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Georgia Quail Hunt – Nashville


Georgia Quail Hunt – Nashville

For generations a Georgia Quail hunt has been a time honored tradition.  This plantation upholds the storied tradition of the famed Georgia quail hunt, known as the classic gentleman’s sport.  Delicious southern cuisine, first-rate accommodations and an exciting Georgia quail hunting experience make this a perfect destination for your family, friends or corporate event.

Over the years, they have built their reputation on quality hunts, experienced guides, great food, and some of the finest hospitality the South has to offer. A traditional truly southern Georgia quail hunt where your group of only eight shooters may enjoy privacy with availability up to 16 shooters.

As with any great lodge, it is the people that make the difference.  The expert staff know how to provide an “old style” hunting experience with great pointers and flushing dogs.  Your warm staff will greet you and care well for you and your group as you enjoy true Southern hospitality. Quantity and quality of the birds always impresses shooters and brings them back year after year.Georgia Quail Hunt - Nashville

Wingshooters enjoy hunting the old fashioned way, over well trained pointers.  Flushing dogs keep the birds flying hard and fast. There are NO EXTRA BIRD FEES.  No extra bird fees means you can relax and enjoy the shoot without counting birds worrying about the big tab at the end of your shoot!  This is an inclusive and worry free Georgia Quail hunting experience that is sure to draw you back year after year.

When you are not enjoying world class quail hunting, they have special photographic only areas for exotic animals including zebra, impala, fallow deer and red stag deer.  There are also several managed ponds on the property which make for a fun mid-day outing for bass and bream.

This plantation is located just outside Nashville, GA which is about 30 minutes from the Valdosta airport.  Birmingham is just over a 5 hour drive and Atlanta is about 3 hours.



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Species: Quail, Pheasant (Tower)
Capacity: 16 (A group of 8 have the lodge exclusively)
Location: Nashville, Georgia
Season: October 1 - March 31
Method: Shotgun
Lodging: Beautiful Southern Plantation
Food: Home-cooked Southern Style
Trip Length: It is up to you
Transport: Bird buggy or jeep drawn wagons
Guided: Two to six with one guide rotating two shooters at a time


The lodge has over 3,000 acres of beautiful south Georgia prime quail land for your enjoyment. The area around the lodge is perfect for edge hunting along fields with broom sedge and wiregrass for a more open hunt. Other areas are dense pine thickets with big timber and tall grass. The diversity of the terrain allows the hunter to have two totally different hunting experiences over a full day hunt.

Professional guides with their well-trained English Pointers, English Setters and German Short haired Pointers will work hard putting you on the birds. English cockers and Labs will keep things exciting flushing birds. You will love the excitement of watching these well trained dogs as they guide you to fast flying birds on this challenging shoot. This is not a “kick-em up” hunt!

This lodge does not mix hunting parties in the field.

Your hunt will be on a very nice “Bird Buggy”, a couple of comfortable wagons pulled by Jeeps or a Polaris Ranger Crew quail rig.  Pairs take turns walking behind the dogs as coveys are discovered by the well trained pointers.

Typical schedule:  Breakfast is at 8:00 so you can be in the field by 9:00. After your morning hunt you will return for lunch at noon. Hunters will be back in the field around 1:30-2:00 for a great afternoon experience. Return for a delicious dinner.


Each itinerary is customized for your group.  Half day, full day, full day with overnight, half day with overnight and half day, or multiple day trips.


Nestled in Nashville, Georgia, this lodge offers the best in warm, inviting surroundings. The main lodge boasts a main room with comfortable seating surrounding the oversized stone fireplace. In classic southern plantation style, rocking chairs adorn the sweeping front porch.  A screened in back porch with a large outside fireplace makes for a great second sitting area.  Seven comfortable bedrooms are spread throughout the compound with most enjoying private baths.  Sixteen is the maximum number of guests but eight shooters enjoy private use of the lodge.

Next to the main lodge is the little lodge which offers a fantastic game room, pool table and two of the seven bedrooms.

No trip is complete without one of their mouth-watering meals. Guests enjoy full southern style meal in the evening and a sumptuous country breakfast is served by 8:00 a.m. to allow for a full morning of quail hunting.

Take a peak out the back door and you might see zebra or other exotic game animals!




For your convenience there is a lighted wobble trap range at the lodge for warm up and fun games.  There are four stocked ponds, one with a dock, with bass and bream for some fun fishing!

On the property roaming you will find some exotic animals.  If you would like, the staff will take you on a small safari on the back of the property!


2017/18 Pricing:

$925 per person which includes a full day hunt with overnight
This includes lodging, open bar, 3 meals, guide, dogs, unlimited birds (cleaned and packed in cooler), Wobble Trap for warm up.

Half day hunts, full day hunts and observers welcome

Call for more details


Where do I fly into?
 Round trip transportation is available for guests who fly in to the Valdosta (For a fee) or Nashville, GA  (Free service) airports.

Are shells available at the lodge?
Yes, shells are available for sale at the lodge at market price.

Can I hunt more than two shooters at a time?
Only two hunters are allowed on the ground at one time for safety reasons

Do I get to take birds home?
 All your birds will be cleaned and packaged in an insulated cooler for your trip home

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