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Illinois Whitetail Upland Duck


Illinois Whitetail Upland Duck

Located in the rolling hills of Pike County, Illinois, this impressive hunting lodge is first class in every way. Illinois whitetail hunting is synonymous with big deer.  Family owned and operated, this destination has been featured on ESPN Outdoors, Outdoor Network, Double Gun Journal Magazine, Shooting Sportsman and Guide Dog Magazine.   They offer excellent duck, upland and whitetail hunting.Illinois Whitetail Upland Duck

Wake up every morning to the aroma of a home cooked, baked from scratch breakfast. Lounge in the comfort of leather chairs in the beautiful great room as you drool over the trophies which adorn the walls. Wonder around the well kept grounds and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. From the outstanding accommodations, delicious home cooked meals and the friendly staff to your well trained professional guide, your hunting vacation at this Illinois lodge will spoil you forever.


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Species: Whitetail deer, Duck, Pheasant, and Quail
Capacity: 24
Location: Pike County Illinois 7,500 acres free range
Season: Whitetail - October - January Upland Birds – September-March Turkey - Spring Duck – November and December
Method: Archery, Muzzleloader, Shotgun
Lodging: Luxury Log Lodge
Food: Home style cooking
Trip Length: Varies
Transport: Guides Vehicle
Guided: Whitetail – Semi-guided 2x1 Birds – Guided


Upland Hunts:

An abundance of native prairie grasses mixed with fields of milo and corn present the ideal habitat for great upland bird hunting. Most of the hunt is done walking while in groups of 2-4 hunters. Breaks are taken during the hunt to water the dogs and to give hunters a rest as well. German Shorthair Pointers and English Pointers assist you and your friendly, professional guide hunt native Bobwhite quail and pheasant.

Duck Hunts:

The duck hunting here is some of the best in the states. Hunt diver ducks such as canvas backs along the Mississippi River or mallards, wood ducks, and teal in the flooded bean, corn and millet fields. The lodge has also added a private waterfowl location that has never been available to the public which consists of flooded fields and heated pits. The locals consider this spot one of the best in the mid-west! Breakfast is served in the pits or before your hunt based on hunt location. With groups of 2-4 hunters, short walks to the pits/blinds, decoys set up and ready, you’re all set for a quality experience. No flooded timber hunting in Illinois.

Combo Duck and Upland Hunts:

The normal hunt schedule for a combo hunt would be to hunt ducks in the morning, return to the lodge to relax and eat lunch and then head out for you upland hunt around 2:00. There are times when the afternoon duck hunting is better than the mornings so you will reverse the schedule. This would allow you to sleep in a little, eat a hearty breakfast at the lodge and then head out for your upland hunt.

Whitetail Hunting:

Over the past five years bow hunters have averaged an amazing 60% opportunity rate for a 130 class buck or better with a 20% harvest rate. A number of Boone & Crockett bucks have been taken over the years at this lodge. While statistics will tell you that this county is one of, if not the best, areas in the country to go for big bucks, the reality is that for a bow hunter, “it all has to go just right” to harvest a big mature buck. If you are a bow hunter and you will consider the trip a failure if you go home empty handed, regardless of the experience, then this hunt is not for you! The numbers prove that on average 2-3 out of 10 bow hunters will take home a buck. Lack of success is due to missing, wounding or not seeing a 130 class buck.

Shotgun and muzzleloader hunters can expect much higher opportunity rates and success rates. Opportunity rates increase to about 70 percent and success increases dramatically. Obviously, if you are after a book deer, your success rates will drop dramatically. It is amazing the number of book deer you see just before the season opens and then they disappear. Book deer are taken here but you must realize that this is not a high fenced property. It is a fair chase hunt! Because of the higher success rates of these hunts, they typically book out a year or more in advance. The first hunt, in particular, is always the most popular.

Most stand locations are in the deep hardwoods and along travel corridors with some hunts on the edge of food sources. Hikes into a stands located in the woods can be up or down steep hills. Located in this prime agricultural area is why these bucks get so big. The majority of the stands are lock-ons and ladder stands with the occasional use of pop-up tents.

Guides are assigned specific farms so they can learn them inside and out. They have several stand set-ups for each property to be able to play the wind for your success. You may take a lunch with you and hunt all day or come in for lunch at noon. Tell your guide what you want to do.


This incredible facility is one of the nicest  hunting lodges in the country. A unique ambiance will permeate your senses when you step through the door, slip off your shoes, and glide across the gleaming solid oak floors. The Great Room has a large stone fireplace, Remington statues and large open ceiling. The recreation room has a large screen TV, pool table, card table, and library. The large back deck invites you to pull up a rocking chair to relax.


This lodge operates as a bed and breakfast in the off-season. You are in the heart of Mark Twain country with a museum and shopping (45 minutes away), Lincoln’s presidential museum (in Springfield, IL about 70 miles away) and various quaint little towns within 45 minutes’ drive. With advanced notice, the lodge can have massages, manicures and pedicures available. They also operate a hayride in the surrounding country each afternoon. You can even enjoy horseback riding or bring your own ATV.


