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Louisiana Redfish and Duck hunting


Louisiana Redfish and Duck hunting

We are so excited to present this unique Louisiana Redfish and Duck hunting opportunity to our clients!  An out of the box duck hunt combined with Louisiana Redfish fishing all while staying on a yacht!  It doesn’t get much better than this!  The mother ship trips take you to rarely touched waters around the Biloxi Wildlife Management area (10,000 exclusive acres) for fantastic duck hunting and epic fishing days.  When your early morning duck hunt begins to slow or you fill your limit, you will transition to fishing. Prime time for this cast & blast combo is December and January.Louisiana Redfish and Duck hunting

This trip makes for an amazing corporate outing or an outstanding opportunity for you and your buddies to take advantage of hunting and fishing in Louisiana on the same trip.



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Species: Duck and Redfish
Capacity: 14
Location: South of New Orleans
Season: Duck - December and January season determined by state; Redfish - Prime time for giant redfish is fall and winter but you can catch numbers of redfish in the summer and spring
Method: Shotgun, fly rod, spinning gear
Lodging: Yacht
Food: Cook
Trip Length: Three nights preferred but two nights/two day minimum is available
Transport: boats
Guided: Yes


Louisiana is famous for some of the finest duck hunting in the country.  Duck season varies from year to year but occurs between November and January for Louisiana.  You will enjoy early morning duck hunts before your fishing day begins.

There is a variety of duck species in this area including Gadwalls, Greenwing Teal, Mallards, Widgons, Spoonbills, and Pintails.


Can’t believe we’re saying this, but there are more than redfish that swim these waters. Giant Jack Crevalle, Gar, Black Drum, gator speckled trout and even pelagics like Tuna and Cobia.  Chances are you won’t see another human, just fish. Our kind of place.

Want to catch a world record on a fly rod? This outfitter has guided my anglers to five fly rod world records – Conway Bowman’s 41.65 lb fish on 20lb tippet (right), Jim Smith’s 33lb 10oz fish on 8lb tippet, and Dough Behrman’s 3 new world records on 8# tippet (34.8lb), 4# tippet (28lb). and 2# tippet (29.8lb).

Anglers have also accounted for several state records, including Bob Stafford’s 37.8lb redfish, a 41.1lb red caught by Conway (which was also Louisiana’s 2005 Fish-of-the-Year), Tony Kirk’s state record Sheepshead of almost 8 lbs, and Tom Stevenson’s new state fly record Black drum of 56lb (Louisiana’s 2006 Fish-of-the-Year).

Guides make the difference:

The owner of this outfit was raised on Lake Bedford in Normandy, Tennessee.  He has fished all the way from Key West to Acapulco. He holds the fly-fishing 20# tippet IGFA world record for redfish as Captain. That monster weighed 41.65 pounds!

As Captain, he hold state records of first, second, fourth, and fifth for redfish as well as first for black drum and fourth for crevalle, jack.

His four long time guides hold similar esteem in the fishing community


All your gear is provided: rods, reels, flies and leaders. You are encouraged to leave your equipment at home because of the hassle of flying and checking your gear. However, if you elect to bring your gear, they will work with you to make the best suggestions to assure a productive experience. Spinning gear is provided for those who don’t fly-fish or for the occasion when conditions prohibit fly fishing.

Prime time for giant redfish is fall and winter but you can catch numbers of redfish in the summer and spring


“The Mother Ship” is a 72-foot craft anchored in the famed Biloxi Marsh southeast of New Orleans. The Mother Ship is staged on location to provide the most exclusive Redfish  fishing experience available in North America. The boat accommodates up to twelve anglers, plus guides and staff.

Booking The Mother Ship in Biloxi Marsh puts anglers right in the middle of prime duck and redfish territory, eliminating the long daily drives from New Orleans and sharply reducing the time spent running to and from the hunting/fishing area each day. Also, the quality of the lodging and food aboard The Mother Ship eclipses anything currently available outside of New Orleans. The mothership also provides a lodge-like atmosphere where, for the first time, intact or mixed groups of redfish anglers can socialize in the evening.

They can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 bunk rooms. The all aluminum hull is battleship sturdy and has creature comforts such as full heads with showers, central air and heat, a full galley with chefs, satellite television capable of picking up virtually any sporting event, satellite radio and state-of-the-art communications system.



New Orleans!


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“Our trip could not have been any better. We were amazed at your knowledge of the marsh and your ability to put us on big reds every day. My partner and I were truly impressed by how you knew exactly where to find the big boys even with the changing weather and tides we encountered. We both remarked that this trip was a little slice of what it must feel like to be King of the World. Sight casting to giant reds by day and Bourbon Street by night. Even though it’s a dream come true to end every fishing day with the unbelievable food and music of New Orleans, we are looking forward to booking a trip on your Mothership to access even more of your remote locations.

“I booked my first trip with Gregg after seeing film of those ridiculously huge Cajun Reds taking flies at the Fly Fishing Film Tour. What I didn’t expect was just how vast, complicated and beautiful the Louisiana marsh is. Gregg and his guides know every inch of that entire marsh and it is a great learning experience to watch them work in their native habitat. Sight-casting to giant reds in this special place is what it’s all about. These guys are professionals, they know where the fish are and I’ve seen them work with anglers of all skill levels. They’ve made me a better stalker of the flats with a fly rod for sure. Warning, this place is addictive, we all come back for more every chance we get.