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South Africa Limpopo Hunting Safari


South Africa Limpopo Hunting Safari

You are not likely to find a Limpopo hunting safari run with more integrity! Matt, his family  and his staff are anxious to please. The South Africa Limpopo hunting safari Region is known for the finest bow hunting in South Africa and, of course, the rifle hunting is spectacular as well.  Matt’s prime land concessions are large and filled with abundant trophy class animals.  If you ask veteran African hunters, they will always tell you that the success of your safari is directly proportionate to your Professional Hunter (PH).   Matt’s reputation in the industry is impeccable and he has been in the industry for over 25 years.

South Africa and the continent of Africa is addicting! Often you will hear hunters say, “Do not go on your first hunt to Africa because when you return, you will spend most of your waking hours trying to figure out how to go back!”

VIP hosting and video services available for this exceptional experience.South Africa Limpopo Hunting Safari

When we design your African safari you can expect the following:  We will listen as you share your vision of what your African Safari Experience should look like.  We then begin designing your safari with lodge and destination selection, activities selection, flights, meet & greet services, travel insurance, clothing & equipment list, countdown to Africa (this assist you with detail preparation leading up to trip time), detailed pricing with all included/not included items, and more.

As a full service African Safari specialists, we have visited over 80+ safari lodges in Africa over the last 30 years.  We selected only a handful of those for you that have met our strenuous criteria.  Combination big game hunting, bird hunting, photo safari, Cape Town and Victoria Falls safaris are our specialty.


Top 10

Species: Plain Game
Capacity: 4-8 Hunters and up to 12 total guests
Location: Limpopo Region of South Africa (3-4 hours north of Johannesburg)
Season: April through October
Method: Bow or Rifle
Lodging: Very nice thatched style accommodations
Food: Chef
Trip Length: 7-21 Days
Transport: PH Vehicle
Guided: 1x1 or 2x1 Guided


The Limpopo Region is known for excellent Kudu, impala, Waterbuck, blesbuck, bushbuck and warthog. Other game species include Nyala, Blue Wildebeest, duiker and more. Since this is a natural herd, anything is possible! Matt and his staff are always on the lookout for the best possible trophies on the properties. They do not settle for less than a great representative.

If you are bow hunting, you will be sitting in very well placed blinds over water holes or natural prime food areas. The drier and warmer the season is and the less windy the better. You will hunt mornings and afternoons from ground blinds and elevated blinds.  The Limpopo region is known for great bow hunting because it is a drier region.

For Rifle hunters, all hunting is done on foot only and most of the time using shooting sticks.  Glassing from high points and using well equipped vehicles, animals are spotted for trophy quality before stalking.  Once a trophy is spotted, the hunt begins with your PH and tracker and a pair of shooting sticks of course.  Don’t be surprised if your perfect shot does not take down your wild trophy.  That is where the seasoned tracker comes in.  What a treat it is to watch this skill at work that has been passed from generation to generation.  Once your trophy is found, the trophy will be loaded and taken back to the skinning area or the hunt will continue, depending on the weather.


Bow Hunting – The best time for bow hunting on these properties is late June through September. The rainy season begins in late October and runs through January.

Rifle hunters – The best time of year for rifle hunters is usually May through September. The weather is dependable and the hunting is excellent.

10 day safaris are preferred beginning on a Monday and ending the following Friday.

Bird Hunting:

The bird species most commonly hunted in Southern Africa range from the sand grouse and quail to the francolin, guinea fowl and various species of dove and pigeons. Two species of geese are available – the Egyptian and Spur-winged geese can make for a very challenging hunt. If your wing shooting preferences tend toward ducks, the Yellow Bill, White-faced Whistling, and African Shell duck may be your preference. Several species of Teal are also available and these small, quick, agile waterfowl can give even the most competent of shotgunners a real challenge.  Let us know of your interest and we will customize your wingshooting safari!


Matt, the owner operator of this outfit, is a highly skilled angler both in deep sea fishing and in fly fishing.  He is quite the outdoors-man from fishing to bird hunting to sporting clays to golf to big game hunting.  He loves it all!

