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Namibia Dangerous Game Safari – Caprivi Strip


Namibia Dangerous Game Safari – Caprivi Strip

If you long for one of the last amazing free range Namibia dangerous game safari properties in the southern portion of Africa, look no more.  As we entered this property on our recent check out trip, our jaws dropped as we passed numerous trophy Kudu, Sable, herds of hundreds of Cape Buffalo, mature trophy elephants, Hippos, Roan and massive Crocodile.

The Bwabwata National Park West runs along the Okavango River with borders on Angola and Botswana.  This hunting area encompasses a staggering 700,000 plus acres of prime hunting land.

This land is home to some of the best elephant, buffalo and plains game populations left in Africa, with a very small hunting quota, ensuring exceptional trophy quality rarely seen.

Your veteran professional hunters have been hunting since 2010 and the Caprivi area for nearly two decades.  They have experience in virtually every area of the Caprivi Strip.  This is the property that they choose to hunt because of the quality and quantity of game as well as the distance from local people.  They have the exclusive rights to this area until 2020.Namibia Dangerous Game Safari - Caprivi Strip

Since this outfitter has been hunting this property since 2010, they have developed amazing sand road access around the property allowing for spotting of tracks and access to areas for those that may not be able to walk for many miles in a day.  During your hunt, the entire team will be assisting in the locating process.

Your home for this hunt will be in a well appointed tented camp located along the river set high above.  Each tent has ensuite bathrooms with hot showers and flush toilets.  Night sounds of hippo’s calling, elephants crashing the trees and wake to the morning lions roaring.

Look at the testimonials for some samples of what hunters have experienced with this outfitter.

As with all of our African properties, private aircraft are available for transfers if you prefer.


Top 10

Species: Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Sable, Roan, Kudu, Crocodile, Hippo
Capacity: 6 total with 3 hunters maximum
Location: Namibia Caprivi Strip Bwabwata National Park West


In the Caprivi area in North Eastern Namibia, lies one of the most exciting and exclusive big game hunting areas. Bordering the upper Okavango Delta in Botswana and the Luyana Game Park in Angola lies the Bwabwata Game Park.

The Buffalo Hunting Concession Stretches from the Eastern banks of the Okavango river 60 miles to the east. It has a size of 280000 ha (700 000 acres). The hunting area provides for the most spectacular wildlife viewing and big game hunting opportunities.

Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Hippo and Crocodile as well as some plains game species can be hunted in this huge open area in a way true to the hunting tradition of fair chase.

Our highly experienced professional hunters will guide you on your African hunting expedition and ensure the best quality trophy available on this part of the continent.

All hunting will be traditional spot and stalk hunting.

Your professional hunter plays a major role in your African Adventure. His extensive hunting experience will ensure that you will obtain the best trophies in an ethical way and make your safari the experience of a lifetime.

Professional Hunter:  It is well known that you choose a dangerous game hunt  based on two criteria, the land and the professional hunter!  It is well proven that the hunting land is amazing and now top that off with one of the most storied and experienced professional hunters in the industry.  Koos was born in 1952, grew up on a farm and has started hunting at the age of five (5). Tracking and hunting became his lifestyle and passion. Later on he became one of the most competent and respected trackers in the country and is widely acknowledged as a fundi on tracking – really one of the best you can find, you might even say he is legendary.

He took up professional hunting in 1987. He has built up the numbers of game on his land from zero to hundreds in different species.He was awarded honorary conservationist by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in 1995 already.With his excellent knowledge of ecology, the ecosystem and animal behaviour, he can explain the ways of the wild in a simple and understandable way to anybody.

He hunted the Big Game concessions in northern Namibia since 1994. With his patient nature he can guide old and young, newcomers as well as experienced hunters for the experience of a lifetime.


Take a break from your hunting day and enjoy some Tiger fishing on the Okavango River.

