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Michigan Whitetail Hunt


Michigan Whitetail Hunt

“The hunt of a lifetime that you’ll want to go on over and over”! This private family owned and operated game ranch is located in the heart of big northern Michigan whitetail hunt country! A personal favorite of ours, this hunt is as good as it gets, with very nice rustic luxury accommodations, warm service, delicious food and game that remind you of why you love whitetail hunting. Once you have had this experience, you will want to come back year after year. Located in prime Michigan deer country 66 miles northwest of Grand Rapids, the terrain is dense with deep cedar ravines.Michigan Whitetail Hunt

This Michigan whitetail hunt is truly a challenging hunt as you search 1,300 acres of mature hardwood ridges, open fields and misty hemlock bottoms in central Michigan for the crafty wild native Northern whitetail buck.  This is an experience hunt with the opportunity to harvest a mature deer; this is not a “killing trip”. There is no by the inch pricing!  This is a true hunting trip where there is a high opportunity to hunt giant whitetail but there is no guarantee of success…a challenging hunting trip!

For the past 17 years the family has intensively managed the herd for producing big framed northern Whitetails and carefully cultivated the ground for unparalleled hunting experiences.

As you enter the ranch the demands and expectations of your world quickly drop like antlers do late in the season…you feel a natural calm that can only be found in nature…you become part of “hunting camp” the way it used to be…you become part of this hunting family.

Owners of Antlers & Anglers Worldwide have been hunting with this family for sixteen years!  We love it and most importantly we love the people in this family!


Top 10

Species: Whitetail and turkey
Capacity: 17 people
Location: Central Michigan 3,000+ acres
Season: Whitetail - Late August through early December Turkey - Spring
Method: Rifle or archery
Lodging: Nice lodge
Food: Chef
Trip Length: Four days (Monday through Friday schedule)
Transport: Guides vehicles
Guided: 1x1 or 2x1 Guided


The terrain here is a mix of thick woods, deep ravines, swamps, and heavy brush. The majority of the hunting is done from very comfortable, spacious box blinds that have heaters for the cold months or traditional Texas safari style from the truck. During the rut you and your guide might hit the ground in the morning for some rattling and still hunting. This is an unforgettable experience when the bucks are responding to rattling!

There is no preserve hunt in the industry that matches this hunt and we would add that there is possibly no free range hunt that matches this experience hunt.  This is not a guaranteed hunt but it is a high opportunity hunt.  This is an experience hunt with the opportunity to harvest a mature deer; this is not a “killing trip”. There is no by the inch pricing. Trophy and management hunts are offered for the discerning hunter.

The guides are experienced and passionate about hunting.  Each hunt is unique and you never know what will step out of the woods next!

This beautiful 1,300 acre ranch has very diverse terrain with beautiful hard wood flats on top, deep ravines and dark misty swampy cedar bottoms. The majority of the hunting is done from very comfortable, spacious box blinds that have windows that seal and heaters for the cold months. During the rut you and your guide might hit the ground in the morning for some rattling and still hunting. This can be an unforgettable experience when the bucks are responding to rattling! During middays enjoy some good old Texas safari style hunting riding the roads perched up in a high rack.

Hunt packages are available from presidential hunts to Managers hunts.  The schedule is a Monday to Friday schedule.

Make a Difference

We would venture to say that there are few outfitters in the United States that give back to the community and to wounded warriors of our military at the level that this family outfitter does.  This is a character family and they place “making a difference” in the world ahead of their own needs and desires.  How do they do this?

  • Each year, they host a wounded warriors hunt for our military veterans!
  • Each year, they host a hunt for children with special needs or situations!

Think about it.  This is a small family operation and they personally do more for our military and children than many hunting operations combined.  They take two weeks out of every hunting season on their own managed property to give others an experience of a lifetime hunt.

We could not be prouder to work with this selfless family!


Sunday:  Arrive in Grand Rapids and spend the night near the airport

Monday:  The “Limo” will pick you up at your hotel in the late morning and drive you to the ranch about two hours away.  Arrive for late lunch and shoot in your rifle.  Head out to the blind for your first hunt.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:   Hunt

Friday:  Morning Limo ride back to the Grand Rapids airport for your departure home


The beautiful ranch style lodge overlooks the valley and is decorated with trophies that you only dream about. Each room is designed for comfort and to meet your every need. The lodge offers several living areas, each to accommodate your desires for comfort, entertainment, and solitude. If you want to visit late at night, a full open bar is staffed for your pleasure. If you just want to relax in front of the T.V., satellite is in several common areas. For the hunter who enjoys “swapping lies” the fire pit is always a favorite! Sit out on the back porch and watch the game on the lake.