Matt skillfully plans a fantastic fishing excursion for a day, days or a dedicated trip.  Whether it is Tiger fishing, Rainbow Trout, Yellow fish or deep sea fishing, Matt will arrange and accompany you on a fantastic combination trip for you and your friends.  As with any arrangements made for outside activities, you will always be accompanied by Matt or a member of his team.

Destinations include Mozambique for salt water fishing, Zimbabwe for trophy tiger fishing, South Africa for rainbow trout and more.


All itineraries are built on a 10 day or more customized platform with arrival on a Monday and departure on the following Friday.  You will most likely, spend the Sunday night before your arrival on Monday in Johannesburg at a special guesthouse or hotel that we will arrange on your behalf)

The opportunities are endless.  Please call for more details.


Numerous lodging options exist.  At the home base property near Kruger Park in the Crocodile Gorge Mountains, bungalows with magnificent views of the fabled De Kaap Valley and Swaziland Escarpment  await and Sylvia, Matt’s bride, will tempt you with delicious meals day and night.

Once you have experienced Matt’s hospitality and the gifts of his wife’s hospitality, you will know that wherever your hunting may lead you, you will be well cared for.  Choose from five star luxury to tented camps, it is your choice, you need only to let us know how to customize your itinerary.  Always, you are in the company of your worthy PH.


There are an abundance of opportunities near this destination. Pilanesburg Game Park is only about an hour away. There you will enjoy morning and evening photographic game drives along with walking tours and a water hole right outside the restaurant. Sun City is adjacent to the Pilanesburg Park and it offers numerous activities from hot air balloon rides over the park to casinos, wave pools, fantastic Gary Player golf course, great restaurants, spa, elephant interactions and more.


  • Golf abounds in South Africa and some of the finest is within an hours drive
  • Photographic safaris
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Cultural evenings
  • Spa
  • Day trips for local craft shopping and more
  • Fishing
  • Sun City
  • Casinos
  • Fantastic Gary Player Golf
  • More

Custom tours are available.

Video your trip:
Videographer services are available for this trip for an additional fee. Please let us know if you are interested in this service.


2017 Rates:

Vary depending on activities

Hunting rates range from $525 for a 2×1 PH per day per person up to $775 pp for dangerous game hunting.

Observers welcome and encouraged!  Range from $250 – $300 per day

Trophy fees are not included in daily rates. Call for more information and pricing


Each year the owners of Antlers & Anglers Worldwide, Corinna and Kevin Slaughter, offer their expertise as hosts for clients that wish to be accompanied on their international adventure. As you depart for your adventure, you will be able to relax as they will tend to all the details along the way! As you can imagine, they only host a few select trips each year as their schedule allows. If you wish to inquire about this great opportunity, please ask upon booking your outdoor vacation.   Additional fees will be incurred for this VIP service.


We have a few select experienced videographers available for trips to Africa. They are located in the region for easy access to the properties. Please inquire about the benefits and expenses of enjoying a professional video of your experience.


Who are references for this outfitter?

Besides, Kevin and Corinna Slaughter, the owners of Antlers & Anglers, this outfitters reference list reads like a who’s who of the hunting industry.  Call for references and we will provide you with an impressive list.

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Travelex Insurance       Ripcord Insurance

While we do everything in our power to protect our clients from travel problems, we cannot prevent illness, natural disasters, wars, deaths, lodge closings and more; we live in uncertain times!  The only way to protect yourself and your investment is through travel insurance. Travel insurance can provide medical coverage, cancellation due to natural disaster, illness, death in the family, lodge closings and other unknowns; in this day and time, anything is possible.  Lodges count on you to protect your investment as they cannot refund your payments due to the nature of the product they offer.

Finally, travel insurance is time-sensitive and must be purchased within a certain number of days of your deposit to cover preexisting conditions, lodge closings and other various issues.  It is still available later but the benefits may be more limited.

Both companies offer evacuation insurance in addition to their travel insurance but Ripcord has more thorough coverage in this area.

