different fishing conditions and challenges to the angler. Most of the major lakes can be fished on a year round basis with varying levels of activity.

They employ a strict catch and release policy to ensure a healthy and sustainable resource.