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British Columbia Big Game Hunting


British Columbia Big Game Hunting

This British Columbia big game hunting area is located in the Purcell mountain range (West Kootenay) and consists of around 4,400 square kilometers. It is the largest guiding territory in the It is the largest guiding territory in the southeastern corner of British Columbia and encompasses the 80 mile Kootenay Lake. The terrain is rugged as you are hunting old cut blocks using trucks, quads, horses and hiking on foot. This remote British Columbia big game hunting lodge is owner operated by a very reputable couple that has been in the hunting industry for 37 years.  They run a very small successful operation that has flourished because of repeat clients and their associates.  Should you wish to bring your hunting family, you will have a comfortable warm cabin with good home cooked meals for your trip.  Remote cabin spike camps are also available for the adventurer that wants a well stocked “on the mountain” experience where your guide will be your host.British Columbia Big Game Hunting

It should be noted that the guiding area has seen very little hunting pressure the last 20 years and has never been set up to take non-resident hunters. The area is best known for its black bear hunting along with great Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Grizzly Bear, Shiras Moose, Rocky Mountain Goat, and Cougar.  Take a break from hunting and enjoy a day of fishing for Dolly Varden and Gerrard.

Tim and Astrid are the owner and operators and have been involved in the Outfitting business for the past 37 years. Tim‘s father was an Outfitter in the late 50’s and early 60’s, so Tim got a taste of the life style at a very early age. Tim started as an assistant guide outfitter for a local outfitter back when he was 17 years of age. Tim realized that after guiding for a few years this is what he would like to do for a living.

“We spent 20 years guiding in the South East corner of British Columbia north of Cranbrook, in the Rocky Mountains. This area would prove to be a very good territory with lots of great hunting. As our clientele grew we realized that we needed a larger territory. We decided to purchase the new territory that we are currently operating in the Purcell Mountains running along the beautiful Kootenay Lake. Located north of the Idaho border this area encompasses 4000sq kilometers. The Kootenay lake guiding area has proven to be the most rewarding business move we have made for our many clients and ourselves! With the abundance of big game animals, many of them going into the Boone and Crockett; we have fulfilled many hunters dreams whether it be a Black Bear, Cougar, Bobcat, Mule deer, Whitetail, Shiras moose, Elk or Mt. Goat. This new guiding area has proven to offer fair chase hunts at its best!”

We employ highly seasoned guides, skilled mountain cooks and offer unsurpassed hospitality.”



Top 10

Species: Elk, Black Bear, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Grizzly Bear, Shiras Moose, Rocky Mountain Goat, Cougar, Dolly Varden, Gerrard
Capacity: Eight hunters
Location: Southern British Columbia
Season: Various
Method: Hunting: Archery, Muzzleloader and Rifle Fishing: Spinning rods provided
Lodging: Rustic comfortable lodge and permanent rustic cabins
Food: Home style cooking
Trip Length: Varies by trip
Transport: Truck, Quads, Horses, and Hiking
Guided: Hunting: 1x1 Guided Fishing: Captain and first mate


2017 Seasons:  Almost every hunt offers a different species add-on animal opportunity!

Elk – September 1 – 7 (Archery Elk) September thru mid Oct (Rifle Elk)
Black Bear – May 15 thru June 15
Mule Deer – Nov 5 – 10
Whitetail Deer – Nov 10 – 30
Grizzly Bear – May 1 thru June 30
Mountain Lion – December 1 thru February 30
Bobcat – December 1 – February 15
Shiras Moose – October 15 thru November 15 (Archery September)
Rocky Mtn. Goat – Oct 15 – Nov 15
Fishing – May thru October

Hunting: One of the great benefits of hunting in British Columbia is the variety of game! From this one location you can hunt Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Shiras Moose, Bear, Rocky Mountain Goat, and Cougar. Each hunt is customized to your abilities and desires. Rifle and archery hunts are available. Please call us for the pre trip planner for the animal you are interested in harvesting for details on that particular hunt.

They have added a new elk hunting area that is exceptional and producing some fantastic bulls!  Ask us for more details!

