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Namibia Hunting Safari – Lake Lodge


Namibia Hunting Safari – Lake Lodge

This highly acclaimed Namibia hunting safari company was founded in 1984, and has an international reputation as Namibia’s premier safari company. A few years ago, the owner of this company decided to allow guests to enjoy their families’ lake lodge for select clients. Here, the lodge will be yours exclusively which means that each day’s schedule is yours to choose. The environment here is luxurious, yet casual with a private staff.  Your Namibia hunting safari will be personalized and rewarding as the meat from your hunt will provide much needed protein for the local school children.

The protein from your hunt is critical to the 260+ vulnerable children at the local school nearby.  You will have the privilege of delivering the meat to the school!

This Namibia safari is the ideal hunting destination for first time African hunters and those experienced hunters that want to enjoy the privacy and intimacy of a boutique lodge. Your hunting professional and his lovely wife will be your host along with a small staff.

Namibia hunting Safari
Namibia hunting Safari

For those that do not wish to accompany hunters into the field, you lovely hostess will happily create wonderful activities for you to enjoy on and off the property. Please see the activities tab for some of the wonderful non hunting activities available.

Hundreds of game congregate around the lake throughout the day making for an exciting photo safari sitting on the dock at the lodge.

The 50,000+ acre hunting land is privately owned by the family and covers an immense area  of pristine wilderness area populated only by free ranging game.  24 species of hunt-able game as well as an impressive variety of game birds (depending on the season) are available for trophy hunters and wing shooting enthusiasts. Many additional species can be viewed and photographed.

The family’s dedication to the wildlife, environment, local communities and their country is evident in every aspect of their operation. They are actively involved in the Namibian Professional Hunting Association- NAPHA, and personally involved with the Namibian government at every level. The family are twelfth-generation Africans, who are passionate about their country and continent.


Here you can enjoy peace of mind as the hunting area is completely Malaria free.

When Antlers & Anglers  Worldwide designs your African safari you can expect the following:  We will listen as you share your vision of what your African Safari Experience should look like.  We then begin designing your safari with lodge and destination selection, activities selection, flights, meet & greet services, travel insurance, clothing & equipment list, countdown to Africa (this assist you with detail preparation leading up to trip time), detailed pricing with all included/not included items, and more.

As a full service African Safari specialists, we have visited over 80+ safari lodges in Africa over the last 30 years.  We selected only a handful of those for you that have met our strenuous criteria.  Combination big game hunting, bird hunting, photo safari, Cape Town and Victoria Falls safaris are our specialty.


Top 10

Species: Plains game animals and leopard
Capacity: 6 people comfortably
Location: One hour from Windhoek airport
Season: April through October
Method: Rifle or archery
Lodging: Elegant lake lodge
Food: Chef
Trip Length: 7 day minimum
Transport: Safari vehicles
Guided: 1 x 1 or 2 x 1 Professionally guided


The area you will be hunting is  situated about a 45 minute drive from Windhoek International Airport.

The land covers an area of approx. 80 square miles and is populated by an abundance of game. The terrain consists of small rocky hills with huge savannas and patches of bushy areas. The entire hunting area is natural, with open water holes and very few man-made improvements and is still the real Africa. Additional concession areas are available when required, most bordering on their own property. This increases the hunting area to an unlimited movement area in excess of 40,000 hectare (over 150 square miles).

All hunts are spot and stalk in the classic safari hunting style.  Your day might begin stalking from the lodge on foot or searching via safari vehicle until your trophy is spotted and then planning your stalk from the vehicle.  Absolutely no hunting is from the vehicle.  Your hunting professional will carry shooting sticks and when your trophy is spotted and the stalk is complete, he will set the sticks up for your shooting rest.  From there, your preparation before the trip is key!  It is up to you to make the shot.  An amazing tracker will be with you.  It is a treat to watch them at work.  If you are looking for a classic hunting safari, this is it.  Their reputation is the finest in Namibia.

Your group may visit the local school of 330 children.  Your hunting meat is the sole source of protein for the school children.

