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Alberta Waterfowl Hunt & Big Game


Alberta Waterfowl Hunt & Big Game

Located on the edge of the Boreal forest, this Alberta waterfowl hunt outfitter is the first hunting operation for ducks and geese as they begin migrating south! Canadian geese, Snow geese and Speckled geese stop here to fuel up for their long flight south. At the same time Mallards, Pintails and Widgeons stage by the thousands joining the geese in the Peace parklands.

This hunting area around McLennan is one of the premier waterfowl hunting areas in North America and is the premier location in the Peace country according to the head biologist of North Western Alberta. McLennan, the bird capital of Canada, is located on Kimiwan Lake. Recorded counts in excess of 26,000 new migratory birds arrive each day to use this lake during the migratory season. It is estimated that around 250,000 birds are on the lake any given day during the migration.

Having lived in McLennan, Alberta for more than ten years, this outfitter has developed a good working relationship with the farmers in the area. This is a huge agricultural area consisting of wheat, barley, and pea crops so the farmers welcome hunters due to the tremendous impact this many migrating geese and ducks have on their crops.Alberta Waterfowl Hunt & Big Game

As for the great big game hunting in this area , the #1 Canadian moose, mule deer, whitetail and black bear for Alberta have all been taken in the area this outfitter hunts for big game! Bison, wolf and coyote hunts are exciting options as well.



Top 10

Species: Duck, Goose, Moose, Coyote, Wolf, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Black Bear and Bison
Capacity: 11 Waterfowl hunters; 6 Big game hunters
Location: On the edge of the Boreal Forest
Season: Duck/Goose - Sept. 1- Oct. 28; Whitetail/Mule Deer - Aug. 25 - Sept. 16 for bow or Sept 17 - Nov 30 for rifle; Moose Nove 1-30
Method: Rifle, Shotgun, or bow
Lodging: Comfortable and clean
Food: Home cooked
Trip Length: 3 days and up
Transport: Guides Vehicles
Guided: 1x1; 2x1; 4x1 Guided


Waterfowl Information:  Limit 8 ducks and 8 geese per day
Season:  September through October

Upon arrival you will have your guide with you at all times as you go to and from the fields. Each party is assigned a spotter or scout that is out driving the roads checking fields to determine the best place for your next hunt. Normal driving time to the fields is 15-20 minutes with an occasional 45 minute drive.

Each hunt you will help set up about 2 dozen goose decoys per hunter and set up 1-2 Mojo decoys. Hunters will stuff their blinds with the proper matching ground cover to be well camouflaged. These hunts are set up in cut crop fields where the birds eat, not roost. While anything is possible, normally morning hunts are geared more for geese and afternoons for ducks. No guarantees as anything can show up!

Three and six day schedules available

Black Bear & Waterfowl Combo:
Season:  Best time is mid-September (Season is September through October)

A fun addition to the waterfowl hunt is to combine it with a black bear hunt. You will hunt waterfowl in the mornings but the afternoons will be for bear. There are very good numbers and trophy size black bear in this area. The Peace River area produces 7 footers and 18-20 inch skulls with about a 30% color phase. We recommend this hunt for mid-September before all the crops are harvested.

Hunt Details:

Bear hunts are normally “spot & stalk” hunts with either rifle or bow. You are setting up for an ambush as the bears move in and out along the edges of the grain fields. It’s a very exciting hunt and great for bow hunters. Some trophies have been taken at 5 yards with a bow. Baits can be used if you would prefer on this 2 bear opportunity hunt. It is common to see several bear in an afternoon.

Whitetail & Mule Deer:
Season:  Bow – Late August through mid September
Rifle – Mid September through late November

Come up north to hunt some big Alberta whitetail and mule deer. Both species are abundant and big! Opportunity rates for both species are extremely high – like 100% with a rifle for bucks over the whitetail minimum 150 B&C score and mule deer minimum 160 B&C. The average whitetail scores around 160-165 B&C and mule deer around 170-175 B&C.  The hunting area is 30×40 miles!

