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British Columbia Wolf Hunt & Big Game


British Columbia Wolf Hunt & Big Game

You will find this well established British Columbia outfitter to be a top quality family and selective hunting opportunity for discriminating sportsmen.  Among the many big game animals hunted with this outfitter is the best opportunity for a wolf hunt in the world.

All hunts are conducted under fair chase and 100% legal hunting methods. Owner operator, Mark is a passionate conservationists passing along his passion for preserving hunting to his four boys for the future.  You will find a full slate of BC species including Canadian Moose, Black Bear, Grizzly, Rocky Mountain Goat, Rocky Mountain Elk, Whitetail, Mule Deer and Timber Wolf.  In particular, he has established a 50% opportunity rate wolf hunt that is the envy of the industry.British Columbia Wolf Hunt & Big Game

He has recently expanded the operation to cover exclusive hunting areas from the moose flats of Prince George to the Rocky Mountains of the South Kootenays. Within that area he operates out of several base camps with full amenities and remote camps on rivers and lakes.

He has access to over 150 established trails taking you into secret hunting locations and many of them with platform stands strategically placed over moose meadows , swamps and lakes. From these safe, large, platform stands we provide the hunter and guide excellent opportunity to call and glass the area.

These vantage points allow for a steady shot off the shooting rails. He also uses a combination of boats gently drifting down our rivers or off a lake. 4 X 4s are used to cover these large areas. Spot and stalk with calling during the rut is the prime method.

On your hunt, you will enjoy breathtaking scenery and untouched wilderness in exclusive hunting territories in Northern and North Central British Columbia, Canada.

They boast one of the highest densities of Moose and Black Bear populations in British Columbia.

You will enjoy the comforts of fully equipped base camps. Hearty home cooked meals, hot showers and satellite phones are just a few of the conveniences.

Whether hunting single or mixed bag hunts, you will agree that this is a class “A” outfit.

Top 10 Reasons to Hunt with this outfitter:

  1. High success on hunts
  2. Well established outfit
  3. Family run operation
  4. Guaranteed tags for Moose, Bear, Elk, Deer, Wolf and Lynx
  5. Rifle hunts in peak Elk and Moose rut season
  6. Archery hunters welcome
  7. Great camps and food
  8. Friendly knowledgeable guides that work hard
  9. No overcrowding
  10. Your Success is our Success!

Your operator, Mark currently serves as President of the Guide Outfitters Association of BC and sits as past President for the BC Fishing Resorts and Outfitter Assoc.

We are told all the time, that the atmosphere is like none other. The fun in camp. The friendly bantering and competition between guides! The practical jokes! They pride themselves on good ol’ fashion Canadian hospitality . Most clients become good friends and stay in touch over the years.


Top 10

Species: Wolf, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Elk, Mule Deer, Whiteail, Mountain Goat
Capacity: Varies depending on species
Location: Central British Columbia
Season: Varies by species
Method: Rifle or Archery
Lodging: Very Basic tents and cabins
Food: Remote camp cooking
Trip Length: Varies
Transport: Guide Vehicle
Guided: 2x1 or 1x1 Guided


Black Bear:

Hunt with one of the top Black Bear operations in British Columbia. Their consistent harvest of extra large Black Bears, as well as, high density of color phase, has set them apart from the rest.

These Mountain Black Bear have some of the thickest coats in the world, due to hunting within weeks of the bears emerging from hibernation. Six to seven foot squared bears are harvested annually. Mature Bear skulls average 18-21 inches.

They strive for is 100% opportunity; therefore, all of the hunting territories offer Black Bear hunts. These hunts are offered in the spring or fall. Method of hunting is all spot and stalk (NO BAIT) and is sure to provide a heart pounding adventure.  Multiple stalks occurring regularly.

Hunts are conducted from base camp and spike camps. Spring and fall hunts are available.


British Columbia has been long known for it’s high density of Canadian Moose. All of these territories have excellent Moose hunting.

Sizes vary from camp to camp, as well as densities of the moose. Mature bulls range from 40 – 55 inches.

Being surrounded by over 200 lakes and 5 major river systems, they guarantee they have a Moose hunt for you. Either, early season spot and stalk, peak of the run, or late season migration hunts take place from either the base camp or one of the remote spike camps.

Hunters are transported by vehicle to remote locations or a truly remote river hunt.

Any age or physical ability can join this hunt.  Recently we have added a hunt for Shiras Moose. The Shiras moose is found mostly in southwestern British Columbia, Canada around the Kootenay and South Okangan regions and down to the US border. The Shiras moose has the smallest body and antlers of any North American moose. The body color is a rusty yellowish-brown, with a pale brownish saddle.

Mountain Goat:  August to October

Season starts from August 1st to October. The weather is usually stable and the goats’ coats are getting nice as fall sets in and provides us with the first frosty nights.

The Skeena and Rocky Mountains of British Columbia are well known for producing record book quality mountain goats.  These goats range in size from 9” to 11” with a typical 100% opportunity. The reason for the great success on mountain goat hunts is the terrain. They hunt goats between 5,000 and 6,000 feet in elevation. In several locations, the hike to the tree-line is only 2 to 4 hours and the use of some cut trails make it quite manageable for most hunters in good physical condition.

