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Client Entertainment Trips…They will never forget!

Antlers & Anglers Worldwide client entertainment trips…they will never forget
Problem:  You want to increase sales and retention of clients. 
Solution:   Client entertainment trips in the outdoors.  Spend time in the outdoors with your clients and sales team.  Our visited and verified hunting & fishing trips will increase client retention and increase sales!  Ask our corporate clients all over the country and they will tell you:
  • Customer retention increases with entertainment travel
  • Retention skyrockets when you spend time in the outdoors with your customers! 
  • Your customer will likely not remember who took them to a golf tournament for the 5th time or to a sporting event but we guarantee they will remember who treated them to a hunting or fishing trip! There is no substitute for time around a fire pit under the stars in the evenings with a cold drink sharing tales of the days adventures.
  • We take care of all the details so you can focus on your own work load!
Idea: Your hosts stay at a lodge for multiple nights and have your customers rotate in and out.  Decreases travel expenses & in between clients, meet with your sales team.
Revenue Producing TRIP IDEAS:
Under $1700 pp

Under $3,000 pp 


Under $4,900 pp 



For the Whale Client or Big Producers

Under $10,000 pp

  • Botswana Hunting Pkg 8N/7D  $6,900 inclusive of 5 animals
  • Alaska Fly-Float Plane Fishing 7N/6D $9395 pp
  • Elk Hunts starting at $8,500 pp
  • Argentina 3Day Dove/3Day Big Game(Includes Water Buffalo & $1000 in shells) $6,250 pp
  • South Africa Bird hunting 6N/5D $4,500 + $1,000 shells = $5,500 pp
  • Photo Safaris in Africa 7N/8D trips $6,900 pp
  • In Africa combine touring and hunting
  • Argentina Mixed Bag 5N/6D $4750 + $1000 shells = $5,750 pp
  • Alabama unlimited whitetail size flat fee 3N/3D 8,900 pp realistic up to 200+ SCI
  • Whitetail Hunts for the monsters
  • Unlimited possibilities for Big Game animals
  • And more

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