Trophy quality is consistently outstanding due to the decision to go for exclusivity rather than to commercialize. Records show that 92% of trophies taken over the past 27 years qualify for the top half of the SCI Record Book. On average, hunting clients take one trophy per day, but no limit is placed on the number of species that you may take during a specific safari period. Short safaris are, however, not recommended as much of the pleasure of hunting, as well as appreciation of the environment, is lost during a high pressure safari.

No need to travel with your guns as they have a wonderful assortment of high end rifles and shotguns.  If you prefer your own guns, then of course, you may travel with them.

Bow Hunting:

Should you wish to bow hunt,  you will have your own specialized bow hunting PH. This is an exceptional opportunity.  All hunts are spot and stalk only.  This is a target rich environment!  Your days will be filled with adventure on this gorgeous 50,000 acre property.  You will not spend your trip sitting at a watering hole.  You will experience all that Africa has to offer on the ground.

On our recent bow hunting trip to this lodge, we were able to take four trophy animals in three days of spot and stalk hunting.  We had an opportunity at another six trophies during those same hunting days but chose not to take the shots because we already had exceptional trophies in our trophy room.  So in a four day hunt, one hunter had ten opportunities within 50 yards to harvest trophies.  A number were within 30-40 yards as well.

A spot and stalk hunt in Africa is authentic and exciting!  There are few properties in Africa where this is a realistic possibility…this is one of them.  We recommend this type of bow hunt to experienced bow hunters that have enjoyed success with spot and stalk bow hunts at other venues.

Make a Difference

This outfitter is the sole source of protein for extremely impoverished school nearby with about 330 children!  The protein from your hunt provides the meat for the children.  The school is extremely well run and provides an excellent education for the children under the careful eye of an experienced educator.

Should you wish to visit the school, the principal is happy to accommodate visitors as long as the visit does not interrupt the school day.  Supplies are always in need at the school.  For ease and travel simplicity, the safari owner recommends that supplies be purchased in the Windhoek on arrival and then delivered by guests directly to the school.  Many guests list this as a highlight of their safari.

If you would like to interact with the children in an even deeper way, the school welcomes any activities that you would like to initiate.

If you would like to make a difference while on your hunting vacation, this outfitter is grateful for any help that you would like to offer to the school but there is absolutely no pressure to do so.

In 2018, the conservationist hunting community is joining together to further provide nurture, housing and sustenance for these vulnerable children in this community.  A boarding school has been built with excellent clean facilities and now only needs the support of the hunting community to provide the funding for children to fill these homes.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could add more meaning and improve your relationships on every vacation with your family or spouse? Below are two easy steps to becoming intentional as you travel:

1.  Watch this video:

Make a difference video     

2.  Click on the link below for step by step ideas of how to add more meaning to your family/couple travel:



10 day safari’s are encouraged in order to take in the full beauty of this country.  However, seven day safari’s are accepted.  All itineraries are customized for your group.


The lake lodge is run in the classic, elegant style of traditional safari camps.   The lodge is made of natural stone with thatched roofs, designed by the owner to blend in with the surrounding rocky kopjes and vast savannahs.

The lodge offers guest suites with en-suite bathrooms with basins, flushing toilets and large showers with high pressured hot and cold running water. The extra length beds are solid wood with thick, firm mattresses, down duvets and pillows. Bedside tables, reading lamps, a luggage rack, rifle cabinet, large wardrobe, comfortable chairs, a desk, ceiling fan, balcony furniture complete the elegant, distinctly safari style rooms.  The lodge has three bedrooms.

Relax by the lake in deck chairs overlooking the lake water hole filled with game. Evening sundowners are served by the fire pit next to the lake.

The hunting day usually starts just before sunrise with a choice of beverages served in your suite by a friendly camp attendant, followed by a hearty breakfast.


They offer delicious local cuisine inspired by the owner, and expertly prepared by a Gourmet Chef and the small, dedicated kitchen team. Venison from the hunt is always served accompanied by a wide variety of organically grown salads, fruit, vegetables and herbs from the gardens. Fresh baked bread, biscuits and treats are baked daily in the old fashioned wood-burning oven.  Non-venison as well as vegetarian meals are prepared, with pleasure, on request.