Moose Hunt:
Season:  November 1-30

The hunting area is located in WMU 544 in the famous Peace River country. This is prime moose habitat producing trophy class antlers. The number of moose in this zone is unbelievable (rated as plentiful) and are relatively easy to access. The trophy quality is improving year after year since it was recently put on a limited draw for resident hunters.

These moose are categorized as Canada moose which are larger than the Shirus but smaller than the Alaskan Yukon. A nice bull is in the 40 to 45 inch range. Some 50+ inch bulls have been taken in the last 2 years including a 63 inch giant. Hunters have had about 95% success on bulls in the 35-45 inch range with a rifle. Temperatures can range from zero to -40 degrees below zero and more. It is a dry cold but it’s cold!

Wolf and Coyote:
Season:  November through March

Coyote Hunting:
Imagine calling in a coyote from up to a mile out, watching him come in the whole way until he is within 50 yards or less, hair bristling, looking for supper, it’s a rush! The perfect break in a long winter to kick back and hunt! You may spend your day in a truck or out in fresh air so layers are critical to ensure a comfortable hunt.

The hides are thick and the fur is in perfect prime condition. The color this time of year is usually a light silver or pale beige color, and they are a good size. If you’re interested in making a set of coyote fur mitts, or fur trim on a jacket, or just hanging a pelt in the den, these are the skins you want.

Take advantage of our coyote hunting expertise. Our guides have several years of calling under their belts, and they are prepared to bring the coyote’s right in to you. Whether it is fall or winter, we have techniques designed for the condition.

Wolf Hunting:
For wolf hunts you will use bait piles, spot and stalk, and calling. At this time of the year there will be snow so we will travel by truck, snowmobile, or quads while hunting. You can expect a kill percentage of about 50%.

Alberta wolf hunts can be very exciting with an excellent opportunity to take more than one wolf. The wolf color variance is great from salt and pepper to white and jet black. Mature wolves from this area have skulls that can measure in the 17 to 18″ range and can weigh well over 100 lbs. Wolf is an ultimate trophy predator.

Currently, in Alberta for wolves and coyotes the limit is all you can shoot.



Make a Difference

Over the years this outfitter has built a network of people who enjoy goose and duck breasts. They have also, this past year, become a go to for families with health issues that need meat that is hormone free for themselves or their children. This past year the local Fish and Wildlife office was giving our name out as a contact for waterfowl meat. The feed back we get from people is appreciation for the opportunity to have access to the meat as a result of their clients.


The primary lodging is a very comfortable split level home that can accommodate up to 9 guests. The main level has two bedrooms with a shared bath. Each room has two twin beds. There is a comfortable sitting area with satellite TV, kitchen, and dining area. The basement consists of two bedrooms and a shared bath as well. Each room has two twin beds with one larger room capable of having three beds. The bathroom has a washer/dryer for your convenience and to dry your wet gear. There is a nice sitting area with satellite TV down here as well.

Across the gravel drive is a smaller second home for two people if needed. Great for couples, there is one bedroom with a bathroom, comfortable sitting area, dining area, and kitchen. The bedroom can be set up with two twins or a single queen bed. There is a bed & breakfast just a few minutes away that can accommodate another 8 guests if needed for groups of 12-19.