Make a Difference

More than just a hunt!  You will find as the onion is peeled that this outfitter genuinely loves their country and the people.  Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars are donated each year to the improvement of the land, education, people and so much more.  It is from the heart that Koos, Christine, James and the rest of the family give back to their communities.

Here are just a few examples below of their amazing generosity throughout Namibia but particularly in the poorest of the Caprivi communities.

  • Donate to train 40 local people to become drivers and obtaining licenses.  This enables the beneficiaries to secure great jobs and care for their families
  • Donate to train 8 local people to become fork lift drivers so that they can provide for their families
  • 400 school uniforms donated
  • 4×4 pick up truck donated to the community which helps them to be able to pick up supplies and transfer people to receive training.
  • Donating a mini bus for transportation
  • Put new roof on office for the community and updated with computers and paint etc.
  • Aiding in bringing fresh water to central areas without access to water
  • Training center donations to help people to get jobs
  • Securing donations from outside sources to assist in training teachers
  • Donation of animals harvested.  Every bit of the animal is eaten by locals.  Nothing goes to waste!
  • WOW!


5,7,14,21 day itineraries are available depending on the trophies sought.


The tented hunting camp is located on the banks of the Okavango river, breathtaking sunsets are guaranteed. With an abundance of bird and wildlife, as well as diverse vegetation you can be assured of a true African hunting experience.

Your home for this hunt will be in a well appointed tented camp located along the river set high above.  Each of the three tents has ensuite bathrooms with hot showers and flush toilets.  Night sounds of hippo’s calling, elephants crashing the trees and wake to the morning lions roaring.

A common area with comfortable chairs and dining area overlooks the river with a deck.  The well stocked bar and fire pit area provide the evenings entertainment as you share the stories of the day.


Activities besides hunting include:

  • photo safari on the property
  • Tiger fishing
  • Spa treatments
  • Dinner out at a luxury property across the river


Call for rates…this will be one of the most expensive hunts and highly sought after hunts in the southern portion of Africa and for good reason.  The trophy quality is among the finest available and the professional hunters are extremely experienced. Quotas are low ensuring amazing trophies and low hunting pressure.

The old adage stands true here!  You get what you pay for.  This is the finest hunting property we have ever encountered for dangerous game animals as well as Kudu, Sable and Roan.


How do you get to the property?

You will fly into Windhoek, Namibia and either fly by commercial flight to Rundu, Namibia or charter into the area.  It is your choice.  You will be met by your hosts at the airport and transfer to the hunting property about two hours drive from Rundu.

Should I bring my own gun?

Yes, for dangerous game hunts it is very important to have a gun that you are extremely familiar with and comfortable shooting.

How should I prepare for this trip?

We highly recommend that you attend a dangerous game safari preparation course.  At a minimum, you should spend a generous amount of time shooting your gun in a variety of situations so that you are very comfortable and confident in your shooting ability.

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Absolutely the best hunt I have ever been on.  Unbelievable amount of game and very good people. Very skilled and very organized. The hunt cold not have been scripted any better. Hope to return. Rick, Oklahoma

My 14 day safari has been exceptional.  The camp’s location, its tents, food and service is some of the best in Africa. I cannot begin to describe the amount of game that I have seen. Thousands of Cape Buffalo and elephants, sable and roan not to mention Kudu everywhere.  I can’t imagine a more game-rich environment. Dozens of stalks, ended on day 13 with my first elephant bull; a very old bull with black tusks. Truly an experience of a lifetime. I hope I can figure out a way to return.  Jim – Issaquah, Washington

As I prepare to leave this most enchanting locale, I must truly say it has been an exceptionally incredible 14 days with the great team you have… Nowhere have I found better quality wild life, food, trackers and skinners and people running the operation. Koos is an exceptionally knowledgeable PH with a hunting instinct that is inborn. He also respects the wildlife and environment.   Bob

Once again for our 9th time… we had a wonderful time hunting elephant and buffalo only in 2 days time! Hunting them in rain was something new – we will always come back again because we know what to expect – I’ve been hunting many place in Africa and Namibia but this is the best by far! Sren