Guests return to camp during the heat of midday for a buffet-style lunch, which is served on the porch overlooking the lake.  A short siesta is followed by coffee at 15h00 before returning to the wild open veld.

Sundowners are served in the evening around the open fire pit. This is historically the time of day when the best memories of wilderness experiences, as well as hunting and fishing tales, are exchanged in the romantic flow of the Acacia wood flames.  A traditional drumbeat announces dinner, which is always a candle-lit three-course gourmet feast.

Top quality South African Wines, international brands of whiskey, gin, vodka and world-class Namibian beer as well as a variety of soft drinks and pure fruit juices are available in camp. Clients are encouraged to notify the team of any specific wishes, which will gladly be catered for.


If your spouse or other companions prefer shooting with a camera, Hunters Namibia offers splendid game drives to show them the landscape, animals, birds.  They take great pride in the fauna and flora of Namibia. The fact that Hunters Namibia Safaris does not hunt from vehicles allows close encounters with the game. This is an experience not to be missed by you, your spouse or your children.

Non-Hunter Activity Options near the safari property that can be planned before or while on safari:

  • If your spouse or companion prefers shooting with a camera, they offer splendid game drives to show them Africa. Landscapes, animals, birds, they take pride in the fauna and flora. The fact that they do not hunt from vehicles allows close encounters with the game. This is an experience not to be missed by you, your spouse or your children.
  • Erindi Game Park (3 hours): spend a night or two away from camp and see the lions, leopards, elephant and Rhino and enjoy the watering hole filled with hippos, crocs and other animals.
  • Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary (1 ½ hours): tour this world renowned sanctuary supported by Angelina Jolie.
  • Tour Windhoek with Marina and visit unique artists galleries
  • Enjoy a spa day in Windhoek or bring in a masseuse on the property.
  • Visit the local school that is supported solely through this family operation and the protein provided by hunters.  If you like, purchase books and other supplies in town and take them to the school.  Your hunting meat is the sole source of protein for the school.
  • Tour the Lamprecht shotgun shell factory just across the road.  This is the only shell factory in the southern portion of Africa.  Fiocchi ammunition is also manufactured here.
  • Walk with a baby Cheetah
  • Horseback riding
  • Swakopmund (4 hours): non-hunters/ observers might enjoy touring for a couple of days during the hunt to enjoy overnight stays in this historical sea-side village as well as the Namib Desert, desert creature tours, horseback riding, dune surfing, dolphin cruises and more.  Since you will have the lodge to yourselves at HNS, the schedule and the staff are at your disposal to make a trip to the coast at the last minute.   We can plan this ahead of trip time or make plans on the property!

Pre-planned touring around Namibia before or after your safari:

We specialize in exclusive customized photographic, sightseeing safaris throughout Namibia to suit your personal interests. Destinations include, among others:

  • Etosha National Park
  • The historical sea-side village of Swakopmund, the Skeleton Coast and the Namib Desert
  • Numerous other destinations around Nambia via light aircraft.
  • Hot air balloon rides, Desert creatures tours, dolphin cruises

These excursions can be undertaken in comfortable air-conditioned vehicles or by chartered flights as requested.

Touring other areas of Southern Africa before or after your safari:

  • Cape Town and the wine country
  • Victoria Falls with elephant interactions, Tiger fishing, touring the falls, shopping, Livingston Island, Chobe Game Park, bungee jumping, water rafting and more
  • Kruger Park – big five game viewing safari while staying in luxury at lodges adjoining Kruger Park
  • Okavango Delta – remote luxury tented lodges with water and land safaris
  • Numerous photo safari options

Video your trip:
Videographer services are available for this trip for an additional fee. Please let us know if you are interested in this service.


2020 Rates: Inclusive of professional hunter, luxury lodging, licenses and concession fees, tracker, skinner, vehicle, meals, daily laundry and more

Daily Fees:
One Hunter/One PH Plains game:  $470 per day
Two Hunters/One PH Plains game:  $390 per day per person


Call for more details and trophy fees





What are the best times to visit this lodge?