Bear Hunting:

This hunt starts in the middle of May and runs to the middle of June. This is one of the most enjoyable hunts that we offer, as the day light hours are at the longest of the year. Light hiking is involved and any age can enjoy success on this hunt. Fifty percent of our bears are color phase. Ranging from black, brown, burgundy and cinnamon the excitement of not know what you will see next is part of the excitement! This is a spot and stalk hunt using 4 x 4 and quads. These hunts are conducted out of our Home/lodge so hunters get spoiled with all the good food that shadow mountain is so famous for. You can check out our hunting videos to give you a better idea of what these hunts consist of, and why we have been rated in the top 5 bear hunting areas in North America!

This is either a 5 or 7 day hunt, with the option of taking two bears. There is also the option to make this a blast and cast adventure. For $500.00 a day you can charter our private boat and we will take you out to fish for Rainbow and Dolly Varden on Kootenay Lake. This is a great hunt for groups and families with Hunting and Fishing available all week! Rifle or bow hunts available.


We offer Spring Bear Hunts from May 15th – June 15th

Cat Hunts:

This 7 day hunt is conducted out of the comfort of our main lodge. Each day we will use trucks, snow mobiles or side by sides to look for fresh tracks. Once we cut fresh sign our hounds-men can identify the tracks and make your hunt as easy as possible. We use well-trained hounds to pursue these beautiful cats. If you have never heard hounds as they close the distance on one of these elusive animals then it should be on your must do list! With our healthy population of mature animals and the vast expanse of unspoiled nature to support them, it allows us to continue to experience some excellent hunting opportunities!

In addition to hunting cougar we offer the option to carry a Bobcat tag. These are beautiful animals that can be a completely different challenge and are an exciting addition to an already unique adventure!


We offer Cougar Hunts from December 1st – February 30th
We offer Bobcat Hunts from December 1st – February 15th

Deer Hunts:

They offer two 7 day deer hunts or a 10 day combination for whitetail and Mule deer.

The area we hunt for deer is a true hot spot for rutting and migrating deer. With such a large expanse of pristine wilderness and a lack of hunting pressure, there is great chance to bag a once in lifetime trophy. Check with us for dates on a 10 day combination hunt.

With most of our hunts, there is the option to carry tags for multiple species. We always encourage our hunters to consider carrying additional tags in case they successfully harvest the primary species early in their hunt or come across that trophy of a life time! White tail deer and Mule deer are great additional tags to make a combination hunt with most of our other species!


We offer Mule Deer Hunts from November 5th – November 10th
We offer Whitetail Hunts from November 10th – November 30th

Elk Hunts:

This is one of our most exciting hunts, To be able to match wits with these magnificent animals in the peak of the Rut will make your hair stand on end and you will remember why you love to hunt so much! We offer bow hunts during the first week where any bull can be harvested. During rifle season there is a mandatory six point on one side rule. This ensures a great population of mature trophy animals. We offer a variety of different hunting methods mostly bugling in the prime of the rut. We use horses, trucks and quads or sided by sides to get around old logging cuts or accessing some of our back country.

Secondary species can be added to this hunt. Whitetail, Mule deer and Black Bear are available at this time. We have about 50% color phase bears in our area and a very healthy deer population. Depending where the elk are bugling you will hunt either out of our home/lodge or travel to one of our spike camps in the back country. These cabins consist of stick frame with wood heat and propane lights. Most cabins in our spike camps can accommodate two hunters and two guides. We welcome parties of up to six people at a time.


We offer Elk Hunts from September 1st – October 20th

Goat Hunts:

Mountain Goats with stark black horns, white winter coats and reclusive mountain top habitats; make them as spectacular a trophy animal as their picturesque homes! We use a 4×4 truck and quads to access these areas; good condition is a must on this hunt as well as a good pair of hiking boots! This is a mentally and physically challenging hunt with the amount of hiking involved. Dependent on visibility, weather conditions and the Goats themselves, this adventure offers lots to overcome. We conduct these hunts from our main lodge and set out each day to spot and then plan the ascent up the mountain. At the end of the day you get to come home to all the great food and share your hunting stores around the table. Carrying tags for Whitetail and or Mule deer is a good option. You may be able to spot some walking in the timber while glassing for Goats in the rocks.


We offer Mountain Goat Hunts from October 20th – November 20th

Moose Hunts:

This is another hunt with a very high success rate that any age client can enjoy with limited experience level.

Great for any hunter at any stage you will be able to enjoy all aspects of hunting techniques. Calling, glassing and the excitement of spot and stalk hunting in the mountains! We use 4×4 and quads to access our hunting areas. This hunt is conducted from our home/lodge as well as spike camps.

