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British Columbia Big Game Hunting Lodge

British Columbia Big Game Hunting Lodge

This British Columbia big game hunting area is located in the Purcell mountain range (West Kootenay) and consists of around 4,400 square kilometers. It is the largest guiding territory in the It is the largest guiding territory in the southeastern corner of British Columbia and encompasses the 80 mile Kootenay Lake. The terrain is rugged as you are hunting old cut blocks using trucks, quads, horses and hiking on foot. This remote British Columbia big game hunting lodge is owner operated by a very reputable couple that has been in the hunting industry for 37 years.  They run a very small successful operation that has flourished because of repeat clients and their associates.  Should you wish to bring your hunting family, you will have a comfortable warm cabin with good home cooked meals for your trip.  Remote cabin spike camps are also available for the adventurer that wants a well stocked “on the mountain” experience where your guide will be your host.British Columbia Big Game Hunting Lodge

It should be noted that the guiding area has seen very little hunting pressure the last 20 years and has never been set up to take non-resident hunters. The area is best known for its black bear hunting along with great Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Grizzly Bear, Shiras Moose, Rocky Mountain Goat, and Cougar.  Take a break from hunting and enjoy a day of fishing for Dolly Varden and Gerrard.

Tim and Astrid are the owner and operators and have been involved in the Outfitting business for the past 37 years. Tim‘s father was an Outfitter in the late 50’s and early 60’s, so Tim got a taste of the life style at a very early age. Tim started as an assistant guide outfitter for a local outfitter back when he was 17 years of age. Tim realized that after guiding for a few years this is what he would like to do for a living.

“We spent 20 years guiding in the South East corner of British Columbia north of Cranbrook, in the Rocky Mountains. This area would prove to be a very good territory with lots of great hunting. As our clientele grew we realized that we needed a larger territory. We decided to purchase the new territory that we are currently operating in the Purcell Mountains running along the beautiful Kootenay Lake. Located north of the Idaho border this area encompasses 4000sq kilometers. The Kootenay lake guiding area has proven to be the most rewarding business move we have made for our many clients and ourselves! With the abundance of big game animals, many of them going into the Boone and Crockett; we have fulfilled many hunters dreams whether it be a Black Bear, Cougar, Bobcat, Mule deer, Whitetail, Shiras moose, Elk or Mt. Goat. This new guiding area has proven to offer fair chase hunts at its best!”

We employ highly seasoned guides, skilled mountain cooks and offer unsurpassed hospitality.”