2016- 2017 Pricing Duck/Upland hunts:

  • 4 Night/3 Day    Traditional $3395    Premium $3545     Double Premium $3695
  • 3 Night/2 Day    Traditional $2300    Premium $2400     Double Premium $2500

2016- 2017 Upland hunts:

October – December

  • 4 Night/3 Day    Traditional $2855    Premium $3155     Double Premium $3455
  • 3 Night/2 Day    Traditional $1940    Premium $2140      Double Premium $2340
  • 2 Night/1 Day    Traditional $1025    Premium $1125       Double Premium $1225

September, January-April

  • 4 Night/3 Day    Traditional $2255   Premium $2555      Double Premium $2855
  • 3 Night/2 Day    Traditional $1540    Premium $1740     Double Premium $1940
  • 2 Night/1 Day     Traditional $ 825    Premium $925       Double Premium $1125

2017 Duck hunts:

  • 2 night/2 day hunt $1520 per person
  • 3 night/3 day hunt $2280 per person

2017 Whitetail hunts:

Archery Hunts

  • 6 night/5 day October Pre-Rut Hunt:  $2650-$3950
  • 6 night/5 day November Rut Hunt:     $3950

Gun Hunts: (Shotgun &/ or Muzzleloader)

  • 4 night/3 day November (Muzzle or Shotgun) $4700
  • 5 night/4 day December  (Muzzle or Shotgun) $3750
  • 4 night/3 day December  (Muzzleloader only) $2650

Call for updated pricing and details


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As you have heard by now our guests were thrilled with the whole experience. They thought the lodge was first class, they thought the food was incredible and they thought the hunting was second to none.
The hunters have already started talking about a return trip next year.
Andy, Alabama
Thank you so much for a wonderful stay (again). Your staff is impeccable and like family. Many thanks to Yankee for all he does for the guest. Many thanks to your incredible chefs, I now fear I will starve to death when I go home.
Geoff, IL

We didn’t know what to expect when we arrived. It didn’t take long to realize that we had made an Excellent decision to come here! Everything is wonderful: food, rooms and the staff is off the charts!!! Our entire experience was so nice. A return visit is for sure in our future!!
Gil, IL

Food, people, and guide were the greatest! Chris is the best guide I ever had, he knows his stuff on whitetails. “Awesome Place”
David, PA

Hunting is Hunting…I don’t ever expect to see deer, it is just a bonus. However, this week I had deer all around me on every sit, simply awesome. My guide was very knowledgeable of his farm and had excellent stand setups. He took the time to explain the set ups and look over the farm map with myself and his other hunter. He did an excellent job processing and cleaning the animals after the kill. All around good hunt. Great farm and great guide. I’ll have this buck on my wall for a lifetime. A true trophy. Thanks!
Jeff, CA

The staff and guides were fantastic. Our guide Matt did everything in his power to make our hunt a success. My son bagged his biggest buck to date and I saw some huge bucks. Overall I had a blast.

“This was amazing! What a great set up, the best that I have been to! Amazing people you have here working for you, along with the most amazing food! I hope to get the chance to come back, even though I didn’t harvest a whitetail this time. It’s not always about the kill it’s what you take away from the hunt and the lifelong friends you make. Thanks for the opportunity you gave me. This was a lifelong hunt that I will never forget. Thank you all so much! I Love this place!”

I can’t even put into words what a wonderful experience this has been.
Kyle, WI

Another great hunt. Comfortable lodge and beds, friendly staff, good food. Chris was a great guide who knows his ground well and put us in the right places. Great atmosphere in the lodge too.
Paul, IL
My experience here was great! Despite the weather conditions the hunt was still great! The guides here do a great job at giving you the best opportunity to harvest a big buck.
Eric, AR

The staff was very friendly and all accommodations were excellent. I had a wonderful time and will definitely be back. Will recommend to all my hunter friends and family. Matt was a great guide and made the experience a lot of fun.

Best Whitetail Hunt, Ever, Chris was great, Did and excellent Job, Have Never seen so many deer in a 6 hr sitting. You guy’s and gals have a great thing going here. I would highly recommend it! Had the best time. Food was beyond great, Lodge is awesome. Staff was great, guide was the best, other guides were very friendly. Always willing to answer any questions. Wish we could have stay longer. Definitely coming back for archery in the Rut, would love to have the same guide. Great job Guys and Girls!

From the moment we arrived at the lodge we were treated like kings! From Miss Wanda to the staff (Chefs and Servers) to the awesome guides (Derek and Roger) all were focused on first rate customer service to ensure our experience! Terry was an excellent manager and top notch communicator. Keep up the amazing work. You should be extremely proud of the great product you have created!
Ronald, IL

As an experienced world traveler who commonly stays at 5-Star resorts, I have not seen the quality of service at the afore-mentioned resorts that I have witnessed here. With respect to the Upland Hunt, it is second to none. Guides, dogs, hospitality and most importantly patience prevails. I can’t wait to bring family and friends.

We had an amazing time! The place and property are top notch! Brad was very good at his job and his dogs are unbelievable! He was very personable. I can’t think of anything to improve upon. Ms. Wanda couldn’t be more accommodating and friendly! 🙂
Thank you all!!!!!!!!!

This was my first hunt. Terry made it so special for me. He was so professional, patient, and reassuring as he guided me toward my very first pheasant! What a wonderful experience we had. I am looking forward to next time. Thank you all!

My father and I hunted upland birds … and still talk highly of our experience! The hospitality of the staff mixed with the amazing dog work and shooting opportunities made for an experience that made memories that will last a lifetime. We are already making plans for another visit in the near future!

Thoroughly enjoyed this hunting experience. The staff and hunt coordination was very professional. Memorable first hunt outside normal/usual longtime hunting area.

This was truly the best hunting experience I’ve ever had! Adam was a great guide. His dogs were excellent and we shot a ton of birds. The lodge, food & staff were all very pleasing. I am already braggin about your facilities to other hunters.