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Louisiana Redfish Lodge


Louisiana Redfish Lodge

This Louisiana Redfish lodge fishing outfitter is on a mission to give the world the opportunity to catch truly monstrous Louisiana redfish! There is no better place to catch giant redfish than Louisiana. In late fall, schools of redfish inundate the maze of lagoons, bays and bayous that make up the Louisiana coast, fattening up for the winter months. Let this owner-operated outfitter and his team of expert, licensed captains introduce you to this region’s incredible fishing for monster redfish, huge black drum and gator-sized speckled trout.Louisiana Redfish Lodge

You’ll fish from modern skiffs equipped with poling and elevated casting platforms and sight fishing – no blind casting. To top it off, the marsh areas that they fish are true wilderness areas, where you rarely see another boat, much less another fisherman.

This outfitter accommodates fly fisherman or spin fishermen for his Louisiana redfish trips.  He holds numerous fly fishing records.



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Species: Redfish and Speckled Trout
Capacity: 6 people
Location: Louisiana near New Orleans
Season: Prime time for giant redfish is fall and winter but you can catch numbers of redfish in the summer and spring
Method: Fly fishing or spinning gear
Lodging: Louisiana style bed and breakfast, condo or outfitters home. You choose
Food: Cajun style meals depending on your choice of accommodations.
Trip Length: Packages for two or mores days
Transport: Guide vehicles to well stocked boats such as technical poling skiffs, mud boats and offshore boats
Guided: 2x1 Guided


In the past 12 months, they have caught 3 fish over 50 pounds, 5 fish over 40 pounds, 53 fish over 30 pounds and 300+ fish over 20 pounds!

This outfitter has guided anglers to five fly rod world records! Some people gauge the day by the number of fish caught; this outfitter gauges the day based upon the pounds of fish caught and released! When they boat 6 to 8 fish that add up to 200 pounds in a single day of redfishing, they are on ‘em!

All your gear is provided: rods, reels, flies and leaders. You are encouraged to leave your equipment at home because of the hassle of flying and checking your gear. However, if you elect to bring your gear, they will work with you to make the best suggestions to assure a productive experience. Spinning gear is provided for those who don’t fly-fish or for the occasion when conditions prohibit fly fishing.

Every year we receive a number of calls from clients who are looking for a quality fishing experience closer to home and for a shorter period of time. Consider this- within an hour’s drive of Bourbon Street lies one of the premier saltwater fisheries in North America, located in South Louisiana where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico.

As for speckled trout, you will find that this outfitter is among the best in the industry.

You will be visiting a beautiful, off-the-beaten-track part of the world where the people are warm and friendly, but this part of Louisiana was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and the flood, so much of what you will see on land has been destroyed. When you visit, you are encouraged to look for the positive. Hear what they have to say. Enjoy Southern hospitality and incredible fishing.

All guides have technical poling skiffs such as Hell’s Bay Guide 18, Professional 17.8, or Maverick HPX. The fleet also includes tow mud boats with Beaver Tail backwater engines and offshore boats for fishing sharks, cobia and dolphins or for cruising to islands for wade fishing.


There are three options for accommodations on this trip.  You can stay at a B&B which means a drive to get to where the fish are, the outfitters home, or a comfortable condo near the fishing.  Prime fishing spots move around throughout the season.

The Woodland Plantation and Spirits Hall is the last remaining publicly accessible plantation home on the Mississippi River below New Orleans. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and has been featured on the labels of Southern Comfort bottles since 1934. Truly a classic taste of southern hospitality, it is an outstanding bed and breakfast and restaurant.

The Look Out Inn is a great bed and breakfast located near the banks of the Mississippi River. It is a classic New Orleans turn-of-the-century home and gets its name from WWI when the building was commandeered by the US Navy as a lookout for submarines in the Mississippi River. A makeshift ladder still exists in front of the top rear attic window from that time period. It’s a fun place to stay, as each room is decorated for a specific theme, including even an Elvis Suite.


New Orleans!


2018 Call for updated pricing and details

2 Day Minimum Trip
$1600 for a single angler
$1200 per person for two anglers and one boat


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“The trip was fantastic and catching my first triple digit tarpon on the fly was an amazing experience. Everything was first rate as always. Fishing from the Triton is the envy of the Carrabelle fleet. No one is going to beat us to a spot and it couldn’t be any more comfortable regardless of the conditions. It’s nice to take a destination fly trip with accommodations as comfortable as the condo and the pool at the end of the day is a nice treat. Thanks again and I look forward to next year.

“Our trip could not have been any better. We were amazed at your knowledge of the marsh and your ability to put us on big reds every day. My partner and I were truly impressed by how you knew exactly where to find the big boys even with the changing weather and tides we encountered. We both remarked that this trip was a little slice of what it must feel like to be King of the World. Sight casting to giant reds by day and Bourbon Street by night. Even though it’s a dream come true to end every fishing day with the unbelievable food and music of New Orleans, we are looking forward to booking a trip on your Mothership to access even more of your remote locations.

“I booked my first trip with Gregg after seeing film of those ridiculously huge Cajun Reds taking flies at the Fly Fishing Film Tour. What I didn’t expect was just how vast, complicated and beautiful the Louisiana marsh is. Gregg and his guides know every inch of that entire marsh and it is a great learning experience to watch them work in their native habitat. Sight-casting to giant reds in this special place is what it’s all about. These guys are professionals, they know where the fish are and I’ve seen them work with anglers of all skill levels. They’ve made me a better stalker of the flats with a fly rod for sure. Warning, this place is addictive, we all come back for more every chance we get.