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Argentina Patagonia Resort


Argentina Patagonia Resort

Bariloche is one of the most intense and incredible places in Argentina. You will discover stunning views of its lakes, streams, rivers and mountains.

You will be mesmerized by the wonders that Nature gives you every day. You will enjoy the fresh air of the forest and the changing colors that the different seasons bring. The summer with its long sunny days, the colors of the rainbow during the fall and spring, and its unique white winter snows.

In 1934, the Patagonia and Andean regions were completely uninhabited and virgin territories.

In that year, with the creation of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, the construction of an International Hotel was started with the aim of developing the touristic potential of the area, together with the foundation of towns and development of communication networks.

Architect Alejandro Bustillo chose the Puerto Pañuelo area in order to build the Hotel because, besides the magnificent and beautiful scenery, it had a port. Built with cypress logs and larch tiles in the Canadian home style, it was opened to the public on January 9th, 1938. On October 26th, 1939 a fire destroyed the building completely, but it was reopened on December 15th, 1940. Since then, members of the aristocracy, officials, diplomats and famous guests have stayed at the hotel. Although it closed in 1978 for a period of 15 years, the spirit of the hotel remained intact.

The Hotel opened its doors to the public again in 1993 under the name of Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Golf-Spa. In December 2007, the Lago Moreno wing was opened (Llao Llao Deluxe Suites – Moreno Lake Wing) built on a strategic site with stunning views of Moreno Lake and Mount Tronador. The wing has 43 new rooms: Deluxe Studios and Suites, two Master Suites and one Royal Suite.



Snow Skiing:  June to October

From June to October, Bariloche is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the country, offering visitors the chance to practise skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, heli-skiing, sleigh and quad rides.

Mt. Catedral , Mt. Otto and Mt. Neumeyer offer services for both sports enthusiasts and those who simply enjoy snow activities and want to have a good time.
For winter sports beginners, these hills, with their gentle slopes and woods, provide ideal spaces. Visitors will also find plenty of services such as sale and / or rental of clothing and equipment to avoid the cold.

More experienced sports fans will find spectacular slopes reaching heights of 2,100 meters above sea level. Cross country fans will be surprised with the options available.

Adventure Activities:

Horseback riding with your family in the steppe, or in the forest;

kayaking along crystlline glacial rivers among the mountains, or in lakes such as Gutiérrez or Mascardi, taking a break on the coast.

Rowing with friends? Sure! 5 in a Hawaiian canoe, to the rhythm imposed by the guide of the boat … or if your goal is to experiment intense emotions … the proposal is to go rafting down a section of the Manso river.

Water, air and land. Nature at its best. From paragliding , experiencing the flight of birds and breathtaking panoramic views, to stimulating treks more among snowcapped peaks or glaciers before reaching a cosy mountain lodge.
Four-wheel drive on a mountain road and “fly” down ” through the trees with the best canopy experience in the region.

Biking through forest trails

Sailing on the Brazo Tristeza of Lake Nahuel Huapi and then trek to the Frey waterfall with a guide in the middle of an ancient forest.
The most important network of mountain shelters in the region is in Bariloche .If you are planning to visit them, do not forget to pack sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap for the sun, as well as walking shoes, water heater, and water bottle.
Trekking Registration is compulsory and free as it is important to inform where you are going, with whom and when you are planning to return: www.nahuelhaupi.gov.ar and information centers of Andino Club and National Parks.