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Alabama Quail Hunting, Deer, Turkey Southeast


Alabama Quail Hunting, Deer, Turkey Southeast

Designed as a family Alabama quail hunting retreat in 1954, this plantation has been privately owned and managed for over 50 years. The plantation consists of approximately 5,000 contiguous acres. The bulk of the acreage consists of planted pine with vast hardwood bottoms. The hardwood bottoms provide excellent habitat for Whitetail deer, and eastern wild turkey.Alabama Quail Hunting, Deer, Turkey Southeast

The planted pine, combined with regularly scheduled controlled burning, provides some of the finest Bobwhite quail hunting in the state. Additionally, two ponds are stocked, enabling guests to enjoy some exciting bass and bream fishing. The combination of size, location and staff will provide guests with a unique southern hunting experience.

This lodge is part of the Alabama quail trail and has enjoyed a stellar reputation for almost 60 years years.  You and your group will enjoy this fantastic Alabama Quail hunt as well as their turkey and deer hunting!



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Species: Quail, Turkey, Whitetail, and quail/deer combo
Capacity: 14 (12 for an exclusive)
Location: South Alabama 5,000 acres
Season: Quail - October thru March; Whitetail - Mid October thru January; Turkey - March and April
Method: Whitetail - Archery (Bow or Crossbow), Muzzleloader, Pistol and Rifle; Turkey - Bow or Shotgun
Lodging: Rustic, Warm and Comfortable
Food: Southern cooking
Trip Length: Varies by trip
Transport: Guides vehicles
Guided: Whitetail - Semi-guided; Turkey - Semi-guided; Quail - Guided


Quail Hunting: Unlimited Bird Harvest!  No extra bird fees!

Bird hunting is what this lodge was created for in the 1950’s.  Today’s upland hunts combine the traditions of the old south with modern convenience to provide a truly superior hunt. Quail hunters will hunt wild birds enhanced by coveys of liberated flight conditioned birds released months before the opening of the season (Oct 1st). It is virtually impossible to distinguish between the wild birds and the liberated coveys.  This lodge is featured on the Alabama Quail Trail.

Whitetail Hunting:Alabama whitetail are among the most elusive in the country. Each hunt at this lodge is customized to meet your level of experience and interest. The herd is managed to produce trophy-sized bucks.

Minimum deer 8 pt. with a 16 ” spread. Penalty for shooting a smaller deer is $750!

Bow hunting begins mid-October, just as deer are feeding on white oak acorns, persimmons and around the edges of winter food plots. Mild temperatures prevail, and our guides know established travel routes and creek crossings.  Ladder stands are placed strategically throughout the acreage, and you can also bring your own stand and safety belt.

The shooting tower and 3-D targets provide pre-hunt practice. 1000 of the acres are reserved exclusively for bow hunting.

Firearm deer hunt season starts in mid-November and lasts through January. If you are a novice, we encourage you to book early in the season when deer are most plentiful and free of hunting pressure. But no matter when you come, the guides will put you where the action is.

A typical hunt stretches from Thursday afternoon through mid-day Sunday. You will depart early and hunt late. Be sure to bring your hunter orange cap or vest.

Turkey Hunting:

Guided 3-day turkey hunts typically begin before sunrise, break for a hearty noon brunch, and resume around 4:00 P.M. Hunters are permitted to take up to 2 gobblers per 3-day hunt. Over recent years, around 75% of all hunters have bagged at least 1 gobbler.

There is no bow hunting allowed, and the hunts are 2×1 guided. If a hunter would like a 1×1 hunt and there is an extra guide available, this will be worked out at no additional charge.



The new accommodations are rustic, clean and comfortable.  For overnight guests, the bedrooms are located in cottages with private baths and two twin beds. The lodge has a fireplace, bar and game room with a pool table. You will enjoy true southern cooking during your hunt.  The lodge can accommodate 14 guests and you need a minimum of 12 for exclusive use of the lodge.


2016-2017 Rates:

Whitetail hunts:

  • Three-day bow hunt, Mid-October through December $1,050.00
  • Three-day firearm hunt, November-December $1,550.00
  • All January deer hunts $2,050.00

Quail hunts begin at $400

Turkey hunts  $1,550 (two gobblers included and option for a 3rd for $250)

Call for details


If you are flying, you will want to fly into Montgomery, AL and rent a car for the hour and a half drive to the lodge.

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A first class facility that is professionally managed. I saw deer on every sit and tagged a nice buck with my bow on the first afternoon. Of the 10 deer that I saw in 5 sits, I never saw a doe and saw two shooter bucks (one of which I shot)…. Very high buck population. The facilities are some of the nicest I’ve ever stayed in at a hunt camp. Beautiful lodge and great service. –    Paul 2016

The hunting was great. The food was great. The people were great. The memories will last a lifetime. – Jason 2016

his was my first hunt with them but most definitely won’t be the last… The food was excellent and the hunting was great. Had a wonderful time – Marshall 2016

The food was the best southern home cooking you could ask for. The facility had everything you would want or need. The people were very attentive to our needs and super nice. The hunting was the best I have ever seen anywhere. – David 2014