The guides area also has some very remote goat hunting locations where the hike through the forest takes you to some ranges that have possibly never seen hunters before. These goat hunts are as physically demanding as one would expect but can produce some great trophy Goats! The Skeena and Rocky Mountains in our area have produced numerous excellent mountain goats over the past decade.

They have several locations that are recommend to seasoned hunters that are still in relative good shape but can’t do the steep climbs or bush-whacking grunts that most mountain goat hunts are so well known for. If you are not confident in your physical ability to do a goat hunt please give us a call and we will describe these “easier” locations in detail to you and let you decide if that could be right for you.

These majestic animals live between elevations of 5000 and 6000 feet .  You will be picked up from Prince George or Smithers and transport you to a base camp to prepare for the hunt. In some cases you may go directly to the spike camp. From you and your guide will take your mountain tents and supplies and hike up to tree-line. Mountain goat hunting can last anywhere from 2 hours to 9 days, depending on the weather. To hunt mountain goats in Canada, the hunter need not be a marathon runner but should be in fairly good shape. The better your condition, the more you will enjoy your goat hunt.

They also have some great locations that lend themselves to combination hunts for goat, moose, grizzly bear, black bear and wolf.

Grizzly Bear:

Hunt Grizzly with BC Guide Outfitters. Between all the hunting territories, they hold a hand full of extremely sought after Grizzly tags. They have established a method of hunting for almost any age and physical ability.They offer spring and fall hunts and boast a very high Grizzly population.

The reasons for these high grizzly numbers are limited hunting and pristine, remote undisturbed grizzly habitat. This outfitter has the rights to the few non-resident grizzly tags in the area and strictly manages the hunt focusing only on large adult male bears. Not only does this offer great trophy opportunities, but it also increases the population by removing some of the cannibalistic mature grizzly boars. The greatest natural threat to a juvenile grizzly is a large male grizzly.

Grizzlies are hunted in the spring as they feed on the new lush green growth that starts in May. As June begins grizzlies become very active as the rut nears and the predatory instinct to find moose calves kicks in. Spring hunts are spot and stalk and offer exciting opportunities to get close to bears while they are busy feeding.

Fall hunts start in September and offer great opportunities for both bow and rifle hunters. Grizzlies congregate on the salmon streams and this concentration of bears allows tree stands to be a very successful and safe way to harvest a grizzly. It isn’t uncommon to see 2-3 grizzlies each day during this time of year.

Late September and October hunts are excellent times to harvest a bear in combination with a moose or an elk. Bears gorge themselves on remaining berries this time of year often feeding up to 20 hrs a day. This feeding behavior makes them easier to spot and much more predictable.

Whether you come and hunt in the spring or fall, you can be sure that you’ve chosen some of the most legendary grizzly habitat in the world.


The majestic royal elk has long been the ultimate trophy. Due to government enforced six point antler restriction, the herds and trophy quality have increased.

Hunt either the early season spot and stalk, peak of the rut, or late season migration. Any level of physical ability can enjoy this hunt. They have remote hunts off the river and private land hunts.

Elk hunting can be combined with some species. They now have some private land available for Elk and Deer hunts. They have tree stands and these areas hold good numbers of quality animals.

They also offer a river based Elk hunt! This hunt can be combined with other species if available. These Elk hunts are hunted in the rut and calling is close quarters on ridges and thick pine stands. Good archery opportunities


Experience the true North in only the way that a backcountry winter hunt can offer.

This outfitter has been providing premium fully guided wolf hunting trips for almost a decade. They are a true family owned Outfit, coupled with hands on management and overseeing every detail is one reason why they boast a 50 % repeat clientele.

This hunt is conducted on a spot & stalk basis. They use a combination of 4 x 4 trucks, snow mobiles and snow shoes. Wolves are plentiful in the area and they have historical information on their traveling routes. They have some heated remote cabins located on lakes that the packs use on a regular basis. Blinds are also used.

This outfitter has become one of the top wolf hunting outfitters in Canada offering a very high success. Most of their clients have been on other wolf hunts and have not been successful. Through trial and error they have developed a system that has offered approx 50% opportunity. These hunts are conducted 100% legal and fair chase standards.

Cougar and Lynx:

Hunt the backcountry for Cougar. They hunt several of the best Cat area’s of B.C. with traditional hounds. Their guides are experienced houndsmen that love the pursuit. BC holds many of the record book entries for Cougar. The increased Deer population has increased the cougar population to what it is today which offers a great opportunity for today’s adventure hunter!

In Dec or early Jan. Canadian Lynx can be made into a combo. Some times wolf.

Hunt dates can be confirmed, but best results are achieved if the hunt can be booked on standby notice. During your adventure, you’ll be staying in warm cozy cabins or in a spike camp depending on the area hunted.

Big Horn Sheep:

This outfitter has a new hunting territory in the Kootenay Rockies near the Top of the World Provincial Park. They now offer hunting for beautiful trophy size Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. The area has a full curl minimum for hunting which guarantees a good trophy size sheep.

Starting in 2017 they will be offering an early season and a late season bighorn sheep hunt in this challenging new area. The hunts will be physically demanding and will be a blend of horseback to base camp and then backpacking into the moutains where needed.

High in the Kootenay Ranges of the Rocky Mountain region of south eastern British Columbia this new area has some beautiful scenery and untouched mountain ranges most of which is at an elevation in excess of 2,200 metres.



2020 Pricing

Big game pricing starts $4,450

Wolf hunts – $7,250

Call for additional pricing


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