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Alaska Kenai River Fishing & Saltwater


Alaska Kenai River Fishing & Saltwater

National Geographic rates this lodge’s Bear Camp as one of the top 100 adventure lodges in the world!  Everyone in your group or family will find wonderful adventures that suit their taste at this lodge. Numerous adventure and fishing packages make this a fantastic destination.

Sitting on 25 acres of the original homestead site, the Kenai riverside lodge is at the very core of all they do. Overlooking the confluence of the Kenai and Moose rivers and an amazing view of the snowcapped Chugach Range, the envy of other Alaska fishing lodges features a quarter mile of what is unquestionably the finest shore fishing on the Kenai River.Alaska Kenai River Fishing & Saltwater

In addition to the great Kenai River fishing, the confluence of the Moose and Kenai also provides them access to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge…just over a mile upstream from the lodge this warm, meandering and shallow stream is home to a prodigious amount of wildlife- nesting Tundra Swans, giant Alaskan Moose and Brown Bear, Lynx, Otter, Beaver, Eagles, Osprey and much more call this area home.  Each evening canoes and kayaks are on the beach for your use to explore them on your own… Also offered guided trips that range deeper into the area and return via shallow running custom riverboats.

You won’t need to travel with your fishing equipment as all equipment is included in their packages!  This is an all-around fantastic lodge whether fishing is your passion or sightseeing nature is your goal.

A visit to bear camp is a must for every adventure at this lodge.  Take a look:

When we visited this amazingly diverse lodge, we were impressed with the variety of activities.  Each day was a new an unique new adventure for us.  The whale breaching that you see in the photo above was just off the bow of our boat!  We spent the night at the lovely bear camp where we saw cubs playing in the streams, big brown bears walking through the water on the coast line.  What an amazing sight to see, only to be followed by killer whales and glaciers in the same afternoon.  We hiked to beautiful glaciers, caught big King Salmon, fished from the banks of the lodge and at the end of our adventure, we chose a float plane back to Anchorage where we explored the city.  Our time at this lodge was a perfect combination of fishing and activities and it makes for a fantastic family adventure.


Top 10

Species: Adventure, Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Halibut, Dolly Varden, Steelhead
Capacity: 50
Location: On the Kenai River
Season: End of May through September
Method: Fly or spinning gear
Lodging: Well-appointed lodge and remote permanent tented camps
Food: Chef
Trip Length: 2-11 Days
Transport: Boats, kayaks and float planes
Guided: Yes


Experienced guide staff, unique itineraries, great variety, the finest equipment and 30 years of experience are your assurance of a successful sport fishing trip to Alaska. Travelers from around the globe have journeyed here to fish since the 40’s, and the areas native peoples had a summer salmon camp on the exact spot the lodge now sits…they are truly in one of the world’s great sport fishing locations.

The Kenai Peninsula, located just south of Anchorage, has been called a microcosm of Alaska; over 16,000 square miles of impossible beauty and bounty.  Since the late 1800’s, adventurers have crossed the globe to experience its incredible variety of glacial ice and towering peaks, gentle lowlands, tundra, breathtaking saltwater fjords and abundant wildlife.  The lodge is located at the very spot where for millennia natives spent the summers catching salmon to sustain them over the long winters. Licensed, expert fishing guides have been creating memories for friends and guests for nearly 30 years.

In addition to world renowned trophy Rainbow Trout and Char, Arctic Grayling and Offshore fishing, this Alaska Salmon fishing is some of the very finest the world has to offer.  Whether expert or novice, spin or fly aficionado, you’ll enjoy some fantastic variety, true trophy species and 5 separate river systems.  Halibut fishing is excellent as well. With the combination of more than two dozen target fish species, 5 beautiful rivers and 2 separate saltwater destinations, our sport fishing variety is simply unmatched. Kenai river King salmon,Kasilor river King salmon, Kenai River Sockeye Salmon, Kenai River Silver Salmon and Kenai River Pink salmon combine with world renowned, trophy class Rainbow Trout fishing and offshore Halibut fishing to create the ultimate Alaska Sport Fishing experience


Riverside main lodge: Located on the banks of the Kenai River, their amenities include private bath, in-room fireplace, mints on your pillow each evening, “coffee to your door” wake-up each morning. The rooms are comfortable with a fireplace in each room.  Add to that the great happy hour and well prepared meals in the river and Mountain View dining room.

Bear camp: In the shadow of glacier Mt. Illiamna, between snow peaked mountains, forest and the sea, lies “Bear Camp”.  12 guests at a time will share this special area, housed in comfortable, heated tent-cabins complete with beds with mattresses, propane light, writing desks. Your private cook will prepare healthy fresh meals along with wine and beverages.  The attentive, knowledgeable staff will teach you the ins and outs of staying in bear country, while sharing with you the knowledge that can only be gleaned from actually living with these magnificent animals.  This is one of Alaska’s most exclusive bear viewing destinations.  THIS IS A MUST FOR ANY TRIP TO THIS LODGE!