The Ripcord membership and travel Insurance provides the highest levels of medical, security, evacuation and rescue services in the industry combined with travel insurance:

  • Remote rescue services from point of injury or illness
  • Medical evacuations to the member’s home hospital of choice
  • The best evacuation and rescue triggers that include rescues for medical conditions that will result in permanent injury in addition to just requiring hospitalization
  • Security extraction services for geopolitical events and natural disasters
  • Involuntary detention resolution services for members who are held against their will
  • Consulting services from special operations veterans, paramedics, nurses, and physicians
  • Travel insurance


“You two are great, thanks for another well organized, fun trip. I’m sure all the guys had a great time. We all saw and harvested some great animals. Phil, Billy, Tyrone, all the trackers really try to make us feel at home and do! You are always able to organize a good hunt and you always come up with the animals and the different places that make it so much fun. I’m already looking forward to August. Until then, good luck! Thanks for everything. See you soon”.
Jack  – Florida

“My third trip to Africa and probably my best. The company, the accommodations, the game, the hunting (successful) for my children and grand children and last but not least, my outstanding Sable were all more than one expected. Thank you all Sylvia and all the rest. Great people”.
Robert – Texas

“This hunt with you and my sons was a very great time. It was great planning you did with the different locations. We enjoyed everybody that we met, family and friends. I can’t wait to tell my wife and friends about this hunt and start planning my next hunt with you. Thanks for the super trophies. Thank you Sylvia for everything you did. Best regards”.
Ed – Wisconsin, USA

“What can I say that would equal our first day together in the bush of South Africa. You and I both know that at least one of us should have been killed when that Buffalo charged. It was a real thrill to go and hunt it two days later. After my first trip to Africa I never thought I would come back. After this hunt, I am looking forward to my next hunt with you. We took great animals, great service and I feel like I made some life long friends. Your friend”.
Billy -Alaska

“Just finished my 1st Safari of 13 days. Took 16 super trophies. Some great stalks. Learned a lot and can’t wait to come back again for another try at Mr. Spots and a Buffalo. All the lodges and hospitality were top notch. Your help was super and I will remember them all. Looking forward to next year. Kindest regards”.
John – California

with you. From the moment we met, you welcomed us with enthusiasm and the warmth of friendship. Tom got some fabulous trophies. Your warmth, sense of humor and enthusiasm to share the hunting experience all made this trip the one in a lifetime adventure. Thanks again! God Bless”.
Tom, Gina, Jerry & Velma Graham, Tucson, Arizona, USA

“Thanks again for a great fourth Safari with your team. Six great trophies, especially the 40” Eland. The Eland hunt lasting 9 hours covering 25 km in the mountains will never be forgotten. The entire group including Ellie and Tommy having the will power and stamina to stick with the hunt is truly devotion for the hunt in your and their part. Thanks again for the memories”.
Steve -Texas

“Thanks for a great safari. The best so far. I am already dreaming of my next one. I’ll have to start a new list, being that I now have everything on the old one. I’ll be telling the story about the Cape Buff hunt forever! Thanks for a great 3rd Safari, till the next safari. Cheers”.
Doug – California
“I would like to thank you for introducing me to Africa. I had a very good time and had none of the troubles you hear about on a ‘first time safari’. I will never forget my 60” Kudu. Thank you for the memories, see you in 2004”.
Lenn – California

“Thank you for a wonderful time! Hunting was great and the company was the best. Sylvia, congratulations on becoming one of the famous Leopard Sisters. Thank you for the wonderful memories. See you soon. Best regards”.
Gary- Indiana

“As liaison officer, on behalf of Martin, Abraham, Tito and myself, I want to thank you very much for a wonderful and enjoyable 5th Safari. We all love the Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and new species we took and now look forward to August next year”.
Abelardo Sotelo  -Arizona

“I enjoyed my trip with you both very much. The food, lodging & facilities were all that could be expected and your hospitality was terrific. We had lots of laughs and I will remember you both fondly for a long time. The hunting was thrilling, the stalks and advice let me get closer to make some good shots, especially Matthews help on the Eland which was most satisfying. Warm Regards”.
Dan – Arizona

“Thank you for a great Safari! It was another Trowbridge Adventure, 13 animals including a monster 43” Cape Buffalo. I could not ask for a better first Safari. Two Buffalo dead 50 yards apart. Thanks for the great memories, see you soon”.
Rob – California