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Argentina Dove Lodge


Argentina Dove Lodge

This Argentina dove lodge in the Cordoba dove hunting province of central Argentina offers the best of the best when it comes to a volume Argentina dove hunting trip. It is simply the most exciting and most entertaining dove hunting in the world. Experience the world’s finest bird hunting while you enjoy Argentina’s famed hospitality.

We are pleased to present the most renowned lodge in the Argentina Cordoba Province.  This location is what we are all about- abundant game, great accommodations, wonderful service and fabulous food. You will be well cared for and escorted from the moment you enter customs to the moment you return to the airport. With this luxurious owner operated lodge, not only can you expect to have the bird hunt of lifetime, but you will also feel instantly at home when you are welcomed upon arrival at the estancia.  This lodge combines the elegance and tradition of yesteryear with the luxury and convenience of modern living.Argentina Dove Lodge

During your stay you will feel that you are staying with friends, enjoying a wonderful mix of great Argentina gunning and relaxed country estate living.  Argentina dove hunting in the Cordoba area is the finest dove hunting in the world.

The region has a delightful climate that allows grain crops such as corn, sorghum, wheat and peanuts to flourish most of the year. This enormous food supply is bordered and interspersed with dense hillside roosting cover, and the combination of food source and roost has produced a population of eared doves -Zenaida Auriculata- estimated to be over 20 million birds.
These doves do not migrate, reproduce up to four times annually and provide literally year-round shooting.  Argentina dove Cordoba region’s dove population is a pestilence for the community and they are grateful for hunters to come and help maintain the population.




Over the last two decades, Argentina dove Cordoba Province has become synonymous with the phrase “high-volume dove hunting”.

The region has a delightful climate that allows grain crops Such as corn, sorghum, wheat and peanuts to flourish most of the year. This enormous food supply is bordered and interspersed with dense hillside roosting cover, and the combination of food source and roost has produced a population of eared doves -Zenaida Auriculata- estimated to be over 20 million birds.
These doves do not migrate, reproduce up to four times annually and provide literally year-round shooting.

During some periods it is possible to look across a landscape and see flocks of five to fifty Argentine doves traveling at virtually all points of the compass. Shooting stands are generally positioned along flight lines to access doves exiting and returning to the roost.

About the same size and coloration as the mourning dove, eared doves are a species endemic to most of South America and like doves worldwide, they offer fun and challenging shooting – the difference here is their monumental numbers. On a typical hunters will fire anywhere from 1000 to 2000 shot shells, or even more, depending on conditions and personal inclination.

Each hunter is provided with a young man who assists with shells and drinks, keeps the area around the shooter picked up, serves as a loader if requested and of course, picks up fallen doves. Many of the birds are retrieved immediately after the hunters depart, so as to not interfere with the shooting.

The hunting for eared doves in this area is excellent twelve months a year, and in certain months – February through July – outings can include field and decoy shooting for wild pigeons (spot-winged and picazuro), either in combination with the doves or as a dedicated shoot.

Of course, being in Argentina, all of this shooting is broken up midday for a wonderful lunch at the estancia or moro often, with an opulent field picnic – a classic aside of grilled steaks, sausages, ribs, doves with chimichurri sauce, robust wines, salads and fresh breads, followed by an Argentine Siesta and back to work!


A typical itinerary for an Argentina dove hunt is as follows:

Day 0:  Depart from the United States for an overnight flight to Argentina.  The time zone is similar to the US!

Day 1:  Arrive in the late morning and transfer straight into the field for your afternoon hunt.  Lunch is in the field or on the way to the field

Day 2:  Enjoy amazing high volume dove hunting!

Day 3:  Enjoy amazing high volume dove hunting!

Day 4:  Hunt in the morning and depart for the airport after lunch.  Extend your stay to enjoy some time in Buenos Aires or continue your trip home.


Architecturally, this estancia is a classic Argentine estancia (working ranch headquarters) with an Old World flavor and appeal. The lodge looks like a classic one-hundred-year-old home, but it is actually only five years old, so it has all of the modern touches, including wi-fi throughout!

The lodoge has also been designed from the ground up to be the exact lodge that an international sportsman would enjoy on a trip to Argentina. The interior features appealing living, dining and bar areas, supported by hand-hewn, beams, tile ceilings and thick walls. The exterior has lovely landscaping with beautiful hanging gardens and patios and a deck with a huge outdoor hot tub. The great room features comfortable seating/cocktail areas, which flow into the spacious dining room and the bedrooms extend out in two wings from the main area.

Dining is uniformly terrific, featuring famed Argentine beef, Italian and German specialties, delicious game dishes, homemade deserts and of course, delightful Argentine wines.

Ten oversize bedrooms with private bath, with either king or double beds. One last luxury item: a professional massage therapist is available at all times to relax and reinvigorate exhausted limbs and sore shoulders.

The lodge is located near the village of Tortoral, within 15-30 minutes from some of the region’s largest dove concentrations.



  • Guests may opt to see a polo match
  • horseback ride
  • play golf at nearby Ascochinga Golf Club
  • enjoy a day visiting the area’s historical sites, including the 450-year-old Jesuit mission
  • enjoy a little pampering in one of Estancia’s lovely day spas followed by lunch at a fine restaurant
  • or take advantage of the Argentine peso’s relative weakness against our currency (currently almost 4 pesos to the dollar) and do some serious shopping for silver, leather and fine handmade goods.
  • Add on a few days of sightseeing around Argentina and see glaciers, waterfalls, zip lines, the Andes Mountains and more!  We can arrange sightseeing on your behalf with or without a private guide


2019 Rates are $695 per night per person – call for updated pricing


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“On behalf of our entire group, I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful dove hunt.
The hunting, accommodations, menu and service exceeded our expectations. We where made to feel a thought we where more like friends than guests. It will certainly be our honor to recommend your operation to our friends and acquaintances.”
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys

This has to be the most fantastic lodge in all of Argentina. The owners have created the ultimate facility – Old World in appearance, with every modern convenience and luxury imaginable – including wi-fi.”
William, Dallas, TX

“I have been fortunate to experience some of the best hunting and fishing in the world. You’re dove hunting trip to Cordoba, Argentina was the greatest ever. This trip exceeded my expectations in every category, travel arrangements for a group of sixteen, a beautiful lodge, the amazon volume of dove shooting and hosts who cheerfully saw to our every need. Four of our group made into the Club 1000. My best day was 1119 doves.”
Kevin , MI

“The accommodations at this lodge where perfect for our family. We enjoyed privacy and sitting in front of the fire drinking vino tint and playing cards.  The furthest we have to drive was 20 minutes. Both of my boys become members of the Club 1000 for shooting more than 1000 birds in a single day -a proud papa moment-.”
John, Austin, TX

“On our dove hunting trip to Argentina with this outfitter, we all felt as if we were treated as loyalty, and that nothing could have been any better. Seldom in my experience has a product actually been better than advertised”
Gene, El Dorado, KS

“You and your staff have made our hunt and stay at this lodge very special. To be with you on Independence Day with snow was an extra.”
Tio & Janell Kleberg, King Ranch