Meals at the lodge: Your hosts understand that your time off the water or trail is an important component of any vacation experience.  At this lodge, they seek to provide a comfortable, accessible place away from the “Real world”.  The chef and his staff serve up authentic and fresh American favorites that everyone can enjoy.  Vegetarian and special dietary needs or kid’s items are handled daily, and all meals provide options to “go light” or stock up for the following days adventure!    In the evening prior to happy hour be sure and check out the bacon wrapped Halibut chunks or his smoked salmon and Dill spread on thick rustic crackers.


Activities that can be included in your personal adventure itinerary:

  • Flatwater canoeing
  • Scenic and whitewater rafting
  • Guided hiking
  • Kenai Fjords cruising
  • Horseback riding
  • Remote bear viewing
  • Glacier viewing
  • Whale watching
  • Mountain biking
  • Canoeing
  • Mountain flightseeing
  • Float plane adventures
  • Fly in bear viewing camp is a favorite of many guests and can be included in your package as a day trip or overnight(s).

In addition to the great Kenai River fishing, the confluence of the Moose and Kenai also provides them access to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge…just over a mile upstream from the lodge this warm, meandering and shallow stream is home to a prodigious amount of wildlife- nesting Tundra Swans, giant Alaskan Moose and Brown Bear, Lynx, Otter, Beaver, Eagles, Osprey and much more call this area home.  Each evening canoes and kayaks are on the beach for your use to explore them on your own… Also offered guided trips that range deeper into the area and return via shallow running custom riverboats.


2019 Rates: Rates begin at $1,795 and up. Call for more details


How do I get there? Runway access for private planes: Kenai (ENA) runway length is 7500 feet by 150 paved.

Airport Transfer to the Lodge: The lodge’s location makes arranging your trip a snap.  Most trips feature any day arrivals and departures, as well as a no-charge pickup in Anchorage at one of three locations. There is a charge for the return trip back to Anchorage.

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I promised my son that I would take him fishing in Alaska as his high school graduation present. What a trip! Top notch from beginning to end as everyone we met was very friendly and accommodating. The food was the most pleasant surprise. Breakfast was hearty and filling while the evening meals were worthy of a four-star restaurant! I’ve fished with lots of guides over the years and you will not find a better group. David

My solo trip to Alaska was everything and so much more than I thought it would ever be! From the moment I arrived at the lodge, I knew I was in for the week of my life. Awesome Fishing, Crashing Glaciers and Grizzly Bears (Oh My!) just to name a few! The friendly staff and guides, five star dinners and the overall Alaskan experience exceeded my every expectation. What a phenomenal trip! Audrey … as always I had a fantastic time. The people who work for this lodge truly are wonderful and try everything in their power to ensure you have a great time. Denise

Our trip to Alaska was the trip of a lifetime. The staff, everyone from office staff to guides, was the most professional group I have encountered. My son hasn’t stopped talking about it since we returned and is anxious to go back. We fished for 5 days and enjoyed every minute of it. You won’t find a more beautiful place to visit with as much luxury as you will get here. Thank you Chris

My wife and I spent 7 days on a “Combination Trip” that was the best vacation ever. We started with bear watching on the first day with a sighting of 19 bears at one time! My wife caught a fish that was so big, I had to hold on to her so she wouldn’t fall in! On the glacier cruise we saw Orca whales, sea lions, moose, puffins and even an otter enjoying himself. The staff and guides were incredible and the food was out of this world! Can’t wait to come back! Dan & Pat

Spending a life time in the outdoors, I have had my share of adventures. However, nothing matches the time at bear camp. The overnight stay allowed greater opportunity to watch coastal bear in their natural environment (we counted 52 at one time) and to observe their individual characteristics. The scenery was spectacular, the personnel great – simply put, a trip of a lifetime. Bob

I find it hard to express in words what an amazing experience the trip to Bear Camp was. My entire family was overwhelmed by what we encountered there. Our camp hosts were Ben and Lily and they could not have been more perfect for the job. Both were engaging, soft spoken, hospitable and well informed. They immediately put us all at ease. The meals were fantastic! Watching the bears at close range was truly a jaw dropping moment. Whatever you do, you HAVE TO visit Bear Camp overnight. Set your alarm to get up in the middle of the night. The view of the clear night sky will be well worth getting out of a warm bed! I have been in the hospitality business for nearly 30 years and I have never experienced anything like Bear Camp Whip After spending a good part of my life as a Salmon, Trout and Steelhead fisherman, fishing the Pacific Northwest streams, rivers and ocean I can honestly say that I have experienced the pinnacle of my fishing career. I don’t know of anywhere where a person can catch 4 species of salmon in one day on this great planet Rich