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Give the gift of TIME this holiday

If you have never read the The Five Love Languages book by Gary Chapman, it is a must read for anyone who wants to build relationships.  TIME is one of the five love languages and TIME is increasingly rarer in this busy day and age.  Most children will list TIME as their number one love language.

Give the gift of TIME this holiday; you will not be disappointed with the returns that you will receive!

If any of you know Kevin and Corinna, the owners of Antlers & Anglers, then you know that our greatest satisfaction is when you, our clients, are willing to call us or stop by following a trip and tell us what that trip meant to you.  We see families grow closer when they spend TIME in the outdoors and family memories are solidified.  Yes, Disney, beach trips and snow Skiing build great memories but TIME in the outdoors builds memories that outlast them all.

We want to encourage all of you to take TIME over the holidays to get your calendars out and set apart TIME for your family to all be together away from the hectic schedules. Make a schedule for the year now so that the busyness of life doesn’t stop you from spending TIME together. Then let everyone know that those dates are set apart for TIME together.

One of the most common concerns that parents express to us about planning a trip in the outdoors is, “my child will be bored if they cannot play with their gadgets…is there internet at that lodge?” When they return home from the trip, we ask them how it went with their children and the gadgets. Every single time, without exception, the response has been, “Well, on the trip over, they played with their gadgets, the first day of the trip they played with their gadgets, then we never saw the gadgets again for the rest of the trip! We were shocked!” Give your children an alternative and they will take it! Could it be that the gadgets aren’t really their preferred entertainment but that they don’t know the alternative? TIME with you is what they long for?

Your family longs for TIME with you! Give them TIME this holiday by being intentional. They will forget the gifts that you give them but they will never forget the TIME.

PS.  If you are thinking that your spouse will not enjoy time in the outdoors, think again.  The hunting and fishing world has caught on that luxury is attractive!  Luxury is plentiful throughout the industry.