This hunt can be paired up with a Mule deer or Whitetail Deer should you tag out early.


We offer Moose Hunts from October 15th – November 15th



Fishing for Dolly Varden and Gerrard (rainbow trout up to 25 pounds) are also available as an add on to this trip. It is not uncommon to catch 15-20 pound rainbows. You are permitted to keep one large fish. Well-equipped boats and experienced professional guides are waiting; as soon as you arrive, you are ready to troll for one of these monster trout.


There are two accommodation options for this hunt. Generally, there is no difference in the success of the hunt, and the cost of the trip is the same. You will stay where they feel you have the best opportunity given the specific conditions upon your arrival. The options are:

  1. The first is a cozy log cabin where Oz, the owner’s wife, is the cook. Here you will be very comfortable with 4 double occupancy bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There are 2 bedrooms and a bath on each floor. Private rooms might be available upon request.
  2. The other option is remote rustic cabins with lights, heat, stove, and water. Your guide is your cook.

Our accommodation range from rustic mountain cabins to the comfort of a lodge offering all the amenities of home including electricity and cell service. Wherever you stay during your time with us, you will always be surrounded by pristine mountain wilderness.


2017 Whitetail or Mule Deer

$6,250 for Seven Day Hunt Whitetail or Mule Deer

Call for other pricing and details.


Will I have a problem with black flies? There is not a problem with black flies or other insects for this hunt.

How do I get to the lodge? We recommend you fly to Spokane, WA because it is less expensive and easier travel. Arrive the day prior to the hunt and rent a car for the 4 – 4 ½ hour drive to the lodge. If all goes well, you will be settled into your camp that afternoon / evening and begin your hunt the following morning, day 1. The border gate is open from 7 AM-11 PM, so you need to arrive in Spokane by 6 PM to make the border crossing. It’s about 3 hours to the border from the airport.

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Links to the companies we recommend:

Travelex Insurance       Ripcord Insurance

While we do everything in our power to protect our clients from travel problems, we cannot prevent illness, natural disasters, wars, deaths, lodge closings and more; we live in uncertain times!  The only way to protect yourself and your investment is through travel insurance. Travel insurance can provide medical coverage, cancellation due to natural disaster, illness, death in the family, lodge closings and other unknowns; in this day and time, anything is possible.  Lodges count on you to protect your investment as they cannot refund your payments due to the nature of the product they offer.

Finally, travel insurance is time-sensitive and must be purchased within a certain number of days of your deposit to cover preexisting conditions, lodge closings and other various issues.  It is still available later but the benefits may be more limited.

Both companies offer evacuation insurance in addition to their travel insurance but Ripcord has more thorough coverage in this area.

The Ripcord membership and travel Insurance provides the highest levels of medical, security, evacuation and rescue services in the industry combined with travel insurance:

  • Remote rescue services from point of injury or illness
  • Medical evacuations to the member’s home hospital of choice
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  • Security extraction services for geopolitical events and natural disasters
  • Involuntary detention resolution services for members who are held against their will
  • Consulting services from special operations veterans, paramedics, nurses, and physicians
  • Travel insurance


“This outfitter provided a first class hunt in some of the most beautiful country imaginable. First rate accommodations and top notch guides allowed me to enjoy this hunt of a lifetime. As a Traditional bow hunter the quality of the hunt is the key to keep me coming back.  I would not hesitate to book with Shadow Mountain again knowing that they care about their clients first and foremost and know their game and territory intimately.


I have hunted with this outfitter now on 3 separate occasions and can say nothing but good things about them, their operation and people. All three hunts were outstanding. Accommodations top notch, food great, guides and equipment couldn’t have been better. I have another hunt booked with them again and will probably be returning as often as possible. If you are looking for a top quality outfitter in a beautiful area you will be hard pressed to do better.


I’ve hunted in the spring, fall and winter and I’ve always had an incredible time! Accommodations and food were excellent, beautiful country full of animals and experienced guides to show you all of it. I can’t say enough good things and I can’t wait to go back!   


When it comes to hunting big game in British Columbia, Canada this is my first choice by far. Lots of quality game, unbelievably gorgeous country, great food and the finest guides found anywhere in North America.   …… hunting at its finest and best!”