The prime season in Namibia for hunting is April through October.  The coolest months are June through August.  August traditionally is a windier month but the temperatures are delightful.

Who are references for this outfitter?

Besides, Kevin and Corinna Slaughter, the owners of Family Expeditions, this outfitters reference list reads like a who’s who of the hunting industry.  Call for references and we will provide you with an impressive list.

Important Links:

Moon Phases | Taxidermist

Passport Services | State Department


Links to the companies we recommend:

Travelex Insurance       Ripcord Insurance

While we do everything in our power to protect our clients from travel problems, we cannot prevent illness, natural disasters, wars, deaths, lodge closings and more; we live in uncertain times!  The only way to protect yourself and your investment is through travel insurance. Travel insurance can provide medical coverage, cancellation due to natural disaster, illness, death in the family, lodge closings and other unknowns; in this day and time, anything is possible.  Lodges count on you to protect your investment as they cannot refund your payments due to the nature of the product they offer.

Finally, travel insurance is time-sensitive and must be purchased within a certain number of days of your deposit to cover preexisting conditions, lodge closings and other various issues.  It is still available later but the benefits may be more limited.

Both companies offer evacuation insurance in addition to their travel insurance but Ripcord has more thorough coverage in this area.

The Ripcord membership and travel Insurance provides the highest levels of medical, security, evacuation and rescue services in the industry combined with travel insurance:

  • Remote rescue services from point of injury or illness
  • Medical evacuations to the member’s home hospital of choice
  • The best evacuation and rescue triggers that include rescues for medical conditions that will result in permanent injury in addition to just requiring hospitalization
  • Security extraction services for geopolitical events and natural disasters
  • Involuntary detention resolution services for members who are held against their will
  • Consulting services from special operations veterans, paramedics, nurses, and physicians
  • Travel insurance


Dev and I can’t thank you and Kevin enough. Everything was beyond belief and there is no way as first timers we could have made the trip as smooth and enjoyable as you guys did. We will definitely use Family Expeditions for our future hunts and hopefully they will be sooner rather than later as we for sure fell in love with Namibia. Thank you again.

Brodie and Devin, Texas

We can’t believe we’re leaving Namibia already… Your operation is truly a “class act”… and “quite nice” (…as was thoroughly discussed!!!). So many stories and laughs around the sundowners won’t be forgotten, as well as the 10-Star accommodations and gourmet food.
The hunting, the trophies, Johnnie and Martin, everything we learned out in the bush was just amazing. We can’t begin to tell our friends and family everything we saw, but that’s a good thing actually. One must experience the hunt. Words don’t do it justice.
And the unexpected trip to Swakopmund was the best way we could ever have imagined ending our safari. What a lovely seaside respite. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It wasn’t only quite nice – it was fabulous….
Florence and Glen, MN

What a fantastic experience your family has created for people to enjoy in Africa. Everything was perfect from the accommodation, food, and real-world bush environment. Your lodge is 5-star and can’t wait to bring Suzy and the rest of my family back to Namibia.
Matt, Texas

This experience far exceeded our expectations!!! From wake-up coffee to a gourmet dinner, each day was filled with a new adventure!
The lovely shopping in Windhoek, experiencing markets and friendly people, was wonderful!
As much fun as it was, I couldn’t wait to get back to the Lodge and the paradise your family has created!
Your staff is unbelievable! They always greeted with beautiful smiles and eager to please. We cannot describe how outstanding everything was…..
Kent and Susan, Texas

Where to begin..? The minute we arrived the Spanish expression “su casa es mi casa!” Throughout our time here I truly have felt that I got to enjoy your dream. The accommodations are outstanding, your staff truly glows. I feel the shining loyalty they have for you in the outstanding service they provide to us demonstrates that they are part of your family. The continued surprise photos by the bed, framed pictures always so much detail, food, laundry, flowers, picnics, etc. What a paradise you have created your passion for each other, family, and dreams truly show.
Richard and I leave but will return in the near future. What I can say? I feel like I have discovered and made friends for lifetime.
Richard and Teresita, Texas

