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Kentucky Whitetail Hunt


Kentucky Whitetail Hunt

In 1986 their first 186 trophy whitetail deer was killed on one of the family farms.  Since then this Kentucky whitetail hunt outfitter has been selectively hunting their farms for trophy whitetails.  They are now partnering with others, like you,  who share the passion of deer hunting on a new level by opening their hunting experience up to those who want to join them on a hunt.

Located in Northeastern Kentucky and are offering opportunities to hunt along the Ohio River and remote big woods in prime trophy whitetail habitat.  This outfitting operation was formed to provide the highest quality hunting experience.  The location is in one of the most productive areas of Kentucky for trophy deer.  They are in an area where there are virtually no other whitetail outfitting operations available.  The word is out on what they have known for some time. Kentucky is the go to state for the opportunity to harvest a trophy whitetail. Kentucky ranks very high on the number of trophies taken each year.  This outfitter improves that ratio by putting you in areas that are known to produce trophy whitetails.Kentucky Whitetail Hunt

In order to have a high quality deer herd you need four main ingredients.  Genetics, age structure, remote habitat, and food. They certainly have the genetics as Lewis County, Kentucky, is one of the red states in the Boone and Crockett club.  Deer are able to age because there is remote habitat.  They have food from natural mast crops, large white oak stands with acorns to farms overlooking fertile Ohio River bottoms with grain crops.  These ingredients are the foundations for creating trophy whitetails.

Their goal is to create the best opportunity for you to harvest a trophy whitetail, offer a very memorable experience and to create long term friendships with those who choose to hunt with them. They thought long and hard before they even decided to move forward and open up to others the joy of the type of hunting they have in Kentucky.  However, having reached a point in life where creating the opportunity and sharing the experience is more exciting than the harvest, our outfitter was formed.  We have the lodging, land and the resources necessary to create a high quality, fair chase hunting experience.  They are offering a very limited number of hunts each year.


Top 10

Species: Whitetail Deer
Capacity: 4 Hunters
Location: Lewis County
Season: September to November
Method: Rifle, Archery, Muzzleloader
Lodging: Cabins
Food: Home cooking
Trip Length: Varies
Transport: Guide Vehicle
Guided: Semi Guided


Fair Chase + Low Pressure = Trophy Whitetails

The hunting is a low pressure and fair chase hunting environment.  A maximum of four hunters will be in camp at one time.   Hunts will be arranged based on various conditions at the time of and during your hunt.  They are large enough in geographic size yet limit the number of hunters so that they can offer you dramatically different hunting experiences during your 5 day hunt.  Each hunter will be provided topography maps with updated scouting intelligence along with natural travel, bedding and funnel areas marked.

Semi-Guided Whitetail Deer Hunts

Hunts are semi-guided which means that your guide will not sit with you but will drop you off at your stand.  Stands are strategically located based on current feeding and bedding conditions at the time of your hunt.  Additionally, based on current deer movements and hunting choice, you and your guide will discuss strategies and will work with you to make adjustments.  You will be shown the areas and fully briefed on what is happening within the specific grid you will be hunting.  We do encourage hunters to bring their own stands based specifically on their individual preferences.

Best Opportunity of a True Whitetail Hunt Experience

One cannot fully predict the habits and movement of wildlife.  It is this outfitters goal to provide you with the best opportunity to see and harvest a quality deer.  They offer an area with all the right ingredients, food, safe areas, and quality deer concentrations in an effort for you to harvest a quality deer.  They can predict and control your lodging; they cannot control the movements of deer.  Some of the areas with the least deer concentrations grow the largest deer.  This is not a shooting gallery and hunts are structured for those looking for a trophy deer and willing to take the chance of not harvesting a deer but creating great memories should that trophy deer not present itself.

Minimum Scores help for Future Trophies

They do have a minimum score of 125 or 15” spread in order to allow deer to grow.




The Deerfield Cottage –This is a 900’ ft Log cottage featuring a front porch, a patio in the back, sun room and relaxing area, kitchenette and dining area, bath room with washer and dryer, large bedroom housing a set of bunk beds and a large living area with satellite TV.   This Cottage sleeps 4.

The Classic Cabin – This is a 1400’ ft classic hewn log cabin fully restored with the rustic traditions of the past and with all the modern conveniences of today.  The cabin features a 100% wrap around porch, full kitchen area and a massive cut stone fireplace nestled atop a knoll overlooking our property.  You will be able to look out over the countryside, watch food plots just behind the cabin and you will be transformed to the past as most hints of modern civilization are left behind.  This cabin sleeps 4.

The Pavilion– It is here where the spirit of the past comes alive, where the traditions of our forefathers present themselves, and where the hunting stories and experiences once again come alive as they are shared around the fireplace each evening from both lodges.  Hunters can gather here and share stories and encompass the traditions of KY.  In this area you will be able to wind down in an outdoor area adjacent to the Classic Cabin.  Satellite radio and outdoor dining is available in this area as well as evening campfires.  This area allows hunters from both lodges to gather while not disturbing those resting.


Home style meals.


2019 Rates: Call for updated pricing

September: 5 Day Archery Velvet Hunt – $2,500
November: 5 Day  Pre-Rut Archery Hunt – $2,500
November: 5 Day Rifle Rut Hunt – $2,900