A well trained chef is at your service to prepare all of your delicious meals. If you have special requests, the chef is eager to do his best to accommodate your desires. One guest said “Great facilities, great hunting, great food but it’s the people here that make this a great experience. It’s great to find a place where the people are this dedicated to taking care of their guests.”


Glenna, the owner’s wife, will enjoy showing you the local shopping and introducing you to the Amish community. She is a delight to be with!


2019 Rates:

Managers Hunt: (4 days with 7 hunts)
A September or early October hunt where you will be given the opportunity to harvest one mature management buck. The hunter, accompanied by one guide, will have the opportunity to harvest one mature whitetail buck that does not quite meet the high genetic standards of bucks that are wanted to go into the rutting season. These bucks are great trophies. 1×1 guided four day hunts begin Monday afternoon and ends Thursday night with a Friday morning departure.  1×1 guided three day hunts begin on Monday and end on Wednesday night or begin on Wednesday and end on Friday night.  A mature buck scoring 150-180
$6,500 per hunter (1×1 guided)
for 4 days (7 hunts)
$4,500 per hunter (2×1 guided) for 4 days (7 hunts)

Presidential Hunt:  (4 days with 7 hunts)
Looking to shoot any deer that  steps out in front of you, mature or not.  This hunt is limited to only a few select guests.

$12,000 – $19,000 date specific but NO BY THE INCH PRICING!

Call for more details


How do I get to the lodge?

We suggest you fly into Grand Rapids the night before your 4 day hunt begins and spend the night there to avoid weather or other flight delay problems. The lodge limo will pick you up the following morning at your hotel and drive you to the lodge, arriving in time to unpack and eat lunch. After lunch you will shoot your rifle to be sure it’s sighted in and then head to the woods for an afternoon hunt.  Four day hunters will hunt the following 3 full days (7 hunts total). Eat breakfast the following morning and then head back to the airport for your return trip home.

If you decide to fly in the day of the hunt, please make sure your plane arrives by 10 a.m. The airlines tendency for “late” arrivals may interfere with your first afternoon hunt and cause you to need alternate transportation to the lodge. The limo cannot wait for late arrivals because other clients’ afternoon hunts will be in jeopardy. Your departure flight home should be after 11:00 AM as the limo will arrive at the airport about 9:30 AM.

Private planes can fly into Roben-Hood airport in Little Rapids. There is a 4,300 foot runway and it’s only 7 minutes from the lodge.

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Finally, travel insurance is time-sensitive and must be purchased within a certain number of days of your deposit to cover preexisting conditions, lodge closings and other various issues.  It is still available later but the benefits may be more limited.

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I really think my son shot a deer of a lifetime and especially one that would rank high in anyone’s book for a first buck tag.
We appreciate your willingness to see that we enjoyed every aspect and you were right when you said we would not be disappointed. Food, excellent, Service, excellent, Overall experience, excellent. Time with my son, Priceless……
Roy, AL

All of the guides took me back to the days where the anticipation of the hunt was like the first deer hunt as a kid. That is so hard to do in these days of commercialized deer ranches. Keep up the great work and thanks for rekindling my faith in “the real deer hunt”.
Tom E., TX

Being able to be with my dad and husband for my first buck was a dream come true. Everything was so wonderful. We can’t wait to come back next year!
Kayleen T. NH

Awesome time! We will be back.

The willingness and eagerness of the lodge staff to help in anyway will not be easily forgotten. This easily compares and surpasses the type of service you expect and get at any first class resort.

Thank you very much for taking me out hunting. Also for teaching me so much about nature. Also for trying so hard. I also enjoyed the humor and the rattling was cool.
(Youth) Chris, FL

I will never forget this! The last six days have been a blessing to me. It’s nice to know God comes first and with that, everything else will follow. Thank you very, very much.
Tony, CA

The deer and the hunting is awesome but the attitude and willingness to serve is what really stands out. Philip, GA