Where to start and where to end? There are not enough words, nor enough pages in this book to fully express our elation and gratitude for the experience of a lifetime, which you have given to us! We will never, as long as we live, forget our “Virgin Safari”! We can’t imagine a better place on earth to have lost our virginity! You are the most gracious hosts and hostesses we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Your attention to detail is impeccable. Things that some might refer to as “the little things” were HUGE to us and not a one of them went unnoticed by us. You and all of your staff have treated us like royalty from the moment we arrived. We have been completely spoiled! “Buy a Donkey!!!”
The sunrise and sunset here are breathtaking. You truly have created heaven on earth. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. The information, the conversation, the stories and the laughs shared with us will always mean the world to us. We have never eaten such wonderful and delicious food… We will definitely have to pay for that when we get home, but it has been well worth it!
We cannot begin to thank Johnnie and Martin (The A-Team) for everything. The hunting has been so much more than we could have ever imagined. Those two guys are amazing and true professionals. And while they are professionals, they are at the same time, so personable and patient. I (Terri) am forever grateful to Johnnie for always inviting me to go on the stalks with them. I know he probably would have preferred me to stay in the truck and I totally wouldn’t have blamed him! I can’t say thank you enough for him allowing me to experience the hunt first hand with Brent. I will never forget it! “Buy a Donkey” Johnnie and Martin!!!
Brent and Terri,Texas

The American who reads sees the African safari through the eyes of Robert Roark and Ernest Hemingway. They dream of a certain culture journey into the wild full of beasts from fairy tales and stories from far-away campfires. They dream of martinis after days spent among beasts too big and dangerous for civilized reality. They want the Dark Continent to explode in their consciences and to live on in their minds. It is an almost impossible to realize conception. So to find it here, living created by your hearts and minds and love for Africa has been too wonderful to express.
Frank, NY

Your world is endearing, comfortable, and intoxicating. I would say your “place”, but “world” is more accurate for you have created here a galaxy of hospitality, comfort, love, and affection for the essence of Africa. To say nothing of the amenities here – the wild world that you sustain is remarkable in its abundance and variety. I have hunted around the (other) world, but I can tell you – that your habitat and the animals that occupy it are exceptional. Thank you for sharing it – and them – with me. Your world is truly Transportive – I feel as though I’ve been dropped into another time – where authenticity and warmth are the elements that compose it.
Thanks to Johnny for his sharp eyes, his quick smile, and his exceptional ability to read both people and animals – and bring both together in the same place and time.
Andrew, Montana

I am so glad I finally got to come and see your beautiful home and part of the country! It is truly magnificent.
Getting to know you two better is wonderful and I appreciate your most generous hospitality.
Your wildlife is unbelievable; at times it looked like what I have seen of the Serengeti!
I have been to many places, and yours is right up there at the top of the list from both quality of game, professionalism of the staff, and beautiful landscape and hospitality!
I am really glad to get to know you two better and you are both making such a positive impact to your community, your country, and NAPHA. I look forward to seeing you in Dallas every year to come!
Ben Carter, Texas

Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality on my first hunting adventure in Africa!
Your place is amazing!
Besides the great herds that roam your land, and the incredible hunting with professionals, we laughed and ate and drank our way to a stock of memories that may never be equaled.
I look forward to keeping in touch!
Steve, Texas

Thank you so much for the wonderful week we had here, it could not have been better! I love everything about this place. The rooms, food, animals, your family and the staff! Your staff is so sweet and kind! I loved everything we did – the fire was so much fun every night. My mom wants to start a new tradition.
It was so much fun to hear all of your stories and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to hear them all. Thank you for answering all of our dumb questions 4 or 5 times.
I can’t wait to come back!
Thank you.
Bailey, Arizona

