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Alaska Fishing Camp Nushagak River


Alaska Fishing Camp Nushagak River

A fantastic well run tent Alaska fishing camp for the famed Alaska Nushagak River fishing.  The Nushagak River is mainly known for the King salmon runs but has all five species of Pacific salmon as well as rainbow trout and pike. Alaska Nushagak River fishing offers the finest King salmon which have typical runs exceeding 300,000 fish each season. A huge return of Alaska Chum Salmon and Sockeye Salmon run about the same time as the kings. The King salmon range between 15 and 30 pounds with fish over 50 pounds not uncommon. Chum and Sockeye average between 6-14 pounds.Alaska Fishing Camp Nushagak River

A short 45 minute float plane ride from Dillingham delivers you to the pristine, unspoiled beauty of this tent camp located along the banks of the Nushagak River.  If you would prefer to combine this experience with a remote lodge experience, that can be arranged with ease.  By combining the destinations, you will enjoy a greater variety of waters and a greater variety of fishing experiences.  As with any lodge in Alaska or anywhere else in the world, your experience will only be as good as the people you are with.  Your staff at this lodge has a reputation for caring well for their clients.

The Alaska Nushagak River will spoil you and your group for Salmon fishing.




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Species: Salmon Fishing, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char
Location: Nushagak River
Season: June-July
Method: Fly or spin
Lodging: Tents
Food: Homecooking
Trip Length: 4 nights/4 days or similar
Transport: Jet boats
Guided: Yes


The Nushagak River is a large river system that we fish just above tide water, this ensures that the fish we are targeting are chrome bright and fresh out of the saltwater (Bristol Bay). Nushagak King Salmon average 22-25 pounds with fish up to 50 pounds. Chum Salmon and Sockeye Salmon are smaller with a 6 to 14 pound average. During the months of June and July, hundreds of thousands of Alaska Salmon return to the river on their annual migration.

Multiple boats from 18′ for drift fishing to 22′ Alumaweld jet boats with comfortable padded seats for fighting big kings on the Nushagak River.

They will provide conventional as well as some fly fishing tackle for you. All terminal tackle is also provided, Experienced anglers are more than welcome to bring their favorite rod & reels, but it is not necessary.

Don’t forget your waders if you plan to wade fish. No felt boots allowed in Alaska.


If you wish to try your hand at some of the other amazing rivers in the area, float plane fly-outs may be arranged at $600 pp minimum of two guests.

World Class Alaska Fly Out Fishing Trips to the Agulawok River that target Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, and Sockeye Salmon. The Agulawok River is a 40 Minute flight from our Alaska Fishing Camp and is a spectacular area for fly fishing and conventional tackle. In June and July the Arctic Char are feeding on the Migrating salmon smolt, so large schools of feeding frenzied char are normal. The Rainbows and Grayling are in the River feeding on Nymphs, Dry flys and Leeches.

The Agulawok River has been declared the most prolific Rainbow Trout stream, boasting a count of 4,000 fish per mile.

The Wood River Lake system with the Agulawok being at the bottom of this chain has had an average of 1.4 million sockeye salmon returning to these streams, which makes for some excellent fishing for sockeyes. The peak of the sockeye salmon run is the end of June through the beginning of July, which is perfectly timed with our great runs of King Salmon.


Typical day:

A typical day at the camp starts with an 8:00 AM breakfast (coffee will be on by 6:00 AM), upon completion of breakfast we will board the 22ft. Alumaweld sleds and hit the river. They like to fish hard until about noon, at that time you can rendezvous back at the fishing camp for a freshly caught salmon shore lunch. After lunch you continue to fish hard until dinner which is at 7:00 PM every evening.

When you are finished with dinner, if you still have enough energy we will be happy to take you out for a couple more hours of Alaska guided fishing. This may seem like a fairly rigorous schedule, but they try to remain very flexible after all it is you’re Alaska fishing vacation. After 10:00 PM you are starting to think about sleep, but if you are so inclined you are welcome to stay up all night (as it does not get dark in the summer time) and catch salmon off the beach until it feels like your arms might fall off. As you can see they have designed our tent camp around the serious angler who is looking for the true Alaskan Fishing Camp Experience.


You will stay in a very comfortable and complete tent camp right on the edge of the river. Each guest will sleep in a two person heated tent cabin, complete with wooden floors, beds with linen. The camp has generator power and shower facilities with hot & cold running water. They offer all the comforts of home to ensure you have an amazing Alaska fishing trip.

The dining tent is a casual place to relax, work on tackle and enjoy some very fine home cooking & baking. The camp is just steps from the river, allowing those with enough energy to actually fish late into the evening under the light of the midnight sun.


2017 Pricing:

$2995 pp for 4 nights/4 full days of fishing

Call for more details


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