What a wonderful experience! The food and game were beyond our expectations. The hunting area was wild and full of game. The area has NOT been over hunted as they stand & look at the hunting car. I do not know how to describe how wonderful the hunting experience was. The trackers were amazing to watch. We must have seen 200 buffalo and passed on 2 bulls before we chose one to take. 6 days of buffalo hunting and all that goes with it, will remain a highlight of my life.  David – Nemo, Texas

Magnificent elephant safari experience; Lovely hostess-manager and very experienced & multi-talented PH who barbeques, bartends and really knows his elephants. We had a marvelous time & Scott was able to complete a quest for the authentic big 5 which started at age 16 in 1953. In addition he was able to kill an additional elephant within an eleven day period. This was truly an experience of a lifetime for which we will always be grateful. The food, consisting of lots of game meals and multi vegetables, was excellent. Many, many thanks!  Eleanor & Scott

I hunted this very same area more than twenty years ago. The amount and quality of the game is truly amazing in the improvement of both quality and quantity.  The way the game is being hunted and protected is due to the practices of this organization and its managers. The staff and trackers are of the best quality and training.   Otto

This was too short a trip – next time it will be longer… couldn’t have had a better time. Real Africa with amazing animals – a definite pleasure.   Barbara

I have had an amazing few days with you. Koos knew I was a city boy and got me 10 yards from my reed buck where even I can’t miss. I don’t get to Africa often and you all have made it more wonderful than I could image. I hope to be back soon!  Thank you, CJ

My expectations for this safari were quite high due to the many glowing recommendations from our friends. Somehow your team exceeded even these expectations. …the finest professional hunters but accomplished naturalists, conservationists and both perfect gentlemen. James and Christine manage a fine camp with delicious food, wine (plenty of wine). And finally the trackers…to watch them read the land is the experience of a lifetime.  Joseph, Texas 2015

Truly an unforgettable hunt. The quantity and quality of game here is like nowhere else I have ever hunted in Africa. … Incredible PH’s at the top of their game and it was a privilege to see them and their trackers at work in the bush.  Christina has a 5 star camp and some of the best food I have ever had….. Randy

My second time hunting at this fine camp with this great family and staff. Safari of a lifetime for me and my boys. Three elephants and many trophies. This is what Africa is all about! Thanks for a wonderful experience of a lifetime!    Randy – San Antonio, TX

This has been our best safari ever.  The best game, best support staff, best hunters & tracker anywhere. The game is all in wonderful condition. Great selection of trophies to look at every day. The key I think is the vigorous anti-poaching & conservation efforts …..  Joe & Tina –  San Antonio, TX

Thank you to all for a once in a lifetime experience. Koos was an incredible guide not only as a reliable backup, but also in his teaching and preparation before the hunt took place. I am thrilled to have completed my big 5 with a wonderful elephant and great, adrenaline filled, experience. Koos made me feel confident and collected while only 15 yards (or less!) from my elephant. Everyone here is truly a wonderful team and makes camp a very comfortable place to stay. Sara – New York

Had an awesome time, great experience and great facility. Couldn’t imagine a better place to spend 10 days/ Made 3 more great friends and can’t wait to come back. Andy – Missouri

Where else can you see 1000+ buffalo per day, 200-500 elephant, not to mention herds of sable, roan & impala as well as kudu behind every 4th bush. And Koos – he is a real hunter and knows how to work this area. Seeing his teams in action is a thing of tactical beauty. We got up close and personal with groups of bull elephants nearly every day, tracked and located by Koos and the bushmen…. This was for me the absolute high point of my hunting career.  – Montana

Wonderful camp and service. Thanks very much to Christine and Koos and Kobus for an exceptional hunting experience.  Will be back!!  Ivan

A fantastic concession and wonderful people in a great country. It was a pleasure to spend time with Koos, Kobus and Christine. – John