2016 Waterfowl Pricing: 
Government limits – 8 Ducks and 8 Geese per day

3 Days: $2,850 (5 shoots)
6 Days: $4,950 (11 shoots)

2016 Waterfowl & Black Bear Combo Pricing:

6 Full Hunting Days: $6,500

2016 Deer Pricing:
Season:  Bow – Aug 25 – Sept 16/ Rifle Sept 17 – Nov 30

6 Full Hunting Days: $5,000 2×1 guided
9 Full Hunting Days: $6,500 2×1 guided

Mule Deer:
6 Full Hunting Days: $7,000 2X1 guided
9 Full Hunting Days: $8,500 2×1 guided

Mule Deer /Whitetail Combo Hunt
6 Full Hunting Days: $9,000 2×1 guided

2016 Moose Hunting Prices:
Season: Nov 1- 30

2×1 Guided:
6 Full Hunting Days:   $5000.00
9 Full Hunting Days:   $6500.00

1×1 Guided:
6 Full Hunting Days:   $6500.00
9 Full Hunting Days:   $8000.00

2016 Coyote and Wolf Pricing:
Season:  Nov through March

6 Full Hunting Days: $4,9950.00 per hunter 2 x 1 guided

2016 Bison Hunting Pricing:
Season: February, March, May, June

6 Full Hunting Days May/June:  $10,000
6 Full Hunting Days Feb/March:  $15,000

Call for more details


Do I need a passport?

A DUI conviction is a felony in Canada! If you or someone in your party has been convicted of a DUI that person will not be allowed to enter Canada!

What is the weather like?
September: The days are warm, but the evenings are cool.

Light to medium weight summer clothing is recommended. Travel is ideal and this is a great time for photography as foliage takes on fall coloring toward the end of the month. Prior to about the 3rd week ducks will be brown as they have not molted. From the 3rd week on you see more colors.

October: Cool
Medium to heavy weight apparel is advised. The first touch of frost is in the air. Autumn colors peek early this month and occasionally, the first sign of snow may occur towards the end of the month.

November:  Cold

Where do I fly into:
Fly into Edmonton International Airport and rent a car to drive to the lodge which is about a three hour drive.

Important Links:

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Passport ServicesState Department



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Finally, travel insurance is time-sensitive and must be purchased within a certain number of days of your deposit to cover preexisting conditions, lodge closings and other various issues.  It is still available later but the benefits may be more limited.

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  • Travel insurance


..without a doubt one of the best places I go. Kevin, Mrs. Patti, Russ, and the crew know and love waterfowl hunting, and it shows by how hard they work every day to put hunters on birds.
The hunting and hospitality was first class, and exceeded my expectations.

The duck and geese hunting was nothing short of amazing in Alberta. The pictures I have will never do just to the experiences had hunting with you. You run a first class operation, all the way from your guides to your family. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure you are satisfied. I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation.
Jason, Texas

I would like to thank you for the greatest hunting trip of our lives. Your excellent staff put us on Geese and Ducks all three days we were here. Our guide Russell was just a goose and duck calling machine and fun to be with. We learned more about goose hunting in three days than I had in twenty years.
Tom, California

I enjoyed everyone, the camaraderie, five star accommodation’s, Patti’s cooking, Kevin’s organizational skills, professional handling of everything by Justin et al……….and just can’t thank everyone enough for making my special dream goose hunt in Alberta a wonderful dream come true.

I just wanted to thank you and your family for a great goose and duck-hunting trip. My dad and I had a great time; it was the best waterfowl hunt I have ever been on. Great hunting, great country, great food, and accommodations. I highly recommend the trip. Once again thanks for a great time and hope to see you next year.
Tom, California

Just a note to you thank for the great hunting we had last week. We had an absolute blast. Not only was the hunting world class, but so were the accommodations. Your guest quarters are great! You work hard to assure your hunters great shooting & it pays off. The number of waterfowl we had working the spread was unreal! In almost 40 years of waterfowling I have never seen anything like it.

Thanks again for the great hunting & hospitality, we will be back!
Kim, North Carolina

I wanted to say thanks again for the great hunt. Duck season has come in for us here in Kentucky and we are seeing some birds but with every hunt, our minds go back to Alberta. Our five and six bird groups working only remind us of those 100 and 200 groups of duck tornados dropping from the sky with no hesitation.

The time I had with my three sons and all the memories we made are priceless, especially my 12 year old blazing away at all the, in your face, goose action.
Mike, Kentucky