Thank you for the time of my life! I’m so grateful for the opportunity I got to come and visit! This place is a dream. I love everything about it. The rooms, the laundry being done, the meals, the fire, and most of all your staff! Everything and everybody is so nice. I felt like a queen all week. You guys are the sweetest people I know. I enjoyed every story you told and enjoyed your personality…. I love how you run the place. And of course Hanns-Louis, you’re the best! You’re so fun and I learned you have many talents! It’s amazing; you’re a cook, a carpenter, and the most knowledgeable person. I love to ask you questions!
I loved the hunting! My guy friends at home always challenge me to what animals I have hunted; I now have them all beat.
Love you guys and your staff.
Brette, Arizona

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and sharing your Namibia with us again. As I felt on our first afternoon on the way to the shooting range. Four years is too long. Your accommodations remain first class as is the hunting… Your staff does such a good job of making all of us feel comfortable.
Looking forward to 2016!
Don, Texas

In short, I cannot express how welcome you made me – the single lady in a herd of boys – feel. I didn’t arrive with the notion that I had the capability to hunt, however, because of the kindness of you and your staff, I was afforded the opportunity, and, rest assured; I will NEVER forget that first warthog boar with Johnny by the windmill.
You have created a true paradise, and I will forever be grateful for being opportuned to spend a slice of my life here. I do hope to return; however, until then, farewell, and happy, happy hunting.
Much, much, love,

We had a wonderful time; Jordan loves Africa, and it was every bit as outstanding as we remembered. The food was superb, the hunting excellent, and loved Johnny.
Jeff, Texas

What an amazing adventure. The best of the best. Yours is truly a class act. This is hunting in the ‘real Africa’. I cannot thank all of you enough for making this a fabulous holiday for Julie and I. Hanns-Louis your new business will be a success. It was wonderful spending time with you. Johnny and martin are the best. Your entire staff is the top of the line, and we extend our thanks to all of them. This was Julie’s first time to Africa. She could not be more pleased with this holiday and now is too an ‘African hound’.
I will certainly return.
Thank you for accommodating my family and me. I have had the time of my life hunting here with “y’all”. We are known in the southern US for our hospitality, and that is exactly what you all here expressed to us. Thank you for making us feel like family. The memories I have acquired here will never be forgotten. Out of 5 stars, I give you 10!
Thanks again,
Will, Alabama

Thank you! You have spread a beautiful table of Namibian hospitality over us and to us. We so appreciate your labours of love on our behalf. Everything was excellent! Our family has new traditions thanks to our stay with you. We have fallen in love with your country and your family!
Words fail – what you all have given us is PRICELESS!
With love,
LeeAnn, Alabama

Thank you for having me and my family. It is so beautiful and peaceful out here. I enjoyed taking photographs of the many animals. The trip to Swakopmund and Namib desert was very enjoyable. I loved staying at the beach house. Thank you for accommodating my vegetarian needs. The last meal being all vegetarian was kind of you and delicious as was the rest of the food during our stay. So many groovy memories where made. Far out!
Catherine, Alabama

We have had a wonderful time on our first safari and cannot imagine how it could have been better… The hunting was superb and we really admire and appreciate your philosophy that combines conserving the land and sustainable wildlife management along with great trophy hunts. We truly enjoyed watching the animals, learning about their behaviour, as well as the hunt. Johnny was a great PH for us and Martin a great spotter and tracker. Both where clearly key to our hunting successes. We all learned so much and are very grateful to both of them.
The lodge design and all of the little details made our stay not only memorable, but unique. We did not know what to expect, but any expectations were certainly exceeded. The food was definitely 5-star, and I would like ALL of the recipes, but I will settle for the bread and the chocolate tart with salted caramel sauce. Henok and his lovely wife make an unbelievable team in the chef and service department, with obvious support by Heleni. Marina and Hanns-Louis could run a cooking school with their talents.
Time flies and we can’t believe that our stay is nearly over. We will remember fondly, and enjoy many laughs about stories told around the “bs ring”, and look forward to planning future visits (we hope), perhaps meeting in Houston, and certainly recommending your wonderful country and Hunters Namibia Safaris to our friends.
Your friend,
Dan & Kathy
Houston & Leakey, TX
Mairi and I had no idea what to expect coming to Africa for the first time. We are very glad our first trip was coming to your game ranch. I hope that I didn’t bore you too much with my talk and questions about the habitat and game programs. I will tell everyone about the health of the land and animals. This has been a great experience, the food, the hospitality, the hunt, and the time with all of y’all. We will for sure tell anyone wanting to come to Africa that this is where they should come. Thank you for the trophy quality we are taking home and the stories.
Vik and Mairi

It almost seems silly that just over a week ago, we were making our way across the world to meet the blind date that would become our African safari. Meanwhile, you were waiting to meet us, as well. We were surprised, to say the least, that our trip would be so beautiful, so impactful, and so enjoyable. This, however, comes at an interesting time for our family. One is going to university for who knows how long, another is starting in the professional world… also who knows how long. Mom and dad will be tempted to fill their empty nest, in addition to the dog, with rando children from across the world, now, I’m sure.
It is a time of transition and change. It is a time, that could very well be, the last that we spend as a family together. It is without doubt that I can speak for all of us when I say; we could not have made better use of this last opportunity to be a family, anywhere in the world. We thank you for what you have done here, politically, environmentally, everything. This experience has the potential to influence, impact, and change.
We can’t wait to see what paths this, once blind adventure, will show us next.

Thank you so much for making my first hunting experience a spectacular one. I leave your lodge today with wonderful memories of all the beautiful animals and this amazing country, and wish I could stay so much longer. I hope you’ll keep everything unchanged so I can have this perfect experience again when I return!
Katy, IL

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful visit at your lodge and in your country. We appreciated the attention to every detail, and we felt like this beautiful place was out home.
From the meal – you do have THE BEST chef in Africa, to the comfort of our rooms it was all first class. Mark had a wonderful time hunting – Johnny and martin took great care of him.
We plan to be back
Jean and Mark

It’s been a wonderful safari. Johnny is a superb PH. He explained the Fauna and Flora as we went along. He and his tracker were skillful and I was happy with the length of the stalks and with the amount of game we took.
The accommodations were first rate and the food gourmet. It’s a high end hunting lodge which even non-hunters can really appreciate.
Namibia is such a colourful country and it is well worth taking time off from hunting for sigh-seeing. For us, from the USA, this is an exotic adventure and we met some wonderful and friendly people.
I can’t stress enough how important it is for visitors to have help with immigrations and customs. You walked us through the process and there were no surprises.
Thank you for a wonderful vacation experience.

Never in my travels around the world have I experienced a more beautiful destination than the wonderful country of Namibia and your spectacular hunting area. Thank you so very much for opening your lodge to me, and making me feel like one of the family. The experiences from dawn to dusk every day will always be with me. Never have I seen so much game and so many trophy animals. I regret so much that I waited so long to hunt with you!
Johnny and martin were excellent companions for any hunter whether on their first time safari, or their fifth such as I – they are excellent. I am very proud of my excellent Oryx and Hartmann’s Zebra trophies.
You have truly a safari experience that leaves nothing of comparison. It is THE best. I will long cherish the fireside chats and dinners around the big table. Your chef and wait staff were excellent as well.

All y’all have got it together!
You have been so gracious to allow me to have an experience with your safaris. From the very beginning I felt like I had known you for a lifetime. Memories of this experience will stay in my heart for the rest of my life.
Your accommodations were five star, with outstanding amenities, food and service. Your attention to the little things blew my mind. I only wish my wife of 46 years, Joanna, could have experienced your hospitality with me.
On the days of my hunt – oh so many species of animals – it was one of the most memorable hunts I have ever been able to enjoy. Johnny and Martin were outstanding, so not only was it a hunt but it was a learning experience.
I applaud you for your work for your local communities, and your obvious love for the school and the village.

Words cannot describe how impressed I am – you have created a paradise in paradise!! Never before have I seen such a magic place. Just everything is perfect! You are brilliant hosts, and I cannot thank you enough for hosting me.
Keep and protect what you have built here. It is a unique place in your beautiful Namibia.
I look forward to visiting you again soon!